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IMOUNTAIN ASH COMMENTS. [BY "SPECTATOR"] Much sympathy has been expressed with Mr. And Mrs. T. Phillips, of 11, Lyndhurst-street, on the death of their eldest son, John, who was knocked down and killed on a railway in the United States of America a few wesks ago whilst proceeding to his work. The late Mr. John Phillips was well known among a large circle of friends at Mouhtain Ash. and his death has been a severe blow to his aged par- ents. His father, Mr. T. Phillips, was a fire- man at Lower Dufiryn Colliery for a long per- iod, but lately his health has somewhat failed. The late Mr. John Phillips was 58 years of &ge. ? The danger of stone throwing by small boys rbout the streets has again been exemplified by an accident which occurred to Mrs. Lamburn, the wife of Councillor William Lamburn, which took place on Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Lam- I burn was crossing Mountain Ash Bridge, where some boys were throwing small stones, and one of these struck Mrs. Lambum just below the i eye. -On being medically examined, the in- jury proved serious, and Mrs. Lamburn has been advised to go to the Cardiff Infirmary. Mountain Ash competitors did verv well at the Bargoed Eisteddfod and Horse Show on Monday. Mountain Ash Male Voice Party car- ried off the first prize, and Bethania Boys' Choir won second prize, and the Darrenlas Girls' Choir second prize. Among other suo- ccssful competitors from the town were Messrs. Anthony Jones, D. Pennar Williams, and Mas- ter Tom Jenkins. The Rev. R. S. Rogers (pas- tor of Rros) won the chair. At the Bargoed Show. Mr. D. Jones won the silver cup for the best horse in the show, and also two first izes. A correspondent writes about an accident that took p'ace at a house in one of the new streets above Llanwonno road. It appears that the lady of the house was cleaning one of the. room-, when the floor! gave way, and she fell a distance of several f6et to the ground below. It seems that the floors of the houses are some iHsf&nco above the ground, and that there is a hollow beneath. On Tuesday, two underground workers were discussing the execution of Foy at Swansea. One of them, it appears, had had spme exper- ience of prison life, and was describing the food supplied to prisoners. After saying that they were allowed so much of other kinds of feed.. his companion remarked that the allow- ance Jiras very small. "That may be," said the Spit speaker, "but. at any rate it was more than t get. at home." ifcstinuing, he remarked: Agd the service ih"t:oach was grand. There collection." » i.. Visitors to the teWPfe ¡, it a few ago, will Ipolf 'CT- dumber of otiRinc s places that were formerly well known. & few who have left thotr shops ui 'n,Ttterciai-ttreet and Oxford-street, or who **bout to leave, are:—Mr. John Calloway, r^tor; Mr John Charles, draper: Mr. E. G. i-owardg outfitter: Mr. Oombie, hairdresser; m:lenkins, tailor; Mr. W. Probert. furniture aealev: and Mr. W. Peters, confectioner. There jWTe a]<?o several change?. Mr. Evan Jen- Kin?, rt-nion^r, has left his old shop, and has removed to t|,at formerly occupied by Mr. Peters, oppo^g ^he Glancynon Hotel. Mr. E. I. Jarne8, who formerly a butcher, has turned fa the. ini; I:pAinem, Messrs,. Eaatmap, butchers, have removed from their old shop to that formerly occupied by Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Tucker, hairdresser, has removed from Ox- ford-street to Pryce-street. At this rate, there will soon ba a completely new lot of trades- people. in the town.



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