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MERTHYR POLICE COURT. TUESDAY.—Before Sir T. Marchant Williams ] (Stipendiary), Dr. H. L. Hughes, Mr. Dd. Pros- r and Mr. J. Jones. TRANSFER.—On the application of Mr. F. p, Charles, the licence of the Royal Arms Inn, Pant, was temporarily transferred to Miss Da- vies. daughter of the late licensee.—The Stipen- diary said he did not agree with the granting of licences to single women, and the question would ba considered at the hcensmg sessions. —Mr. Charles: Perhaps you won't be here, sir (laughter). I mean, of course, that perhaps you will be at the National Eisteddfod (renewed laughter). THE DRDCKE-RS.—John Jenkins, who appeared wearing a choice rose in his coat, was fined 5a. and costs for being drunk in HÏ[{h-street, Mer- thyr, on Saturday night.—Edward James and Dd. Meyrick were fined 10s. and costs each for being drunk in the Merthyr railway station, on Monday. They had been refused tickets to Abernant, and quarrelled with a porter.— Phillip Collins was fined 10s. and costs for being drunk and singing at Aberfan. Defendant: I believe the officer told the truth, but I am no singer, sir. A FOOLISH MAN.—John Havard Williams, of Dowlais, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly at Pant-road, on Saturday after- noon. and for assaulting Eliza Evans and Rose Jones.—P.S. R. Jones said the women com- plained that the defendant assaulted them. He accosted Williams, who said he would have kill- ed the women if he (the officer) had not come upon the scene.—Defendant: I was drunk, 1 and they tormented me. They pulled me off the seat and scratched my face.—Mrs. Evans said that Williams threatened that he would "have the rope" for her.—For being drunk defendant was fined 10s. and costs; also 20s. and costs for assaulting Eliza Evans and 40s. and costs for the assault upon Rose Jones, or a month's im- prisonment. ABOUT DOG COLLARS.—Several persons were summoned for allowing their dogs to be at large without collars.—In some cases the police offi- cers admitted that t.hey set a watch upon the dogs to see where thoy lived.—One man from Aberfan said his pup was only five months old -Stipendiary: "You should buy a five months collar.—Defendant: Perhaps I should have had a collar before he was born (laughter).—An- other pleaded that the dog had a bad neck, while another said that the dog ran out for fresh air after having a bath. Too LATE TO SHAVE.—Davis Melinoff, hair- dresser, Church-road, Dowlais, was summoned by Inspector Lamb for keeping open his shop after 8 o'clock, viz., at 8.45 on the previous Tuesday, in contravention of the Closing Or- der. Defendant said that three customers came into the shop before eight, the one the In- spector saw being shaved, arriving a.t ten min- uoes^to eight. He had two "shaves and hair cuts before the man whom the Inspector saw was shaved, but the door was locked at eight Stipendiary said he could not ciedit this story, and told defendant to pay 5s. EXPEXSIVE JOKES.—-Several boys living at Aberfan were summoned by P.S. Howells for ringing door bells of people's houses, and run- ning away, on Sunday night. The Stipendiary inflicted a fine of 20s. and costs in each case, and said the money must be paid at once, or the defendants must go to prison for a. month. DISMISSED.—Thomas Brown, landlord of the Mason s Arms, Troedyrhiw. was summoned for permitting drunkenness on his premises on 5th April.—Mr. Canton, solicitor, was for the defence.-P.S.. J. Jones said he saw Mrs. Ni- cholas drunk in the house.—The defence was that the police were invited to the house to eject the woman, and the case was dismissed. "JusT LIKE THE CHANCELLOR."—Mary Griffin and Catherine Lane were summoned for usinu indecent language towards Ellen Griffin.—The complainant told the Bench a long story with lightning rapidity.—This caused the Stipendiary to remark: She is just like the Chancellor of the Exchequer. We had better adjourn for half hour (laughter). What do you complain of?—Complainant: Let me tell you (loud laughter).-—The case was dismissed. Mary O'Connell was summoned by Mary Coherne and Mary Powell, living at High-street, Penydarren, for assault.—Mr. F. P. Charles appeared for the complainant.—These women also gave a demonstration of the art of talking, the defendant creating roars of laughter by interpolations.—Defendant was fined 10s. and costs in each case, and was bound over to keep the peace for six months. MAN AND WIFE.—Richard McKay was sum- moned for being guilty of persistent cruelty to his wife, Mary Ann McKay, who applied for a maintenance order.—The parties had been married about six years (the second marriage) and the wife said she had been obliged to leave her husband.—An order for 7s. 6d. a week was made. A VISITOR'S ILL-LUCK.—Margaret Lewis was charged with stealing a, purse and 5s., the pro- perty of Albert Davies, haulier, of Cwmbach. —Complainant said that on the 1st of April he came to Merthyr, and went with the woman to a public house and had a drink. They went to the canal bank, and later he missed his purse and money.—The Stipendiary said the woman was one of the sharks of Merthyr, and sent her to prison for four months. TRESPASS.—John Morgan was summoned for trespassing on land in the occupation of Ed- ward Edwards, at Treharris, and doing 3s. worth of damage.—Mr. W. R. Edmunds ap- peared to prosecute, and said these proceedings were taken to prevent ether people from going upon the land and doing damage. Defendant had a dog, and was on the land on a Sunday. —A fine of 10a. and costs was imposed.


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