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Mountain Ash District Council.

"Zurika, the Gipsy Maid."

i' :20th Century Equitable…


i 20th Century Equitable Society. EAST GLAMORGAN DISTRICT MEETING. The quarterly meeting of the East Glamorgan District Committee took place en Monday at the Duffryn Hotel, Mountain Ash. All the lodges affiliated were represented, the following officers being present:—Bro. S. Hall, district president; Bro. C. H. Curry, president elect; Bro. E. W. Holder, P.D.P., district secretary and treasurer; Bro. T. Garfield Davies, vice- president, elect; and Bro. J. W. Price, P.G.M., eiecutivo council. It was unanimously carried that Bro. C. H. Curry be elected president for the ensuing year. and Bro. T. Garlield Davies, Merthyr, vice-president. Bro. A. Lewis, Pride of tho Valley Lodge, Whitchurch, was elected guard. Bro. J. W. Price, P.G.M., KG., deliv- ered a very lengthy address on the work of the Society during the past year, and said that there had been an increase of 1,000 members (cheers). The Society ,was making rapid pro- gress. The largest lodge in the Society was the Josiah Lewis Lodge, Porth, which was in the East Glamorgan District (cheers), and thev had only missed securing the challenge shield by a very small margin. Bro. E. W. Holder, P.D.P., D.S. and T., in returning thanks to the dele- gates for the unanimous manner in which they had re-elected him, said that he had visited a number of' lodges in conjunction with P.G.M. Price, E.G., and he was prepared to visit any lodge if called upon to do so. He was glad to hear that the vice-president had opened a. new lodge at Merthyr, and that Bro. French had intended to open a new lodge at Bedwas. The election of book examiners resulted as follows: W. J. Kempton (Lord Clive Lodge), 55; C. H. Curry (Cogan), 52; T. J. S. Tucker (Dread- nought), 50; T. B. Wilmott (Tredegar), 51; A. J. Sampson (Vulcan), 43; John Picton (Cory), 42; S. Edwards (Lord Clive), 30; W. Francis (Taff's Well), 31; J. E. Jones (Gar- field), 00; E. Jones (Maindv), 38; E. C. Wheeler (Taff's Well), 29; R. J. Hill, 36; J I. Adams (Mackintosh), 34; M. S. Lovenore (J. Price), 34; R. Evans (Rowland), 40;. and D Evans (Good Hope), 23. A report of the district accounts was given by Bro. T. Gar- field Davies (senior auditor), who said that in conjunction with Bro. W. Francis (junior audi- tor), he had examined and audited all the books and vouchers belonging to the district, and had found everything correct. The highest praise was due to Bro. Holder, district secretary,-for the excellent manner in which he carried-, out the important duties of secretary, as the district was a very large one. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded the auditors, and Bro. Price, P.G.M., E.G., and Bro. E. W. Holder, P.D.P., D. S. and T., for their reports. The retiring president was presented by Bro. J. W. Price, P.G.M., E.C., with a handsome regalia, on be- half of the executive council, as a mark of appreciation for the creditable manner in which ho had earned out his duties during his term of office. Lro. Hall replied in a very appro- priate speech. It was decided that the next district meeting be held at Merthyr. 1

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Fire at PenrhiwceiW. !

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