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iJj 1: ;q 1 13^2% "flltfakM ENGJLISH MADE 1 ■ *r THROUGHOUT. 1 J Folding Perambulator. I I 'I A Perfectly Built Baby Carriage. Easy to Run. Foliip into a Spaca of 6 inohoo. Can he Cirried up and down Stairs Easily4 fill xfc-r. ■ I 89, PONTMORL AIS "& PENYOARREN, I 9 I 3MCK3HTrMt"5TSai. wiwuiiii M "n I 3i£ w Hw—i—HimiIMPi"IIHI II IMH 1I>11 m"! "PI: :V.JGSGEGBBAA ♦ ♦*♦ »*♦ »*♦ ♦*♦ ♦*♦ >*♦ ♦*♦ ♦*♦ ♦% »*< »*« ♦*♦ »*♦ **+ ♦*♦ ♦*•* ♦*♦ »*♦ ♦*♦ ♦*» »*♦ V* V* *t# V V* *t* v" *?A *t* V1* ♦:♦ ♦:♦ + THE NEW DRAPERS, t v ♦ f Messrs. Bevan Br is | THE CIRCLE, TREDEGAR. 4> fi GREAT MILLINERY SHOw J | THIS WEEK, IN THREE WINDOWS. SPECIAL DISPLAY. j ♦5* Having just returned again from the Leading Markets with another show of all the ♦> LATEST NOVELTIES we ask for a visit. There has never been shown a_ larger ♦> variety of Millinery, and everything pertaining to Ladies' and Children's Wear in this Valley. We turn out the latest for the poorest or the richest at very low prices. We ask you to compare our prices, and we feel confident that you cannot do so well anywhere. y Our Representative in London is always in the market, therefore we are able to buy and sell very much Cheaper, which means money saved for you. If you have not yet v £ given us a trial make a special effort to do so, and you will go away with the determination to come again.- + X PLEASE NOTE:-Special Show of Costumes, Jackets, Lustre Coats and +;. j Children's Dresses, all of the Latest Styles, in our Showrooms. A visit this i week should interest you. y t BEVAN BROTHERS, THE CIRCLE, TREDEGAR. # # # # y^^wvvvvvvvvvvv wv ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦■♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦ TREDEGAE COTTAGE HOSPITAL Whit-Wednesday, June 2nd, 1909, Grand Picnic & Fete In the Beautiful Grounds of BEDWELLTY PARK, f NOVEL SPORTS, MARATHON RACE, FANCY DRESS CARNIVAL, AMBULANCE COMPETITIONS, &c Refreshments at Nominal Charges. i Procession at 12 o'clock. Judging at 2 o'clock. Gates open at 1 o'clock. Band in attendance. TREDEGAR HORSE SHOW& PARADE WILL BE HELD ON Monday, June 28th, 1909. ims IN PRIZES. TROTTING AND GALLOWAY RACES. AMBULANCE AND TIMBERING COMPETITIONS. Schedules and Particulars from Secretaries :— J. DAVIKS, Coronation Villa. A. H. HICKS, Castle-street. Aberaman Horse Show MAY 24th, 1909. EIGHTH ANNUAL EXHIBITION At the Aberaman Park. FBESIDKMT DR. FINNEY. £ 200 in Cash Prizes. CIMMS for Driving, Riding, Jumping, Trotting, evening, and Yeomanry Turn-out. SCHEDULES READY. BEES, Secretary, Broad Oak, Aberaman. FRANK JELLEYMAN, TUNING AL- EXPERT. The Arcade, MERTHYR. THE ART UNION OF LONDON. 112, Strand, W.C. EVJERY SubscriWr. of One Guinea becomes enfcHled to an impiessfjja on' Jndia Paper of'a CHARMING ETCHING or to select from anions the naanv fine Engravings and Etchings previously issued by ths" Society, and also to the chance oi A PRIZE IN THE ANNUAL DRAWING, j For full particulars apply to the local agent, ISAAC WILKS, 14, Glebeland-street, Mertbyr. ——— < SERVANTS can easily be obtained by the use of a small Want Ad. in theae columns. State your requirements, and you will b scot oult"O « Spiritualist Council of Wales opened permanently at TREVETHICK HALL, MERTHYR, SUNDAY NEXT, MAY 9th, 1909, Afternoon 3 and Evening 6.30. Mr. ESSARY AND CLAIRVOYANT. MONDAY, AT 8 O'CLOCK, TREVETHICK HALL, Clairvoyance. "1 Too Late for Classification^ SERVANTS WANTED. ENERAL Servant wanted referain -Apply, Mrs. GENERAL Servant wanted referances.—Apply, Mrs, G J. M. Edwards. 2. Ovcrton-street, Dowlais. M 22


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