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Meeting of the Day Men.

The Glamorgan Water Bill.


The Glamorgan Water Bill. PROCEEDINGS IN PARLIAMENT. Thi-s week the above Bill is being considered by a committee of tho House of Commons, and as there are a large number of witnesses to bo heard on behalf of the scheme, as well as a large numbsT m opposition, it is thought that the proceedings will be prolonged. The Gla- morgan County Council are represented by the Hon. J. D. Fitzgerald, K.C., Mr. G. M. Freeman, K.C., Mr. Gerald Fitzgerald, a.nd Mr. Rhys Williams; while Aberdare District Council n represented by Mr. Wedderburn, K.C., and Mr. Keen; and Mountain Ash Dis- trict Council by Mr. Forbes Lancaster, K.C., and Mr. Keen. Monday was devoted to the opening speech of Mr. Fitzgerald for the promoters. A con- siderable portion of Tuesday was also taken up by that gentleman, tho only witness heard that day being Mr. T. Mansel Franklcn, clerk to the County Council, for the promoters. In the course of hi" cross-examination by Mr. Balfour Browne. K.C., he admitted that the Monmouth- shire Bill was thrown out last year, but. he con- tended that that Bill was not similar to the present one. He had to admit that the Local Government Board made strong objections to the present proposals. On Wednesday Mr. Franklen, clerk to the Glamorgan County Council, was further cross- examined by Mr. Ackworth, representing Cardiff Corporation. Replying to Mr. Wedder- burn, K.C., counsel for Aberdare District Council, Mr. Franklen said he know of no way in which the interests of Aberdare would suffer under the Bill. Mr. Wedderburn had their own water supply, which had cost a heavy sum and was satisfactory for the district. Counsel cross-examined witness with the ob- ject of showing that the Aberdare Council had always adopted an attitude of opposition to the scheme. Witness admitted that Aberdare's con- tention had always been that it had nothing to gain from association with the proposed Water Board. Mr. Wedderburn: They propose to take pow- ers to drag us in; this is the thin end of the wedge as regards us. The Chairman pointed out that if the clause were passed in its present form, and it was sought to bring in a district by Provisional Order, there would be a local inquiry. Mr. Wedderburn said it was a question as to whether or not they should be liable to the inquiry at all. unless it could be shown now that there was something for Aberdare to gain by being dragged in. Answering Mr, Forbes Lancaster, K.C., who appeared for the Mountain Ash District Coun- ciI, witness said it was intended to presene to each constituent authority a minimum supply of water of 25 gallons per head per day from its own Eources of supply.


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