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Merthyr Police Assault-at-Arms.


|A Death Paid Penalty.

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----Dowiais SYian Falls from…

---'----Cefn Child's Fatal…


The Ratepayers' Meeting.

---------..--. Vaynor Easter…


-------.-Re-opening of Zion…

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.— Whit-Monday at Abergavenny.

Miners and the Eight Hours…

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■<>• The Glamorgan Water Bill.


Political Meeting at Abercynon.


Political Meeting at Abercynon. THE BUDGET AND DISESTABLISHMENT. SPEECHES BY SIR ALFRED THOMAS, M.P., AND MR. W. JONES. M.P. On Friday evening a meeting was held at Bethania Chapel, the sacred edifice being taxed to its utmost capacity. Among those present were Sir Alfred Thomas, M.P., Mr. W. Jones, M.P., Mr. Edwards Whitchurch, Coun. T. W. Jones, Mr. Wm. Fenwick, Aid. Dd. Prosser, J.P trreharris), Rev. W R. Jones (Treharris), Rev. W. R. Jones (Penrhiwceiber), Rev. M. Jenkins, Rev. T. Williams, Rev, J. R. Hughes, Rev. W. T. Jones, Rev. W. Jones, Rev. B. Morgan, Rev. Benj. Howells, Rev. J. Form- stone, Rev. Rica Owen. The chair was taken by Sir Alfred Thomas, M.P., who said he was pleased to be present. He referred to the Budget, which was the twen- ty-fourth that be had heard introduced, and he had no hesitation in saying that it was the boldest. About 160 millions were spent, in drink, and upwards of 100 million in horse rac- ing and gambling. This country was rich. The brain and brawn made the wealth of the coun- try. He referred to the unemployed and then dwelt upon disestablishment of the Church, which, he said, was a religious question. They were called spoilers, robbers and thieves by the opposition. He hoped that all present would as- sist the Government in getting the measure through, and that it would be a great blessing for the Church in Wales to have the same free- dom as the Nonconformist to do all the good they could to upraise humanity. Mr. Wm. Jones, M.P., upon rising to address the meeting, met with a cordial reception. He spoke of the amended Compensation Act, and also said that during the last session they car- ried through 71 measures in spite of the House of Lords. Ho then spoke upon old age pen- sions, and remarked that they were only at the beginning of the book. They had waited a long while for Mr. Chamberlain's old age pen- sion. About 600,000 people were receiving 5s. per week as pensions, and the time was near at hand when paupers over 70 years would also receive the same. The whole support of the de- mocracy was required to assist the Government. He believed in self-government all round. The following resolution was proposed by Coun. T. W. Jones, and seconded by the Rev. J. R. Hughes, "That this meeting desires to express its gratification with the many measures of social reforms which the Government has passed into law, including the extension of the Workmen's Compensation Act, the Trades Dis- putes Act, the Merchant Shipping, the Small Holdings, and the Old Age Pension Acts; also the Act to Shorten the hours of labour in mines, and particularly rejoices at the present moment in the introduction of the Bill for the Disestab- lishment of the English Church in Wales, and desires to express the earnest hope that this long-delayed measure of justice to the Welsh nation will be passed through Parliament during the present session. Further we hail with de- light the introduction of the Budget by the Riprht Hon. D. Lloyd George, and note with satisfaction the determination of the Govern- ment to place the burdens on the shoulders of those best able to bear them by the taxation of land and mineral values, motor cars, and pe- trolK the. readjustment of the income tax and estate and leg-acv duties, higher license duties, and the placing of a. duty in the form of a poundage on the supply of all liquors sold in clubs, and regarding this Budget as a measure of real democratic, reforms, we pledge ourselves to render every possible help to secure the pass- ing of the same into law." The resolution was carried. Sir Alfred Thomas, M.P., and Mr. William Jones, M.P., were thanked for their presence and addresses, and the resolution also expressed heary appreciation of their services to Wales.

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