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Rhymney and Pontiottyn, Doctors…


Rhymney and Pontiottyn, Doctors Fund. 1 The annual meeting of the contributors to tli,, Hhymney Doctors Fund was held at the Victoria Hall on Saturday evening. Mr. Geo. Jonas presided, and was supported by Messrs. Jarman, Evan Pugh, and others. The representatives of the different ward, gave reports of the meetings held in their re- spective districts, viz.: Mr. Campbell (Upper Ward), Mr. Probert Middle Ward), Mr. D. Roberts (Lower Ward), each of whom gave de- tails of the selection of representatives on the joint committee. The committee of the Middle Wa.rd asked for the acceptance of Mr. W. II. Lewis as a representative, but, in case of a refusal, recom- mended Mr. T. H. Lewis.—The Secretary ex- plained that this was done because the rules provided that the committee must be selected from employees of the Rhymriey Iron Co., of which Mr. W. H. Lewis had been an em- ployee, but had now ceased to be such.—The Chairman said that under those circumstances he could not put Mr. W. H. Lewis's name to the meeting. and Mr. T. H. Lewis was conse- quently elected. Mr. Petherick Hall, of Llechryd, drew atten- tion to an arrangement which had been made by which tha-t district was entitled to a repre- sentative in the Upper Ward, and desired that he should continue their representative, but, unfortunately, when the meeting was held in the Upper Ward, he was ill and unable to ad- vise the other contributors until the last mo- ment. Another meeting was hastily called, and a deputation sent down to the ward meet- ing, but they arrived when the ward meeting was over; and as there was no representative present from the upper district, the committee selected from the lower parts of the Upper Ward, with the result that there was no one from Llechryd. He had, therefore, been desir- ed to ask the general meeting to re-open the matter and admit a representative from that district. The Chairman, in submitting the question to the meeting, said that Llechryd and Newtown had been represented by Mr. William Edwards, and it was very unfortunate thahe was unable to attend on the night of the meeting.—Mr. P. Hall said that the sub- scribers did not wish to disturb any person who had been nominated for the ward.—On the motion of Mr. W. Cavender, seconded by Mr. T. Jarman, it was decided that tho Llechryd district should, under the circumstances, be allowed to nominate a member on this year's committee. The Secretary reported that the general com- mittee recommended that there should be a reduction in the number of members necessary for a quorum, which at present was fixed at nine. He said meetings had often to be aban- doned because that number was not present.— Mr. W. Williams said it was a very sorry posi- tion to be in, seeing that there were 21 mem- bers,, and he thought it pointed to a lack of interest. A remedy might be found if it were understood that absence from two meetings by any member would cause the selection of an. other in his place.—Mr. J W. Price said he was not in favour of the altering of any rule without a general meeting being called and notified of the purpose for which it was called. -it was decided to adhere to the existing rule.

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