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MERTHYR POLICE COURT. TUESDAY.—Before Sir T. Marchaut Williams (Stipendiary), the Mayor (Aid. Wihon). Mr. ilhys Davies, and Mr. D. C. Evans. ABOUT LICENCES. Mr. St. John Francis- Williams (instructed by Air. F. T. James) ap- plied for the approval of the liench to certain alterations to be made to the Ship Inn, Dow- lais, and also to the Mountain Ash Inn, Twyn- yrodyn, Merthyr. He said that the licences were renewed on the owners undertaking to carry out certain alterations. Mr. Charles Morgan Davies, architect, produced p,ans how- ing the proposed alterations, and the Bench ap- proved of them.—Mr. A. Daniel applied for the transfer of the Belle Vue Inn, Troedvrhiw, •irom Mr. Asterick to Mr. H. W. Thomas," and the same was granted. Mr. Gaskell applied for the sanction of the B?nch to alterations to be made to the G raw en Arms Inn. Brecon- road.—Granted. This being full transfer day, ■r.11 the licences granted temporarily were re- newed. CYCLISTS IN TROUBLE.—Enoch Williams and wn liam Lewis were summoned for riding bi- cycles on the pavement at Treharris, and had to pay 2s. 6d. each.——.John Pritchard (19),. of Pant, was summoned for scorching on Pant- road, and a fine of 5s. was imposed. AnouT DOCS.—Several persons were summon- ed for allowing their dogs to be at large with- out cellars. Thon.a.s Borne, of the Market Tavern', was summoned for allowing his dog to be out, in contravention of a magistrates' or- der.—A police officer said the dog. nn Irish terrier, ran after bicycles, and Chief Constable Wilson said the animal was a danger to cyclists. On the 12th of January, tho Bench made an order, that this dog should be kepe IIndnr con- trol. and defendant had to pay costs.—Mr. Home said the dog had since been chained up, but. on this, occasion it ran out of the house, it had not been out for twenty-four hours since the order was madc,The "Bench eaid they would not order tho dog to be destroyed this time, but defendant must pay 20s. and costs. "ORDINARY LANGUAGE.Eiizabelh Williams. Mount Pleasant, Merthyr Vale, was summoned by Mary Ann Griffiths for using bad language. --Complainant said the other woman called her a dirty row.-The Stipendiary: Oh. that's only ordinary language. That's not enough. Case dismissed. Dennis O'Shea, for using bad at the "Isle of Wight," Mcrthvr, was fined 5s. and, costs. -Daniel Howell-, for using bad language to his sister-in-law. Sarah Jones, on Pant-road, Dowlais, was fined 20s. and costs.—Mr. F. P. Charles was for the complain- ant. UNSUCCESSFUL DODGE.-Jameo; Powell (12) was summoned for attempting to travel from Bir- mingham to Merthyr without having paid his fare; and Simeon Johnson, collier, of Troedy rhiw, was summoned for aiding and abetting.— Mr. Baker Jones. Newport, appeared to prose- cute for the G.W.R. Company. He said that on the 10th of April, Johnson took an excur- sion ticket to Birmingham, and tho forward half was for some re-ason not given up. On the 17th April, on the return journey, the boy had the proper return half, and Johnson tried to pass fhroueh with the outward half. John- on at first told the ticket collector that he gave up the wrong half on the outward journey, but the ticket which the boy had and the one which Johrson presented bore the same number.— The boy was discharged; Johmon was fined 20s. and costs. AFFILIATION.—Herbert Stephens, aged 18, engaged as an office boy at the Cement Works, Penarth, was summoned by Gwladys Matthew?, aged 20, who now lives at Penydarren, to show cause, etc.—Mr. Harold Lloyd, Cardiff, was for complainant; Mr. F. P. Charles for defendant. —An order for 3s. 6d. a week and costs was made. ASSAULTED His MOTHER.—Evan John Evans, of Dowlais, was summoned for assaulting his mother, Ann Evans, a greengrocer, and there was a cross-summons against Lewis Giddings, a half-brother of the defendant, for assault.— Mr. F. P. Charles was for the defendant.