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MINERS' WAGES. MEETING OF THE SOUTH WALES CONCILIATION BOARD. A meeting of the Conciliation Board for the coal trade of Monmouthshire and South Wales was held e.t Cardiff on Monday, Mr. F. L. Davis presiding over the owners' representatives and Mr. W. Abraham, M.P., over the work- men's representatives. A meeting wa/s requir- ed by Rule VI. of the Rules of Procedure of the Conciliation Board agreement to consider the owners' application for a reduction of 75 per cent. in the general wage rate. Having heard the statement of Mr. Davis in support of the owners' claim for a reduction, and the grounds upon which the claim was made and the replies of Mr. W. Abraham, Mr. Alfred Onions, and Mr. W. Brace stating the objections of the workmen's representatives to the proposals, it was found that the two aides of the Board were unable to agree, and conse- quently that it would be necessary to call in the independent chairman, Lord St. Aldwyn, to give heis casting vote.—A letter having been received from Lord St. Aldwyn, who is now in Na.ples, to the effect that if his services were required he would appoint Saturday, 22nd inst., as the date for the adjourned meeting, it was resolved to hold a meeting on that date, and the meeting was therefore adjourned. At the conclusion of the discussion in refer- ence to the general wage rate, Mr. Davis, on behalf of the owners' representatives, drew at- tention to the position of the Eight Hours ques- tion as it was laid before the last meeting of the Board, when the owners' representatives had suggested, in view of the advice which they had received from counsel, that the Con- ciliation Board agreement would terminate on the coming into force of the new Eight Hours Act on the 1st of July next, and in view of the contention of the workmen's representatives that the agreement would not necessarily terminate in consequence of the Act, that the whole question should be referred upon the legal point to one of the law lords or a judge of the High Court, to be appointed by the Lord Chanoe''or, in order that his opinion might be obtained for the guidance of both sides. Mr. Davis asked the workmen's representatives if they were in a position to give their reply upon this suggestion. Mr. William Abraham said that the sugges- tion had received the very careful considera- tion of the workmen's representatives, but they regretted their inability to accede to it, as they could not see that any advantage would be de- rived from obtaining a decision upon the point, the workmen's representatives holding that it was quite possible to continue the agreement to its natural termination in March next, and that the working of the Act should be given a trial in the meantime. Subsequently reference was made to the sug- gestion which was made by the workmen's re- presentatives at the last meeting that a small joint sub-committee should be appointed to dis- cuss the question of the arrangements neces- sary for the carrying out of the Act at the respective collieries.—Mir. Fred Davis intimated that the owners' representatives had decided to agree to that suggestion.—The following were appointed a sub-committee to discuss the ques- tion in 'detail and report to the Conciliation Board at a special meeting on the 21st inst. :— Owners' representatives: Messrs. F. L. Davis (president), W. J. Heppell, E. M. Hann, Wm. Evans. Charles B. Eden, Leonard W. Llewelyn, W. A. Dalziel iaecretary). Workmen's repre- sentatives: M-e-Æs, W. Abraham, M.P. (presi- dent), John Williams. M.P., James Winstone, Alfred Onions. D. Watts Morgan, Vernon Hartshorn, and Thomas Richard's, M.P. (secre- tary).