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ABERDARE DISTRICT COUNCIL NEW CAPTAIN OF THE FIRE BRIGADE. THE MEDICAL OFFICER. FEES OF COUNCILLORS WHEN IN LONDON. The ordinary meeting of the Aberdare Dis- trict Council was held on Friday, Air. E. Stone- lake, the newly ekcted chairman, presiding. There were present, Messrs. Rees Llewelyn, D. P. Davies, J.P, M. J. Harris, T. Walter Williams, W. Thomas, Owen Powell, W. T Morgan, Lewis M. Williams, J. O. George, T Lewis, W Harpur, William Rees and David Davies, with the Clerk (Col. T. Phillips), Messrs. Beddoe, A. Watkins (deputy clerks), A. Morris (deputy surveyor), and Dr. M. G. Rees (Medical Officer). Mr. G J Davies, sol1cltor, wroie in respect of Gooseberry Hill, Aberaman, and said he had been instructed to withdraw the notices served in respect of this street. — On the mo- tion of Mr. W. Rees, seconded by Mr. T. Lewis, it was decided that tenders be asked for exe- cuting private street works there. The Clerk read a letter from Mr. E. M. Hann tendering his resignation as a member of the Education Committee.—The Clerk said that no member of the Council could divest himself of this position unless he gave up the councillorship. — Mr. T Waiter Williams held that the resignation could be accepted, and that the Council had power to co-opt an out- sider.—The Clerk drew attention to the last section of the scheme dealing with such mat- ters, and which proved contrary to what Mr. Williams had said. The following persons had applied for the post of bath attendant:—R. A. Bridges, Moun- tain Ash; Thomas Richards, Cwmbach; D. Minor, Miskin; John Williams, Tudor-terrace, Rees Jones, Aberdare, and John Davies, Cwrr- place. John Davies was appointed. FIRE BRIGADE. The following report of the Fire Brigade Committee was accepted, and it was resolved, in order to get uniforms before the annual demonstration, to give the Fire Brigade Com- mittee power to accept the tenders for the same.—It was unanimously resolved that Coun. Owen Powell be appointed chairman of this Committee for the ensuing year. — Messrs. J. C. Ilarmston, Davies, and E. R. Rees, to- gether with Lieut. John Davies attended the meeting, and placed before the Committee the names of members of the Brigade for promo- tion. After consideration of the same. it was unanimously resolved to recommend that Mr. R. L. Berry be honorary Captain of the Bri- gade, and Mr. Samuel Harris honorary mem- 1 ber of the Brigade. — Unanimously resolved to recommend that Mr. John Davies be ap- pointed Captain of the Brigade in place or stead of Mr. R. L. Berry.—Unanimouslv re- solved to recommend that Messrs. James James and W. J. Williams be appointed respectively first and second lieutenants.—Unanimously re- solved to recommend that uniforms, etc., be provided as per list submitted by the Deputy Surveyor, and that tenders lie invited there- for.—Resolved that the necessary appliances for the fire engine approved by the Surveyor bo obtained. FINANCE. The report of the Finance Committee was adopted, showinr payments as follows on the various accounts;—General District Rate ac- count, JE688 4s. lOd. libraries account, £24 3s. 4d. water revenue account, J6586 14s. Id. burials 12s. suspense account, £328 3s. 8d. loans 7s. 4d to- tal, £1,704 5s. 3d. The Committee also reo commended that the division of the Id. rate for library purposes made in October last be as follows:—Central Library, £376 6s. 9d. Tre- 13s. Cwmbach, JS33 lis. 4d. Aberaman, JE146 7s. 5d.; Abercwmboi, £19 Os. 6d. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The report of the Surveyor, from which the following extracts are made, was adopted:— The rainfall recorded at the Nanthir Reser- voir for the month of April was 5.32 inches, be- ing a decrease of 1.41 inches on the previous month, and an increase of 1.9S inches on the corresponding month last year. Rain fell on 18 days, the greatest fall being on the 23rd, viz.: 1.24 inches. In accordance with the in- structions of the Fire Brigade Committee, I have examined the list of renewals required for the engine, and recommend that two ac- cumulators and six magneto sparking plugs be obtained; in reference to lowering the gear of the engine I am not prepared at present to recommend that this be altered. I beg to ask for instructions re Cardiff-road paved