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_H LOCAL INTELLIGENCE CONTINUED MOBGAXTOWX DISTRESS COMMITTEE.—The members of this: eommitte^. have received the sum of £ 1 10s from the distress fund of the South Wales Miners' Federation, towards the children's breakfast fund. DISTRESS AT CYFABTHFA.—In addition to the money already acknowledged towards relief of distress at Cyfarthfa, t7 18s. 6d. has been received from Dowlais, No. 12 Lodge of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers and Mechanics of South Wales and Monmouthshire, making the total receipts from different lodges f63 4s. 3d. OBITCABY.—The funeral, of Mrs. Thomas, the wife of Detective-Sergt. J. Thomas, took place at Cefn cemetery, on Thursday. The ry, greatest sympathy was expressed with Mr. Thomas, who is a most popular officer, by friends and comrades, and the obsequies were attended by a number of the borough police force (in plain clothes) headed by Chief-con- stable Wilson and Inspector Phillips. 1 SERVICES APPRECIATED.—A meeting was held at Zoar Chapel, on Tuesday night, when presentations were made 'to Mr. J. Johnson Thomas late of Lloyds Bank, Merthyr, and now of Lloyds Bank, Car dill. During his stay in Merthyr Mf. Thomas has been an active worker at Zoar. He. was presented by the Rev. J. Thomas with a gold chain and pendant. in handsome case, on behalf of the Zoar Boys' Brigade and the Girls' Gymnasium Class, in appreciation of his services as secretary during the past four years. He waS also presented by Miss Jones with a set of books, on behalf of his Sunday School class, The meeting was erw preceded by a tea, and afterwards an interesting programme was gone through, which included displays, etc., by the boys of the Brigade, and girls of the Gymnasium Class. Addresses were given by the chairman (Rev. J. Thomas), Mr. J. Beynon, Mr. T. Jenkins, and Mr. R. B. Lewis. MERCHED y DE.—On Wednesday evening a tea and social were held at Pantty wyll Vestry, and a large company sat down to tea. The. tables were presided over by Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Rees, Mrs. D. Jones, Mrs. Lloyd Jones, Mrs. Davies, and the Misses Bess and Lena Jones, After tea a musical programme was through ■oags being contributed by Miss Bronwen Davies and Miss Sophia Jones re itations by Miss Lena Joues and Miss May Evans, Masters T. Davies, Willie Jones and Mrs. Lewis. The accompanist! was^Miss H. M. Jotigs (Brecon-road). Dunn;' an interval Mi's..Tones jirqsented „Mra. and Miss Lewis wi$h volume^^of b^ilka,. on behalf of the brauch, 0a > their removal ■f>Co Dowlais. ¡' Mrs. Lewis, who was received with cheers, suitaoly acknowledged the gift. Mrs. Evans (Fenyrheol) expressed regret at the removal of the sisters from their midst. Mrs. Jones, president of the branch, occupied the chair. PRESENTATIONS.—Very interesting presenta- tions took place at the Cyfarthfa Works, on Thursday evening. The firsb was to Mr. Geo. F. Livsey, on the occasion of his leaving Cyfarth- fa Iron and Steel Works to take up the position of residential engineer at the Abereynon Col- j lieries. There was.a large attendance of the | recipient'* frienda co-«iujt>loy«^» TFEE[ presentation took the shape of a handsome! marble clock and bronze ornaments. Alderman John Harpur, cashier to Messrs. Crawshay Bros., presented the clock, and asked Mr. Livsey to accept it as a token of the esteem in which he is held. Speeches were made testifying to the regret felt at Mr. Livsey's leaving Cyfarthfa, and wishing him all success and prosperity in his new position.-Mr. E. R. James was also presented with a useful travelling portmanteau by his friends in Cyfarthfa, on r his leaving the district to take up a new position in Cornwall. Mr. James has been for the last ten years electrical engineer at the Cyfartbfa Works, and will be much missed by his friends. A very pleasant evening was passed, and numerous congratulations were showered upon! the recipients. The clock and bronzes were supplied by Mr. John Williams, jeweller, Arcade, Merthyr. OBITUARY.—We have to record the death of Mrs. Jane Davies, 13, Stuart-street, which took place on the 29th ult., at Llandovery, whither the deceased had gone the week previous to bury her sister. The funeral took place on Monday last at Cefn cemetery, and was largely attended by the principal residents of the town. The Rev. Ll. Davies, the curate of St. Tydfil's Church, of which deceased was one of the oldest members, officiated at the house and at the cemetery. In the front coach were the Curate, Messrs. Williams and Taylor (church- wardens), and Mx-. Adams. The bearers were the following sidesmen of the Church :Mess¡'. Jenkin Jones, John Davies, D. Davies, W- Williams, Robert Jones and W. Eva113- First mourning coach, Mr. and Mrs. parkins' Mr- and Mrs. Fred Lewis, and Clara, and Mr3 Edith Hughes; second coach, Messrs. Thomas, John, Daniel and Gus Jones and Mr. Willie James; third coach, Mr. and Mrs. Jones (Bargoed), Mr. and Mrs. Calvert and Mr. J. Jones fourth coach, Mr. Willie Lewis, Mr. James Williams, Mr. Mills and Mr. Edward Williams (Cefn) fifth coach, Mr. Jones, Mr. James and Mr. John ¡ Davies (Abercanaid). Wreaths were sent by St. Tydlil's Church, the teaching staff of old St. David's Girls' School, Mr. and Mrs. D. Davies (12, Stuart-street), Mrs. R. R. Davies, and Mrs. Jones and children (Llandovery). At the cemetery the lady members of St. Tydfil's were present, and the hymns, Nearer my God to Thee and Lead, Kindly Light," were very feelingly sung. PRESENTAITON TO THE PARISH CHURCH ORGANIST.—On Thursday evening the wor- shippers at the Parish Church had tea at the St. David's Boys' School, followed by a miscel- laneous entertainment. The organisers were Messrs. D. Hopkins and Charles Win ton. A large party had assembled, and the following ladies presided at the tables :—Mrs. Hopkins and Mrs. Evans, assisted by Mrs. Thomas, Sirs. Morgan, Mrs. Winton, Mrs. H. Jones and the Misses Thomas and Lewis prepared and arranged the good things for the tables. After tea Mrs. Hopkins, in a few suitable words, presented the organist, Mr. T. Richards, with a purse of gold- Mr. Richards haviDg thanked Mrs. Hopkins and the members for their handsome gift, the Rev. D. Jones, who presided, and who was supported by the Rev. T. Evans (Merthyr Vale), spoke of the valuable services rendered by the organist, and expressed a pope that he would be spared for many years to be their organist. The Rev. T. Evans also bore testimony to the good services of Mr. Richards. A short entertainmentf ollowed in which the following took part:—Mrs. Thomas, Miss M. Richards, Miss K. Jones and Messrs. Chas. Winton, Hanney, W. Richards and Master Willie Jones. Mr. T. Richards presided at the piano. Hearty votes of thanks were accorded to the ladies, Messrs. Hopkins and Winton, and all who had taken part in the entertainment. .——

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