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Meeting of the Day Men.

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FOCHRIW. CLOTFTNO AND nOOTS.- You will find at T. FiDe and CO.i the largest and most comprehensive Stock of Clotltin" and Boots in Wales. Men's suits from 16:0;. lid. to 45s., Youths' suits from 12s. 6d. to 26s. lid., well-tailored and well-fitting garments; always something new in Fancy Suits, for little boys, at moderate prices.—T. FINE & Co., Pontlottyn. CARMEL Pu-i-m.-Tlio following students of the Pontypridd Collegiate occupied the pulpit of Carmel Congregational Chapel, on Sunday —Morning.—Mr. 0 D. Jeffreys, Troodyrhiw afternoon, Mr. E. Powell, Maeateg; and Mr. George Davies, Treorchy ovoning, Mr. 0. D. Jefferies and Mr. E. Powell. F in TO.—On Thursday afternoon week a fire occurred at No. 5, Guest-street, the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac. Jones. The firo was caused by a piece of live coal shooting out on to some clothes which were drying by the firo. P.S. Williams was quickly on the spot, and the fire was soon extinguished, and luckily no great damage was done. I.O.G.T.—The weekly meeting of tho Star of Fochriw Lodge of tho International Order of Good Templars was held at the Baptist Vestry, on Thursday evening week. The meeting was lorened by Chief Templar Bro. William Jones. Two excellent, papers on Which is the more influential, Conversation or Reading ?" were read by Bros. Thomas Lewis and J. C. Payno, the former in support of conversation, and. the latter in support of reading. The papers were much appreciated by the large number present. —Bro. A. Drage, C.T., Bro. A. E. Dowden, P.C.T., and Bro. R. Diggle, E.S., Pontlottyn spoke, and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Bros. Lewis and Payne for their papers. SOIREE AND D -t-N C E.-A soiree and dance were held at the Church Institute on Thursday evening week, promoted by the St. Mary's Sowing Class. The tables were beautifully laid and were pre- sided over and assistance rendered by the following :—Mrs. B. Angel, Mrs. Wellings, Mrs Yeo, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. E. Price, Mrs. Baldwin Mrs. Jones, Mrs. White and Miss Morgan. Messrs. Ernest Price, Austen Price, and Albert Yeo also assisted.—After tea dancing, etc., was freely indulged in. The duties of M.C. were carried out by Mr. Phillips, Pontlottyn, whilst the pianoforte was presided at by Mr. J. Prosscr, Pontlottyn. The secretarial duties were carried out by Mr. H. C. Seaborne. SOCIAL.—The technical class of art needlework conducted by Mrs. Roderick, held their annual social a,t Nazareth (C.M.) Chapel, on Tuesday evening. There was a good attendance, and the tables were Leautifully laid out. The following ladies presided at the tables:—Mrs. P S. Williams, Mrs. Maggie Davies, Mrs. Capt. Edwards, Mrs. Catherine 'ihom'as Mrs. Daviea (Eurainfa), Miss Williams (Brynawel), Misa Lily Way (Aelybryn), Miss Annie Davies,.Mrs. V. itlianis, Mrs. Ba!lard, Mrs. Capt. Jones, and Mrs. Evans. A splendsd programme was gone through, when the following took part:— Recitation, Miss Thomas, Brvntirion; duet, Misses 11 alio and Doris Davies short address, Mrs. Williams, Williams'-row reetiation, Miss Lorris Davies; sclo, Miss M. A. Walters, Brynteg short address, Miss Maggie Davies; solo, Miss Tiromas, Bryntirion. A vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Capt. Edwards to all the workers, and this was seconded by Mrs. Lewis, and carried.