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-n_ Merthyr Public Works Committee PROPOSAL TO CLOSE WHEATSIIEAF LANK A meeting of the Public Works Committee of the Merthyr Corporation was held en Tues- day night, Aid.. Rowland Evans presiding. A sub-committee reported having considered the claim of Mr. John Roberts, Aberfan, for damage done to his property by the storm in October last, and recommended that the Town Clerk deny liability.—It was stated that battens 1 were placed against the Council's culvert, which caused the water to overflow.—The matter was again referred to Committee. A sub-committee reported having considered 11 letter from the Local Government Board re the application of the Council for sanction to borrow £650 for the erection of four shops in connection with the Pontmorlais improvement. The letter stated that the Council had no statutory authority to erect shops.—The com- mittee recommended, therefore, that this part of the improvement scheme be abandoned, and this was agreed to. Another sub-committee reported having con- sidered letters from the Brecon County C-ouncj], Vaynor Council, and the Traction Company with regard to their contributions towards the new CeUi Bridge, and recommended that the Town Clerk take the necessary steps to expe- dite the worl.- This was agreed to. The Committee discussed the proposal to pay a ground rent of £10 a year for a piece of land necessary to make Gellifaelog Bridge safe, and culvert both sides of the brook at a cost of about £ 1,000.—Coun. Isaac Ed.vards said that if the Council did not take over this land now, and carry out these improvements they would have to go to great cost later on in the rebuild- ing of the bridge. They would also improve the land on Gellifaelog House side, and there would be a space available for tipping.—Dr. Duncan, M.O.H., said he objected to tipping there.—Aid. Ivor Abraham pointed out that the tipping was now done in High-street, Peny- darren. There was only a row of houses between High-street, and the tip, and in summer to re- main in the High-street was almost unbearable. —Dr. Duncan agreed that to tip on the Celli- faelog site would be far better than the present Penydarren site.—Coun. Isaac Edwards said he was under the impression that the doctor said there would be no objection to tipping at Gelli- faelog for eight months in the year, but Dr. Duncan said he absolutely denied saying it. Somebody else must have told Mr. Edwards.— It was agreed to pay £10 a year for the ground. The tender of Messrs. Morgan Bros., outfit- ters, High-street for supplying the caretaker's uniform and cap, at B5 3s., was accepted. Mr. W. R. Harris, clerk to the Farms Man- agement Committee, wrote stating that the Committee could not take over and dispose of the sewage of Nelson Village, in consequence of the present discharge upon the farms. The Town Clerk asked for instructions as to the closing of Wheatsheaf-lane, Glebeland- street. He explained that the matter would have to pass the Council, the Surveyor would then have to be given certain instructions, and two magistrates would have to sign the order. When this was last referred to in July, 1907, there was a dearth of local magistrates, and two could not be found to sign the order.— Coun. Dan Thomas said the Council would also have to go to Quarter Sessions. He was pre- pared to oppose the order in Quarter Sessions, as the Council had not received a request to close the lane.—Coun. H. M. Lloyd said this was a filthy, dirty hole, and a den of immorality. He moved that steps be taken to close the lane. —Aid. J. M. Berry seconded, and remarked that the lane had been a great nuisance for many years. The Council had been asked to close the lane for many years, on account of the im- morality that went on there; they heard cases in the police court almost every week. He did not think there would be any difficulty now in getting two magistrates to sign the re- quest. — The motion was carried, Coun. Dan Thomas being the only one to vote against. A letter was read from the masons in the em- ploy of the Council, asking to be paid 8d" instead of 8d. an hour.—Aid. T. J. Evans mov- ed that the application be granted.—Covin. Dan Thomas said the men had regular employment all the year, whereas private employers, who paid 8d., stopped their men when work was slack.—Aid. Evans said he would agree to the Council doing the same if they paid 8gd. an hour.—Applications for increase in wages were also received from the Merthyr and Dowlais storekeepers, and were laid upon the table. The Surveyor submitted the following table showing the rate of wages paid by the authori- ties mentioned:—Sweepers:—Merthyr: Num- ber engaged, 31; rate of pay, 3s. 6d. a day; Cardiff: 3s. 8d. Swansea, 4s. to 4s 3d. New- port, 5-jd. per hour; Rhoncfda. 25s. per week; Aberdare, 4s. 2d. per day: Pontypridd, 4s. 4d.; Mountain Ash, 4s.; Barry, 4s. 6d.; Lla-nelly, 3s. 4d. to 48.; Caerphilly, 4s. per day. Ma- sons: Merthyr, number engaged, 19; rate of pay, 8d. per hour; Cardiff, 9d.; Swansea, 3^1. Newport, 8jd. Rhondda, 8d. Aberdare, 9d. Pontypridd, 8¥:I.; Mountain Ash, 4s. 6d. and 65. per day; Barry, 9d. per hour; Llanelly, 8jd. Caerphilly, contract. Storekeepers Merthyr, one at 5s. a day; one at 4s. 6d. two at 8d. per hour; Cardiff, chief, 60s. assistants, 30s. Swansea, 28s. per week Rhondda, 32s. 6d. to 35s. Pontypridd, 4s. 2d. per day Moun- tain Ash, 30s. per week; Barry, 40s. Llanelly, 3s. 9d. per day.-It was agreed that no ad- vances be made. Coun. F. S. Simons, referring to the widening of railway bridges, said a case had just been decided in the House of Lords, and he asked the Town Clerk to look up the matter and re- port as to the liability of the G.W.R. Com- pany to widen the bridge at Treharris.—This was agreed to.

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