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Mountain Ash District Council.

"Zurika, the Gipsy Maid."

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Funeral of the Late Mr. David…




ABERCYNON. t The MEETHTE ..EDITION of sthe "Merthyr Ex- press" is on sale at Mrs. Richards, Newsagent, Station-street, every Friday morning. TEACHERS' M'EETE?^.—The English Congre- gational Sunday School Teachers' quarterly meeting was held on Monday evening. Tea was prepared by the following ladies:—Misses Kelly, R. Edwards, S. Edwards, Cheen, Thomas, Newman, and M. Jones. After tea a paper was read by Mr. Blake on The Sunday School as a Nursery for the Christian Church." The following also spoke on the subject:—Messrs. T. Joy, T. Jones,S.Blak, C. Hicks, G. Matthews, Miss Cheen and Mrs. Hiscock. The Rev. Morgan Jenkins presided. CHAMBER OF TKADK.—A meeting of this Chamber was held on Tuesday evening, at the committee-room, Workmen's Hall. Dr. J. U. Mon-is presided, and/the following members were present:—Messrs. J. W. Burgp, A. Fen- wick, Dd. Evans, J. Sutherland. Dd. Price, Job Morgan, R. H. Jones, J. H. Matthews, J. Jones, W^-vG. Williams, I. Jenes, D. Edwards. A. Smith, O. R. Jones, J. Jenkins, T. Joy, and Tom Davies (secretary). After some discussion, it was resolved to go to Jlinehaed for the annual outing.-A notice of motion was brought forward by Mr. J. Sutherland, re the Glamorgan Water Bill.—The following resolution was carried :—" That this Chamber, mate a repre- sentation to the Mountain .Ash District Council that before any agreement is made with the Glamorgan County Council regarding the proposed Water- Board, an opportunity lie given to the ratepayers to discuss the different claims in the Bill;"—Mr. John Jones also brought forward a notice of motion regarding an efficient watering cart for Margaret-street and the adjacent streets. The cart 'now in use had to traverse several times before having any effect.—It was unanimously resolved to to the District Council regarding the matter. TEA.—A very enjoyable tea was given on Monday evening at Bethania Chapel, to the members of the Band of Hopo choir, who, some time ago, performed the cantata, Sir Christus the Qocd." The following ladies waited at the tables :-«-Mrs. Wm. Richards, Mrs. J. D. Jones, Mrs. J. Hughes, Mrs. Jas. Griffiths, Mrs. D. F. Evans, Mias Howells, Miss Latch, Miss Evans, Miss Bloctwfn Griffiths. The cutters were:—Mrs. Wia. Evans. Mrs. Jones Mrs. D. Hughes, ME3. J. Woods, Mrs. L. Evans, and Mrs. D. J. Evans. Assistance was also rendered by Mr. Hugh Lewis, Mr. Ben Rees, and Mr. Tom Evans. After tea a Concert was given, when Mr. Evan Jones presided. Achorns was rendered by the children, followed by soles by Master Evan Evans, Master D. J. Griffiths, Mr. D. L. Evans. and Mr. David Jones cor. tributed a song, the words of which he had composed himself. Mr. Evan Jones presented Mr. D. L. Evans, the conductor of the choir, with a silver-mounted baton, on behalf of the Church, and other friends, for the valuable services rendered by him. Mr. Ev ansbricfly responded, after which solos were rendered by Miss H. M. Pugh, Miss B. M". Evans, and a recitation by Mr. D. J. Evans. Votes of thanks to the ladies who presided at the tables, to the conductor, artistes, accompanists, and all who had helped towards the success of the "cantata was proposed by Mr. Evan Jones, and seconded by Mr. Dd. Hughes, and carried. Mr. James Griffiths presided at the organ. R.A.O.B.—A special emergency lodge, in connection with the above order, was held at tho lodge-room, \'nvl/ijciii'ig Hotel, on Monday evening, for the purpose of raising Bro. E. H. Woodman, C.-P.. to the 3rd degree of knighthood, an honour the lodge considered should be con- ferred upon him previous to his departure for Johannesburg, South Africa. The lodge was opened by Bro. W. J. Bevan, S.P., with a court of 77, after which Bro. J. Sutherland, C.P., occupied the chair, and called upon Bro. T. W. Jones, K.O.M.. to introduce Bro. W. H. Rose, K.O.H., K.G.H., K.O.M., G.L.E.Sec., Leeds, to perform the installation ceremony, which was conducted in a very impressive manner. The P.G. officers of the Merthyr and Aberdare disbricts, together with the Knights Chapter of the Province, were present, and they retired with the candidate after the ceremony, to give him the signs and passwords of the degree conferred upon him.