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w w An Aberdare Sensation. GIRL SHOOTS HERSELF WITH A REVOLVER. On Saturday night a sensational affair took plaoe at the Aberdare Constitutional Club, Florence Ford (17), a servant at the club, shoot- ing herself with her master's revolver. The girl went upstairs to her bedroom about 11.30 on Saturday night, and shortly afterwards a shot was heard. Mr. Mumford, the steward at once rushed upstairs, and found the room filled with smoke and the girl lying on her side, ^mh a revolver, which she had taken up from the club premises, lying discharged at her side. Dr. Trevor Jones and Dr T W Scale were at once summoned, and upon examination found that the girl had discharged the revolver into her abdomen, the bullet having passed through her body. She was subsequently removed on the police ambulance to the Aberdare Cottage Hospital. On Sunday she regained consciousness, and said she had sat on the bed, and taking the revolver, which is a heavy Webbley six-cham- bered weapon, but had only one chamber load- ed, put it against her body, apparentlj aiming at the heart, and managed to pull back the trigger. He condition was regarded as serious from the first, and she died on Monday morn- ing. Ford had been in service at the Constitutional Club for some 12 months, but left on Thursday night last, and slept that night at lodgings, go- ing home to her parents at Cwmaman on Fri- day morning. On Saturday she and her parents being in Aberdare met Mr. Mumford, who ask- ed her to go back to his place, and she con- sented to do so. On Monday our representative called at the Constitutional Club, and there saw Mr. Mum- ford, who said that the girl had been in his employ for a year. She left the Club on Thurs- day to take up another situation, but was back again on Saturday evening, having left her new situation. Her parents accompanied her, and as they were leaving she made a remark that she was afraid she might be "chaffed" by tne members for the break in her engagement. She was very cheerful at the time, and played with the children also partaking of a hearty supper. He was not aware that she knew he had the revolver. He had no idea whatever as to what led the gial to commit such a rash act. iOtir representative next saw Mrs. Ford, who was accompanied by her other daughter. The poor woman was in a terrible state, and during the interview wept bitterly. Mrs. Ford said the girl left the Club thinking that she was 'Zo- ing to a better place. This was the Market I Tavern, Aberdare, and she commenced duties there on Thursday evening, but returned to her home in Glanaman-road, Cwmaman, on Friday evening, remarking that she did not ap- prove of the place. Mr. Mumford coming to know this, expressed his willingness to take the girl back. She was home on Sunday week, and then seemed in excellent spirits. Her daughter had never told her of any trouble she had.


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The Glamorgan Water Bill.


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