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Penrhiwcesber and District Horticultural Society. JUDGES AND OFFICIALS A dinner was held at the Belle Vue Hotel, Penrhiwcciber, on Thursday evening, in connec- tion with the above society. Tho members and committee and friends dined in a large club room. which is capable of accommodating about 150 people, and all tho seats were nearly occupied. The tables were well laid out, and the arrangements made by Mr. Newman (sta- tion master T.V.R.), secretary, and Mr. J. D. Lisle. At the cross table sat Messrs. Thomas Jones (Cwmcynon Colliery). Rees .Matthews ,(cashier), vice-presidents; A. George, chairman; E. Williams, vice-chairman; Joseph Lewis (postmaster), W. A. Morgan, and Messrs. W. Hale and Newman (secretaries). The dinner over, an interesting toast list was gone through. The loyal toast was proposed by Mr. Joseph Lewis, postmaster, who said that the high 'rt praise which he could give the King v-* not enough for him. The toast hav- ing been honoured, Mr. William Lewis sang "The Veteran." The toast of "The Society" was proposed by Mr. W. A. Morgan, who said they were indeb- ted to Messrs. Hate and Newman, the secre- taries, for the success of the show (cheers). —Mr. Williams, in supporting, said he was glad to see that everyone in the place seemed to take an interest in the show, which, he hoped, they would continue.—The toa.st was enthusiastically drunk, and responded to. Mr William Hale, in proposing the toast of "The Judges," said he was sorry that two of the judges, Messrs. J. Conley (Aberdare) and E. H. Battrcum (Abercynon) were unablo to be present, but Mr. J. Davies. A bora man, was present. They had been very fortunate in their judges ever since his connection with the so- ciety; no objection had been lodged against the awards, which was a very high tribute to the judges (cheers). The judges could not be excelled they were up to high-water mark (cheers). The advice had always been sound, arid the success of the society was largely due to their work. As long as the people support- ed the show, it would prove a success. The judges had always given their services free (cheers). Not many in their position would do so, and the committee had appreciated their work by pros a ting each 'of the judges with a beautiful silver-mounted walking stick. Mr. J, Davies, one of the judges, in re- spending, said he was sorry that neither of h' col leagues was present. He had ;:¡r,tr d r«s I. judge for a number of years, and he proud to say that there was a. great deal ot improvement in quality (cheers). Although the people were at a great disadvantage as io the soil, he had never seen better cottage gar- den. He was glad to see the good feeling in the committee. Ho was always prepared to 1', render any service he could to advance the cul- tivation of vegetables. If a worikng won a prize with his garden, others would soon follow in his footsteps. He thanked t'icm the present, which, ho could assure th-m, bs; would always value (cheers). Mr. Arthur George, chairman, was also pre- 1 sented with a silver-mounted stick, suitably in. scribed, by Mr. John Rowlands. In tho ab- sence of Mr. E. M. Hann, the Chairman pro sented Messrs. 'Hale and Newman, secretaries, with a beautifully chained silver-mounted foun- tain pens. — Mr. Hale, jn acknowledging, thanked them very much for the present, and said he had always taken a keen interest' in gardening. It was a hobby of his. As a member of the committee of the Mountain Ash Show, he had learnt a little of the routine of secretarial work. To him it was a labour of love. The sooisty was in a. sound condition, and .although he had now left the place and would not be able to continue acting as secre- tary, they had in Mr. Newman a good, hard- working energetic secretary (cheers). The president (Mr. Hann) and the Penrhiwcciber Colliery Company had not only contributed handsomely toward? the society, but had lent material for enclosing the ground.—Mr. New- man also spoke. Songs were rendered by Messrs. William Bunny, Handel Thomas (pian ist), Martin L. Jones, William Lewis, W. A. Morgan; recitation, John Picton. and others, A hearty vote of thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Lisle for the- satisfactory manner in which they had catered was proposed by Mr. Martin L. Jones, and seconded by Mr. W. A. Morgan. —Mr. Rees Matthews proposed a, vot*, of 4hanks to the Chairman, and this was seconded by < Mr. J. Rowland's, and supported by Mr. E. Williams, and carried. I

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