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THE COAL TRADE. THE Conciliation Board met again on Monday, when it was decided to call in the services of the independent chairman, Lord St. Aldwyn, on the 22nd inst., to decide whether the reduction of ïk per cent. in wsges demanded by the coalowners shall be conceded. The graver question, relating to the existence of the present agreement after the Eight Hours Act comes into force, was further discussed, but there was no decision to adopt the suggestion emanat- ing from the employers side to have a joint rapplicafcion to the High Court of Justice for a judicial opinion upon the differing opinions of obunsel who have been consulted by the respective parties. After disposing of this proposal, however, the coalowners agreed to the suggestion put forward by the workmen at the last meeting, that they should appoint a joint sub-committee to go into the matter and discuss whether arrangements can be made for carrying out the agreement for the remainder of its term, notwithstanding the reduction of hours by the Act. We trust that a small body of practical men, who thoroughly understand all the circumstances of the trade, will be able, by a mutual conciliatory attitude and reasonable concessions, to devise ways and means for carrying out the common object of keeping the works going, and allowing the agreement to run its natural course whilst negotiations proceed for a new compact to meet the altered legal position.



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