footpaths, whether the work of repairing the same is to be proceeded with. The sum of £1,50 is included in the current rate towards the carrying out of this work. I have to re- port that the water main supplying Roberts- town is corroded to such an extent that it is al- most impossible to provide an adequate supply of water under the present conditions. I beg to recommend that a new 3-inch cast iron main be laid from Hirwain-road, Trecynon, to Bridge-street, Robertstown, a. distance of 890 yards. About 400 yards of 3-inch pipe3 taken out of Cwmdare-road will be available for this work. The estimated cost o the proposed works is £132. which is provided for in the cur- rent rate. I have received the following build- ing plans and being in accordance with the bye-laws, I beg to recommend that the same he approved, viz. From the Cwmbach Free Library Committee, New Public Hall, Library and Institute at Cwmbach. From Mr. William Jones, 54, Brecon-road, Hirwain, two dwelling houses at Brecon-road, Hirwain. From Mr. David, Blaennantyroes Farm, Cwmbach, con- version of Oid Colliery Offices into two cot- tages at Cwmbaeh-road, Cwmbach. From Mr. C. Edevanc, 102, Jubilee-road, Aberaman, dwelling house in Bedford-street, Aberamaa. From Mr. Jenkins, conversion of No. 363, Car diff-road, Aberaman, into two dwelling houses, From Mr. Arthur Davies, 54, Eureka-place, Ebbw Vale, additions in rear of No. 23, Pem- • broke-street, Aberdare. From Mr. Daniel Jones, Forge View Cottage. Aberaman, addi- tions in rear of 27, Margaret-street, Aberaman. Number of houses approved as above, 6; num- ber of houses previously approved, 10,528; to- tal number of houses approved, 10,534. TENDERS. The following tenders were received for the new water tank, etc., at Cwmama.n :-Messrs. Jones Bros., Abercwmboi, £692 18s.; Messrs. Evans and Murray, £1.111; Mr. J. Suther- land, Abercynon, £800; Mr. John Jones, Gwawr Cottage, Aberaman, £885; Mr W. Brown, Merthyr, £fJ80 9s.—Mr. R. Llewellyn said that Mr. Brown had done some work for the Farms Committee very satisfactorily, and as his tender was the lowest, he moved that it be acoepted.—Mr. W. T. Morgan seconded.— Mr. W. Thomas said that Messrs Jones Bros.' tender was only £12 higher than that of Mr. Brown, and as they were ratepayers in the dis- trict, he moved that their tender be accepted. It was worth more than U12 to the Council | to keep the work amongsv the ratepayers.— Mr. W. Rees seconded, not only on the grounds. mentioned by Mr. Thomas, but also in the interest of the working classes in the district, Contractors from other towns were in the habit of bringing workmen with them from a distance, and so the workmen in Aberdare lost employment.—Mr. E. Stonelake said from his experience on the housing question he thought it was well to get outsiders to come in; the more outsiders they could get the better.—Mr. W. Rees: I am more concerned about the workmen in the district.—The Chairman A contractor will not bring labourers and such like from Merthyr over here.—Mr. Rees: But he will bring masons and carpenters.—On a division, the tender of Mr. Brown was accepted by 11 to 4. THE MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH. The following reports of the Health Commit- tee wero received, and the first report, that of April 5th, was adopted :—Your Committtee considered the question of the re-appointment of the Medical Officer of Health. The Clerk, by order of the Committee, read the follow- ing 1891, March 23rd. Local Government Board General Order. 1906, December 20th. Letter of Assistant Secretary, Local Govern- ment Board. 1907, January 9th. Advertise- ment and abstract of tho qualifications, prin- cipal duties, and terms of appointment. 1909, March 13th. Letter of Clerk to the Local Go- vernment Board upon the qualification of the Medical Officer of Health as to analysing. 1909, March 27th. Letter of Local Government Boa.rd in reply.