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TREMARnis. ' <


TREMARnis. BRTSHTFRVD.—Special" mectings were held at Brynhyfryd Welsh Baptist, on Saturday evening Sunday and Monday,; when the Revsj W. R. Jones (Merthyr) and J14 S.. Morris (Cwm- afon) preached to large congregations on each day. P THKHAEBIS .FAIR.-The thi^i-armuarfair wa.& held on Monday and Tuesday^ in the grounds adjacent to theifootball field, and, as in former years, was very" largely attended, by the general public. There Vwerc a bioscope j several stands and side-shows.4 PERSONAL..—-Mr. T. D. Ecfivards was thA principal adjudicator at Aberaj^on Eisteddfod last Saturday. JNcxt Sautrday he will officiate in a similar capacity at Tyldesley Annual Eisteddfod, Manchester, and thej following weeb Mr. Edwards wili\conduct the musical festivals of the South 1 Pembroke Cho-cil .Association (established 18ï2: aDd the Vale of .Glamorgan Baptist Association, to be held at Town and Barry Dock respectively. BAND CONCEPT J DEFERRED.—OU ■^MONDAY evening the Cyfa Kbfa and Municipa'j Band^ accompanied by several artistes, atte nded tho Public Hall, to gh a. concert. Dnfc rtunatcly^ through special mteetings being held ^at Bryn-' liyfryd and Trehai tris fair, the atfcen dance was' very meagre, and it was decided tr f defer the concert to a futurek. date.. The ban il gave one selection, which war4 much apprecia* Jbd by thosw present. It is gc teraliy regrette il that thii public did not turn tup in hiirge nun ibers to healt this excellent ban< L OBITUARY.—An old ir.hHbitant well KNOWN locally, passed away on Thursday morning week, under tragic c bxiimV&iDce?^ in the person of Thomas Thomas, nig) It Ic^lgeman at the Treharris colliery. Ie, GSecl worked on thtt previous night, and ot\ TS' ursd'jy nioming,, aitel breakfast, he went orS- tq his gardoni, ia Drab. street, where he intenfck* I to. do a. little workt when he broke a blood5~tf essel and died shortly aftervards. Deceased t ras between, 60 and 70 years of age, and vfB; is much respected by those connected with th«l colliery.—O? Saturday an inquest was held at th e police-station, befora Mr. R. J. lrhys, coroner, —The jury returned a verdict of Death fne a Natural Causes."—. The funeral took placer m Tuesday-to tat Beech grQVO cemetery, which r was largely attended The Rev. W. Jones, BryS. hyfryd, oiffc iated both at the house and graves He. MUSICAL SUCCESSES.— -The followihg pupilt of Mr. T. D. Edwards, A-t i.C.M., P ortl (orgatist,. elect, Brynhyfryd,- Bcigvt ist Church, Treharris/ and conductor of tLe Pohtypricil Musical Society), have been sus* sful in g aining cert- ficatcs at the examina3f ons of the Associated Board of the Boyal Ac aid emy and IRbyal College of-Music, London Cea tre examinations, rudi- nients.-Aliss Adelanfo J ones, Toinpefail; Missi Jeanet M. Powell, A. J J.C.M., Trtshafod; and Miss Beatio Evans. ganist of the Baptist Church, Pontyclun. 'ractical Ointermediate pianoforte).—Mr. Dt-aii 1 Franais,A.L.C.M., Llantrisant; and Xzi tcr Adwal. Sh&nklind, Berthlwyd. School esa minations,, higher divi- sion (pianoforte), Miss 3( Ladge Hujlhcs, organist of Moriah Church, Tonyj tandy an cl Miss Beatia Evans, Pontyclun. Bo! ,h teachers and taught are to be congratulated upon ti-kir success.


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