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Fisons' (Ipswich) Fertilizers.


, More than Skin Deep.

"A terrible skin disease tortured…

"I have enjoyed grandI health…


,*>— ; IDowlais Constable's…

Unity Amongst Railwaymen.…

Funeral of the Late Mr. EnochI…



J. S. DAVIES & CO.'S COLUMN. -> j GREAT Whitsnn Exhibition!! THIS WEEK I I AT Jo Be D AVI coo S91 118, 172, 173, 176, High Street, Dowlais. < J. tj Mantle- Department.-Ladies' and Maids' Costumes In never ending variety. Blouse Robes in Zephyrs, Cambrics, Muslins, and Embroidery. W All Garments Beautifully Cut and Tailored. Millinery Department-LADIES' MILLINERY. h: NEW SHAPES! NEW STYLES I NEW IDEAS I. The Choicest Products of the Leading Parisian and London Houses. Immense Variety of Flowers, Feathers, Tips, and Ornaments^ by far the largest choice in the neighbourhood. ti, Maids' Millinery. —We are giving special attention to this branch—usually the Milliner's chief difficulty. Custodiers may always rely upon finding a large assortment, both in Trimmed and Untrimmed Goodp, suitable.- for.-girls,of eight to sixteen. i' Infants1 Millinery & 'Costumes.^ S.i)anes^:Ca, are well-known experts in this class of Millinery^ 4 ■——a——1— _u_ I MILLINERY DEPARTMENT Iii J. s. DAVIES & Co. wish to point out the desirability el their Patrons placing their ORDERS EARLY -IN THE WEEK, as the sukequent pressure of, butiness mtkii lt difficult to cope with their requirements. < t "1'J Blouse and Skirt DepartMent.-Women are connois- seurs when it comes to Blouses and Skirts. If there is one' thing the gentle sex enjoy in common, it is a desireior Blouse- Smartness and Skirt-Beauty. We are now demonstrating how thoroughly prepared we are to satisfy every desire fop becoming garments. An unprecedented assemblage of Ne» £ Creations awaits early inspection. • -av ^5? -Dress DepartM eitto -This. Department is worthy of attention; a profusion of New Goods, New-Fabrics, and New* Patterns are on the counters. "V J Our CLOTHING DEPARTMENT, At No. 118, has been entirely RE-JSTOCKEJU, "je' J. S. DAVIES &! Co., Tram Terminus Is opposite the Door. "All Trams bring Customers to DAVIESS. "sewing machines To aait every pocket. New Lockstitch Machines, 42a. Best V.S. Machines, with poli&hed cover, 658" with all the lateat improvements. You may pay double the price, but sannot get a better machine. REPAIRS ALL MAKES; don't be pereoaded that your old machine is worked out, bring it along to JAMES, who will make it work as new, having over 20 years"praotical experience at your, disposal. OILS, NEEDLES, and parts stocked for all' kinds of Sewing Machines. JAMES, 15, North Street,Dowlais. SEASON 1909. "TROTTING RAILWAY 2nd," A Dark Bay Cob, 14-hands 1-in., 5 years old, WILL SERVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF MARES at the ANTELOPE HOTEL DOWLAIS. Terms Moderate. TO LADIES Irregularities, Suppressions, Ac., removed by an entirely new and absolutely certain method without Medicine. No pills, mixtures, or nauseous drugs to take. No useless injections. The greatest discovery of Modern Medical Science. Guaranteed harmless. It is positive, safe, certain, and speedy. Does not interfere with household duties. Every case guaranteed. Do nob experiment with useless remedies. Send at once a stamped addressed envelope for full particulars and testimonials guaranteed., Genuine under a penalty of aooo. Ms. R. S. Brookes, Ardgowan Road, Hither Green, LONDON. (Established over 16 years.) |LA1IES^shoihdISWW J M b»*e obtained ttn l^dtnle rf 'any medicine tor K B Wocaca. Vetft. alaac vm&O this ncont posailile. H OB lMperboxfrcmaUCIttiKiju.orjiamfivx. J nn i i?11!

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