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""'-.!'.Iod"L_ FUN AND FANCY.

Welsh National Pageant Points.



EVENTS OF THE WEEK. The t&xi-cab strike in London has been settled. Earl's Court Exhibition, "The Golden West," was opened on Saturday. According to a Blue Book, the amount of life assurance in force is nearly £ 800,000,000. The Rev. John McNeill has declined the pastorate of Christ Church, Westminster. I The majority in the German Reichstag fav- ours tha taxation of unearned increments on land. A British has been atacked by Mahsuds on the Indian frontier, three cavalrymen being killed. A wealthy suburb of Berlin has decided to killed. A wealthy suburb of Berlin has decided to ¡. tax the unearned increment on empty building -,atches. Lord Charles Be res ford, speaking at South- p^H on Saturday, rebuked the jingoes and panic-mongers.. A i-enotal strike of frencli postaj servants [ was ordered on Tuesday night, and the struggle -has alreadj' begun. r.. s The strike of 2.500 ironworkers in North Lin- colnshire came to an end on Tuesday, after lasting three weeks. For the review of Lancashire Teritorials by the King in July, 3,000 of the troops will be transported by tramcars. Mr. John Brewer, the well-known station- master at Swindon, is retiring after fifty years' work as a railway servant. The Post Office proposes to give telegraph messengers instruction in telegraphy in the hop-3 of reducing discharges. A grant of £ 100 for a School of Commerce n in Limerick has been made by the Irish Tech- ni"l Instruction Department. Interesting particulars are published concern- ing an American invention which claims to telegraph 1,000 words a minute. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Secre* tary were received in audience by the King at Buckingham Palace on Monday. London's smoko and fog nuisance, according to Dr. Shaw, of the Meterological Office, is laregly caused by domestic, firegrats.. The Prince and Princess, of Wales were pre- sent on Tuesday at the matinee at Drury Lane in. aid of the Queen's Sanatorium at Davos. Jewels, lately the property of Miss Violet Charlesworth, were sold by Messrs. Debenliam and Storr on Tuesday, and realised nearly J6500. It is reported ■ that a son of the ex-Sultan Abdui Hamid will raise an army in Albania. to rescue hi-; father, who is a prisoner at Salonika. Over 140 nominations have been received for the four vacancies in the National Administra- tive Council of the Independent Labour Party. The Duchess of Albany distributed, OH Satur- day, at the Crystal Palace, the prizes won by 1,625 children for essays on kindness to ani- mals. < Several buildings in Swansea were involved in a fire which originated at the South Dock en Tuf-dav. The damage is estimated at about £ 50,000. While attempting to swim to an island ho had purchased in Lough Erne, Mr. Lewis D. Broughtcu, a nephew of Sir John Fisher, was drowned. A bronze tablet recording the names of the 49 vicars who have occupied the living since 1135 lias been, presented to St. Giles' Church, Cripplegate. It is shown that over a million and a quarter sterling is lost to the ratepayers of England and Wales annually by tho underassessment of public-houses. The death is announced at Melbourne of the Rev. Egan Moult on, brother of Lord Justice Moullon. Ho translated the New Testament into the Tonga, tongue, A boy named Howard Baker, of Pontnewyn- ydd, who was missing from home all last week, was discovered on Saturday working as a cow- I boy at a farm near Cardiff. I A striking denunciation of Yellow Press hys- teria and spurious patriotism was uttered at the Congregational Union Assembly on Mon- day by the- President, tlie Rev. J. D. Jones. Extraordinary allegations of fraud in connec- • tion with a costly collection of "old" china, part of which is asserted to be spurious, are being made in an action against a Bond-street dealer. In reply to a: memoi^l from 146 members of Parliament with reference to the deported prisoners in India, Mr. Asquith stated that. the deportation was a preventative and not a puni- tive measure. A number of French postal and telep^aph employees having been dismissed, the men am preparing for a great strike. The Government has taken extraordinary precautions to keep the services going. Mr. Churchill stated at Oxford, on Saturday, that without recourse to loans, and unhampered by tariffs, we should be able to maintain an ample and effective superiority of tea power over every likely combination. Speaking at Grosvenor House on Tuesday, the Bi shop of London said the physical condi- I tion of the children in our slums wss a matter that, unless it was grappled rith, might well. end in the ruin of the. country, Ine 6ilenoo of the Temneraneo Party on the Budget is. exnkuned by Mr. Charles Pinhorn and Mr. G.. W. Molina, as bsingr dtto to -^lioifj desire to avoid politio?. They approve, none the less heartily, of tho new tares. There was a fall in the death-rate last vve4-%7c, the rate being 14.1 per 1,000 in Ijondon and in the seventy-six towns. -In. London, influ- enza deaths numbered 16, having been 43, 45, and 32 in the preceding three weeks. A big fire broke out at the ITarf Accumulator Comnany's factory at Marsligato-lane, Stratford. on Tuesday afternoon, and the building and its content* were destroyed, damage to the extent of P,10,000 being caused. The loss, it is understood, is covered by insurance. One of the pleas nut forward bv a juror at London Sessions on Tuesday as the reason whv he 'should not serve was "that ho was a rogue and aT-tu- was an actor, which, un- der an old Act, of Parliament, meant the same thing. Thst Act had never been repealed. He was cxcused. The Anchor Irne ha?' decided to build a. steamer of 10,000 tons for tho Glasgow-New York pas<.encre.r service. -Tho vessel will be the largest liner -yet built for this particular trade. The company has already three large twin-screw steamers on the Clyde-New York passenger service. It was stated at Tuesday'^ meeting of the Congregational Union that £ 33.360 had been promised towards the Central Fnnd for minis- terial sunpoTi, for which £ 250,000 If required. The Chairman (Rev. J. D. Jones) delivered an address cn the relationship between tlie Inde- pendent and other Chrktian churches. In the Taunton County Court on Tupy. leave NNo. given to presume the death of Sidney Edward Bluett and for the division of his share in a sum of £ 4.000 to which he was entitled under the will of .111 aunt. The man, who was one of sixteen children, had not been heard of for fortr-one years. It is that he was drowned at sea.. The Hou~e of Commons on Tuesda-otfscussed the new customs duty en beer, f 1&2* tax on club.?, and also the land values resolution. Mr. Lloyd George agreed to revise the club echemo so as to levy the poundage—<at a hicher rate— on liquor bought instead of on the receipts from club sales. A concession iF to be made to brewers by levying the new barrelage on stan- dard instead of bulk barrels. The Congregation of Oxford University will I be asked on Msv 25th to sanction a decree gratefnllv accepting from the Trustees of the Odom University Endowment Fund the sum of JE250 o, year for three yeafs to provide the stipend of a leeturer' in Japanese a+ the unv."r- iz;t,. The decree abo enacts that Mr. John H. Gubbins. C.MG.. lie unpointed lecturer in Jananese. This i* the first J"'PPune. lecture- ship ever established in an English-speaking country. Damages to the amount of £ 300 were award- ed to an elderly man named George Barring- ton, of Walthamstow, on Saturday, as the re- sult of his claim against the Great Eastern Motor-Omnibu9 Co., Ltd. Plaintiff's case was that he was knocked down bj one of the com- pany's 'buses in Lower Clapton last July, and that he sustained a fractured leg, which, ac- cording to the medical evidence, he would prob- ablv bo unable to use agaifi. Tlie jury found for-the plaintiff, assessing the damages as stat- i' ed, and Mr. Justice Coleridge entered Judg. ment, with costs. I












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