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The Merthyr Murder.

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! In and Out of the Merthyr…

Merthyr Health Committee.

Whitsuntide Attractions at…

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DISPLAY AT H. Bees, in its variety, in ite^freshnessf in |L WF its np-to-dateness, bat, above all, in the namber of ^r |r SENSATIONALLY LOW PRICE OFFERS in i WATCHES, CLOCKS, RiNGS, ALBERTS, BK0CCKES, SILVER S00DS, PLATE, pyg^SmcUTLERY AMD LEATHER GOODS. & 'I Sse this iiniqne sight TO-DAY. To see it properly, come iagide. You will not be pressed to buy. 'ffhen ycn call rnak! BLIVO you see tile ACME" I Se i o iJm if outr v wcrld-^jj&reaA 'enr^ family 35/-) B **>1 Ibw ,,OLf) I ol GOLL) .,OCKET, 10/6. Clm- RIN(;ery 1-, 2'6. so Gus q f ign. KigS E. rem .p t- A!5 59. jffi /U- SAMUtL'S MARVtLtfJk iO«n~~i rur AjfJjS*? I!* '«• 1/sHEFKiELDCUTLERYi £ o/"Ani/ffo OS I PARCEL. Knives, Fork:,fcw/ /SiLVtri Agjl fi| tfC&W 53 pieces in all. /DISPLAY B LUCKY" || H. Samuel's is the TO-DAY I fit WEDDING [I original and famauB *> 0}-^] | SOLI^4^^ vaSST- R1KES I! 'L«kv'Wedding/ Fa; 25/- YMV M | <.OI.D IHIE R,'T J' ° /Ele«r°- u Qiuiiri i&d B BRACELET ■ V" £ 3 3». Private Selecting Rr am. pll,<.d H. SAMUEL fj&jr,$ £ %j £ 'stuaped every S —SOLID GOLU ■"» 7 DIKNR.I '■Uyoa VJRSU 1 lln.kV' BROOCH, with £ CRUET -S^S.t (rzjj design. In/ralue) 3/3 Britain— j jjgjv I |f;C0LNSHfR £ f AMILYI SILVER lO S Kowerv^f 4 | Mr. H^D, Pointon, Fol^mg- LtV £ R W J I IV him. I.ics.,» I HAVti VrSri IMy /I \1 Ma.iy designs I Sf yOUR «ACME Wi 5RL -tie V»«ch L 9 rV™ V LKVSRS, 2 FOB SOUS or« SILVER 3/«.✓ AKD 3 F0B IHcLC™' TM Ml 25<V»o Ljf .S'LVEK^a/ AMD SHALL BE SEMDINQ J V /JJL, people hire £ £ =3? i* FOR ANOTHER fj&JVI praiied ^y/jt /&TWnrfmxE wafer 1 m WffiVifIM v=? ALBELRT RIGHTNES I I II l@yAAM56.AMfi QUAUTY EVERYWHERE !1 IE71 \$= PULL MONTH'S TRIAL ON ANY PURCHASE AND YOUB f l | £ j | | KAIL FARE PAID ON PURCHASES OP 25/- AND UP.! jfj i \|| Ii COME lit, H. SAMUEdfcjj n 119, HIGH ST., MERTHYR. I™08'1'



Theatre Royal, Merthyr.

. Merthyr Northern Union Club.: