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STOUTTTHIN. Which personality commands Success, admiration and popularity. By H. de W. MARRIOTT. By stoutness I do not mean fatness, but I merely a well-covered frame, and I here con- tend that it is the persons who have their bones well clothed with healthy fleih and muscle, and the angles of their body well rounded off, who inspire confidence and admiration, and possess personal magnetism, health, and disease-resist- ing power. In the commercial world, for instance, it is the well-set-up man who smiles when you talk to him, who obtains orders and good positions, where the thin, cadaverous, unhappy-looking individual fails, a.nd yet nobody can explain why. Again, in social circles, a woman with a nicely-rounded figure is necessarily healthy and contented, and obtains a much larger meed of popularity and admiration than the thin, bony, angular, nervous woman. Have you ever stopped to think who occupy the high positions? Surely the healthy and happy-looking ones; you do not often sea the man of 12 stone or over a clerk—he has too commanding a presence; he is usualiy a man ager. or has his own business; and the man weighing 8 or 9 stone is rarely a leader. Of course, it does not follow that the thin person lacks brains or energy, but it does mean that there is something instinctive in men or women that forces them to look up to, and respect size, weight, health, and personal comeliness, especially in women. The person who is thin may have quite as charming a disposition as the well-formed one, but in nearly every case the former worries over the least (liing. and is constantly nervous and ailing, while the latter is healthy, contented, and universally popular. It is re- markable what a differenoe a gain of even a few pounds will make in a person's appearance it may mean the disappearance of wrinkles, hollow cheeks and neck, and the return of youth and freshness, together with a sounder and stronger constitution. For thousands of years scientists have sought to bring about the millennium of perpetual youth, and we are none the nearer to it, but science has at least perfected a tablet which en- sures, if not perpetual youth, a very prolonged period of that precious time. This remarkable preparation is called Dr. CasselPs Tablets, and they are strongly recommended by many emin- ent personages, including Dr. Ramsay Colles, J.P., LL.D.. of London; Dr. Forshaw. D.Sc., of Bradford; and Ladv Charlotte Briggs, of London. Dr. Cassell's Tablet,. contain no harm- ful ingTedient, but are composed of just what is necessary to restore worn-out tissue, and effect a thorough renovation of the body's constitu- ents. The most extraordinary features of this great remedy are, that in addition to enabling the nutrient prop^rtie*? of the food taken to be thoroughly assimilated (herein lying the secret of pleasant and permanent increase of flesh and strength), Dr. Cassell's Tablets also actually in- duce an absorption of superfluous fat. convert- ing it into healthy flesh, blood, bone, and muscle, with the accompanying blessings of good digestion, vigorous nerves, and healthy stomach, kidneys, and liver. As an absolutely reliable remedy for loss of flesh, nervous pros- tration, bodily weakness, paralysis of the nerves, liver and kidnev troubles, heart weak- ness, nerve pains. anaemia and debility stomach weakness, and all diseases arising from nervo and physical exhaustion, Dr. Cassell's Tablets stand alone. They can be obtained for 10,1d" Is. Hd, and 2s. 9d. of all chemists; and doctor;, scientists and the public generally are unani- mo us in declaring them the mogt iggj&rkablc L

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