—Coun T Walter Williams, by permission of the Committee, read the memo- randum which he had prepared for discussion. Your Committeo ha.ving gone carefully through the memorandum, Clause 1 was, after consider- able discussion, agreed to. The Medical Officer of Health assented to same. Your Commit- tee adjourned the further consideration of the memorandum to Thursday, the 15th inst., at 3 p.m. An adjourned meeting was held on April 15th to further consider the memorandum of Coun. T. Walter Williams re duties, etc., of Medical Officer of Health. The Clerk read the letter of the Local Government Board of the 12thinst. Leave was granted tho Medical Offi- cer of Health to read his report upon the me- morandum prepared by Coun. T. W. Williams. —It was moved by Coun. Thomas Bowen, se- conded by Coun. J. H. James, that Clauses 2 and 3 be deleted, and the words from "the analysis" in the first line of Clause 4 to the word "preseivatives" in the third line, also deleted. The remaining words "and the milk should be examined microscopically for tu- bercle'' be added to Clause 1. An amendment was moved by Coun. T. Walter Williams, se- conded by Coun. Thomas Lewis, that the above clauses lie allowed to stand. The amendment and motion were severallv put to the meeting, when two members voted for the amendment, and seven for the motion. Clause 5 was unan- imously accepted, subject to the words "say in every three months" being struck out, and the words "once during the winter months" being inserted in lieu thereof. Coun. T W. Williams moved, and Coun. Thomas Lewis seconded, that the Medical Officer of Health be re-ap- pointed for a term of two years. An amend- ment was moved by Coun. David Davies, se- conded by Coun. Owen Powell, that the Medi- cal Officer be re-appointed permanently by the Council. Three months' notice to be given by him to terminate the engagement. The amend- ment and motion were severally pi.'t to the .'ceeting, when seven •i;e:nbr>rs voted for the arvendment, and tw'o for the motion. On c-o:1siciera.tion of the latter report, f r. T. W Williams said be was Koinc to move an 1 amendment, but as he understood that there was a desire to adjourn the subject for a month he would like a vote to be taken on that point first.—Mr. D. Jackson Thomas said that the Trades and Labour Council had asked that the discussion be deferred for a month, and he moved that the course be taken.—A discussion: ensued, and the matter was ultimately deferred. VARIOUS. A report of Cap! Berry on the fire at Blaen- nant was read, in which he referred to the difficulty of climbing up the hill to the colliery, and suggested some alteration in the grade of the engine.—A letter re the tarring of the county road at the cost of the County Council was, after some discussion, referred to the Roads and Streets Committee.—Tho secretary of Trinity Swimming Club asked for season tickets and the exclusive right of using the baths an hour a week. The latter request was refused.—An offer of two jawbones of a whale from Mr. Burgc was accepted.—An application of Messrs. Parker Bros. for petrol licence was referred to the Surveyor and Inspector to re- port thereon. — The question of refusing li- cences to brakedrivers who only Lame out on Saturday and on special days was referred to the Cabs' Committee. Mr. D..lackson Thomas asked if it was ad- visable to fix the "wages" to be paid to Coun- cillors going to London on Parliamentary business. They all knew what a row they had last time because of the charges made by some of the Councillors.—Mr. D. Davies: I think it was fixed at that time.—The Clerk: No re- solution has been passed.—Mr Thomas: Then I think wo ought to do something.—Mr M. J. Harris: Why not fix a rate now ? I find some Councils havè a fixed 5um, first-class trai:1 fare and £1 Is. a day.—Eventually this rate was agreed to. Mr. Illtyd Hopkins drew attention to the ir- regular way in which brakedrivers applied for hire, and said he was of opinion that the Cabs Committtee should take the matter up. —The matter was referred to the Committee in question.—On the motion of Mr. William Thomas, it was resolved that notices of special meetings of the Council and Education Com- mittee should be sent to the Press representa- tive"—Mr. J. O. George again drew attention to the state of Pontbrenllwyd Bridge. It was explained that the County Council now had the matter under consideration.—Mr. M. J. Harris suggested that the County Council be written to in reference to the widening of Hendrebailey Bridge, Llwydcoed. Mrs. Ed- wards, of Fedwhir, waa prepared to grant, the necessary ground.—It was agreed that this dcyit.


Meeting of the Day Men.

The Glamorgan Water Bill.


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