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Fisons' (Ipswich) Fertilizers.


, More than Skin Deep.

"A terrible skin disease tortured…


"A terrible skin disease tortured me day and night; one doctor told me my blood was in a frightful state" were the words of Mr. King to a London jour. nalist recently. He continued :— I had felt very ill for a long time, being subject to sudden faints. One day I fell in the street and injured my face. It was a sure proof that my blood was in a bad state when the wound refused to heal, and before long I developed that terrible skin disease, Psoriasis. I applied ointments and bathed the afflicted partsegularly, but the trouble spread like fire, and the sensation was like a continual smarting scorch. The eruption appeared as tiny pimples that developed white caps of irritating scales; these broke out into ugly sores, three inches wide. A doctor did his best to cure me, but the terrible rash spread quickly and covered my legs, loins and back. My shoulders and arms were a mass of sores. The terrible itching was unbearable and I felt as though I must tear my flesh away. At length the eruption appeared all over my hands, and at this stage my sufferings almost drove me mad. Warmth aggravated my tortures, and I could not sleep because of the agony of the bedclothes rubbing my raw flesh. The horror of that time is indescribable. I was under the treatment of a specialist for five months, weak, pale and thin all the time, and unable to take a meal with any zest. However, I happened to read of cases of skin disorders being cured by Dr. Williams' Pipk Pills for Palo People; so I sent for a supply of these pills at once. I was, at this time, a shadow of my former self; frail and pale as death. Nevertheless, two boxes of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills made a great difference, and, my disorder did not annoy me so intensely. I was, of course, far from being well, but I decided to persevere with the pills. After a few weeks' steady treatment I was able to sleep restfully at nights. A few more boxes of the pills gave me a splendid appetite, and gradually the itching left my skin. Then the sores died away, leaving a clear, new skin underneath. I was soon quite well.

"I have enjoyed grandI health…


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Funeral of the Late Mr. EnochI…


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