—Mrs. Evans said her on married without her know- ledge. He came home for his clothes. They had some words, and defendant struck her down. She admitted that she drew her son's money from the office and kept some of it. but that was for food which he had had.—Martha Evans corroborated.—The cross-summons was then heard.—Evans eaid that his mother at- tempted to knock him, and he pushed her on one side. His half-brother, Giddings, k:cked him to the ground, and caused all the bother. He denied that his mother fell to the floor. or fainted.—Edith Mary Jones said she went to the shop to buy a cabbage, and also stated that Mrs. Evans did not fall.-Thomas Thomas cor- borated.-The Bench dismissed the cross- summons, and fined Evans 40s. and costs. DISMISSED.—There was a crowd of Spaniard- from Dowlais in court, to hear a case of assault, by one woman against another.—Mr. F. P. Charles was for the defendant.—The complain- ant did not bring any witnesses to court, and the case was dismissed. ON LICENSED PREMISES.—William Jones, for being drunk at the Pelican Inn, Dowlais, was fined 10s. end costs. THEFT OF COAL.—Edward Hall. haulier in the employ of Hill's Plymouth Company, was summoned for stealing a load of coal, about 15cwt.. value lis. 3d.—Mr. F. P. Charles ap- peared to prosecute, and said that the defend- ant was given a load of coal to deliver to the house of Thomas Thomas, 7, Jones's-court, Cae. draw, but he took it to his own house.—Evi- dence was given as to the consignment of the load, and of defendant's arrest by P.C. Scott.— Hall pleaded not guilty. He said he took the coal home, as he had none in the house, but his sister denied that the ooal was brought to the house.—Defendant was sent to gaol for fourteen days. ALLEGED ATTEMPTED Slncmz.-Lowis Weld- ing again appeared on a charge of attempting to commit suicide at Dowlais by cutting his throat with a razor.-Tho landlord of the Masons' Arms. Penydarren, with whom the de- fendant had lodged, appeared, and promised to to look after Welding, who was discharged. THEFT OF IRON FROM DUFFRYN WORKS. George Wright, rag and bone gatherer, was charged with stealing an iron manhole cover, value 15s., the property of Hy. Parfitt, Duffryn Works.—Mr. F. P. Charles eaid that of late systematic robbery had been going on, and if the Bench were satisfied that this case was proved, he asked them to make an example of the man to act as a caution to others.—George Parfitt, the manager of the works, said that at 6.30 one morning-, a bag containing the cover was shown to him, deposited at one corner of the works' ground. Ho gave information to the police.—'Phomas Lewis, lodgeman at Duff. ryn Crossing, said he watched the bag, and about 9.15 a horse and cart, with the defendant and a boy, drove up, and took away tho bag.— WilLiarn Evans (D. G. Jenkins and Co.), marine 6tore dealer, said the defendant hired a horse r and cart from him on the day in question. He brought back pieces of iron, but not the cover in question. P.C. Thomas Martin said he charged the defendant, who denied the theft.— P.S. Hunter said he arrested the defendant, who was placed among other men and identified by the witness Evans.—Defendant, who said he went to Rhymney on the day in question, was sent to prifion for a month. A DOWLAIS RUFFIAN. John Gabe was charged with stealing a shirt, value 2s. 6d., the property of Harris Freedman. pawnbroker, Dowlais.—Defendant went to the shop to pledge an article of clothing, and upon leaving wrenched a shirt from a bundle tied in the doorway. Prosecutor's son. Lionel Freed- man, gave chase and caught defendant, who struck Mr. Freedman to the ground, and kick- ed him several times.—Defendant was also sum- moned for assaulting Mr. Freedman.—For the theft, defendant was sent to prison for two months, and another month for the assault. .—MI ■7-

jScratched Until He Bled.

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