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TROEDYRHIW. Te Housemaids and Wives, why bother your lives In rubbii.0" your tables and chairs. Tour strength do not waste. use BAGLEY 3 "Y GORBT" paste, Such labour and worry it spares. D rubbinsr all day, no wonder you say Your bodies are reeking with pain; Now take the advice we give without pricc- Don't ruL without Bagley's Y Goreu" again. LLOYDS BANK.—A branch of this old- established Bank has been opened at Bridge- street, Troedvrhiw. The hours of business are from i 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays. irjiii J f ^29 NAZARETH CHAPEL.—Annual meetings were held in'connestion with Nazareth (C.M.) Chapel, on Saturday evening, Sunday and Monday even inc. Large congregations attended the services. The preachers were the Rev. R. Roberts, of Crabadi (a Troedyrhiw boy) and the Rev. R. Morgan, of Llanddewi Breii. ACCIDENT. A slizht accident, which caused complications to set in, resulted in the death of Mr. Samuel Morgan, 44,Yew-street, on Friday morning last. Deceased was a master haulier at a neighbouring colliery, and was much respected at the works and in the locality. The interment took place on Tuesday, at the Abcrfan cemeterv, and the funeral was very largely attended, the cortege extending over half-a-mile in length. Members of the Shepherds, R.A.O.B. and Glantaff Society attened to pay their last tribute of respect to their departed brother. The chief mourners were the widow and family. The burial service was performed by the R^. J. W. Price (Saron), assisted by the Rev. D. E. Davies (Mount Zion). CONCERTS.—On Wednesday and Thursday concerts were given at the St. John's Kail, by the Troedyrhiw Infants' School, with the object of raising a fund for the pv.rchase of a piano lor school purposes. The hall was crowded almost to suffocation, and the large attendances were exceedingly gratifying to the head-mistress (Miss Evans) and her staff. There is every reason to believe that their ambition will te realised. Their task in training the little ones to perform with such precision was no easy one but the performances of the children were all that could be desired. The children, as well as the teaching staff are to te congratulated. The president on ednesday was Councillor D. J. Lewis, who substituted the Mayor, the latter having teen called to Manchester, and Alderman J. Harpur, Deputy-Mayor, presided on Thursday eveniner. The programme was as follows:—Chorus, Over the Fields of Clo- ver," (test piece, Mountain Ash), the Juvenile i Choir chorus and duet, You shan't play, etc, M. Richards and L. A. Jones; chorus. We are Babies," Third-class Infants; action song, Trip, Trip, Tripping," First-class Infants; action song, Humpty and Dumpty," M. L. Llewellyn and S. Russell; trio, 11 Under the Old Umbrella," W. Manns, E. Price and E. Morlan; action song, The Troedyrhiw Band," First- class Boys action song, Boys' School; recitation, Boys' School; action song, Ten Little Jappy 91 Maids." Second-class Girls; Musical sketch, The Tradesmen," First and Second-class Boys solo and chorus, The Little Mandarin," B. Carston and Choir; action song, The Little Cooks," First-class Girls action song. Butter- cups," Fifst and Second-class Girli 's trio. Gosspis," M. A. W illiams, M. Medlicott and B. Harris; action song and drill, The Shield Song," First-class Girls coon duet and chorus. The Picanninies," M. Ansell, T. Davies and Choir; action song, The Burlesque Band." Boys' School' finale, Hen Wlad fy Nhadau.



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Meeting of the Day Men.

The Glamorgan Water Bill.


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