—Brother Woodman, on returning, thanked them jn a few well-chosen remarks. He said he had had so many kind- nesses conferred upon him during the last few days that he felt fairly overcome.. Words would not express his reelings, and if, in course of his remarks, he had not said sufficient, he hoped that they would imagine that he bad said it.—Bro. E. H. Battram said he was very highly pleased with the interesting ceremony he hnd witnessed that evening; he had made up his mind that he would not miss -it.—Bro. B. Morgan also spoke in glowing terms, and wished Mr. E. H. Woodman Go&peed.-fuo. Churchill, Bro. Parry, Bro. Roger Thomas, K.O.H., Aberdare, having addressed the lodge, Bro. W. H. Rose, Leeds, said hofelt greatly tletierfd by the spontaneous welcome accorded him by his Welsh, brethren, and in; the course of a forcible address, he dealt with the philanthropic work of the order, and complimented the lodge on having attained such a high position numeri- cally and financially; he also advised the brethren to attend the lodge meetings regularly. If death should overtake them their widows could ask the lodge for what was due to them, and not have to depend solely on their mercy. The following contributed to the harmony of the eveningBro. T. Jenkins, CP. (Eos Penar), Mountain Ash), Bro. T. James, C.P. (Cwmbaeh), Bro. Peter Bedford, K.O.M., Bro. J. Holland. Bro. 0. Jones, Bro. J. Lewis, C.P., Bro. D. T. Thcophilus and Bro. E. Phillips, C.P. (Treharris). Bro. D. T. Theophilus presided at the piano. The secretarial duties were carried out by Mr. F. S. Aust, S.P. PRESENTATION.—On Friday evening t very large number of workmen and other friends of Mr. E. H. Woodman, M.E., assembled at the Workmen's Hall, on the occasion of the presenta- tion to him of a large number of very valuable presents, subscribed for by them, as tokens of the high esteem in which he has been held by them during the eight years spent in their midst. As reported in a previous issue, Mr. Woodman will probably sail at the end of this week for South Africa, where he will hold the important position of chief mechanical engineer at the large gold mines of Messrs. Werner, Beit and Co., at Johannesberg. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Evan Jones. Mr. Wro. Evans rendered the "Veteran's Song" in excellent style, after which tho chairman gave a brief address expressing his regret at losing Mr. Woodman from their midst.—Mr. Brace Jones (agent of Messrs. Guest, Keen and. Nettlefolds, at Abercynon) presented Mr Woodman with a gold watch and chain. He spoke of Mr. Woodman's excellent capabilities as he had served under him at Bedlinog Colliery for a long period previous to coming to Abercy- non.—Mr. C. Holland gave a very fine rendering of The Old Minstrel," after which Mr. E. H. Battram presented Mrs. Woodman with a silver tea and coffee service. He stated that he came to Abercynon some 25 years ago, and by now be thought that he was the oldest inhabitant. He had known Mr. Woodman for a long period, and was very sorry to lose him, but, at the same time, he was glad to see that South Africa could not get on very well without sending to Wales for her principal men. Miss Lily Jones rendered the solo, Dreamland," and then Mr. J. Suther- land, in the course of a brief address, presented I Mr. Woodman with a pair of binoculars. He also stated that Britain had sent many men to foreign countries, and that they had been the pioneers.—Messrs. Holland and Evans sang "Excelsior," after whicii Mf. John Griffiths, as the oldest winding engiiieman of Messrs. Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds, presented Mr. Woodman with a gold SQvereign case.T—Miss Lily Jones sang Make New Friends, but keep the Old" very effectively, and then Sergeant Evans presented Mr. Woodman with a photo- graph of the Abercynon Ambulance Brigade and a medallion, on behalf of the Brigade.— Mr. Woodman, in response, said he was beginning to regret that he was leaving such good friends. At the commencement of the meeting he could have made a short address, but since he had seen their kindness and heard Miss Jones render her solo, hccouldnotfind words to express his feelings. He thanked them very sincerely for the good things they had given him. He was very thankful to them for their good wishes. —A vote of thanks to the chairman was pro- posed by Mr. T. Welsh, and seconded by Mr. J. Sutherland. The secretarial duties were carried out by Messrs. M. Evans and D. J. Price.



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