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Merthyr Police Assault-at-Arms.


|A Death Paid Penalty.

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----Dowiais SYian Falls from…

---'----Cefn Child's Fatal…


The Ratepayers' Meeting.

---------..--. Vaynor Easter…


-------.-Re-opening of Zion…

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TROEDYRHBW. I Ye Housemaids and Wives, why bother your lives In rubbing your tables and chairs? Your strength do not waste, use EAGLET'S "Y GOREU" paste, Snch labour and worry it spares. By rubbing all day, no wonder you say Your bodies aro reeking with pain; Now take the advice we give without price— Don't rub without Baglcy's "Y Gorûu" again. LLOYDS BANK.—A branch office of this old- established Bank will be opened on Monday next, the 10th instant, at Bridge-street. The hours of business wiil be from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays. M29 CHAMBEK OF TRADE.—The monthly meeting of this Chamber was held on Tuesday evening, at Morgan's room. In the absence of the secre- tary (Mr. Wm. Adams), who has for some time been la,id up, his duties were discharged by Mr. G. Brynmor Jones. A letter was received from the Secretary, resigning his position owing to his failing health. This, however, was not accepted, but a vote of sympathy was extended to Mr. Adams with the best of wishes from the Chamber for a speedy recovery. Mr. <1. A. Daniel, one of the delegates appointed to at- tend the meeting re the fusion of the Taft Vale Railway, gave his report. Correspond- ence was received and read from the secretary of the Federated Chambers, asking the Troedy- rhiw Chamber to appoint delegates to attend the annual meeting to be held at Penarth on May 12th. It was decided that the president (Mr. Cornelius Pryce) and the deputy secretary should attend. Correspondence were also read from Mr. T. Aneuryn Rees, Town Clerk, asking the Chamber to appoint representatives on the committee to consider the Patent Act. Mr. Cornelius Pryce and Mr. J D. Jones were ap- pointed as delegates. It was decided to have an outing during the summer, the name of place and date to be settled at the next monthly meeting. CAKTATA.— On Thursday last a cantata was performed by the Saron Juvenile Choir, entitled "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." On rais- ing the curtain, the children marched on the stage, it being a festival on the occasion of "Snow White's" sixteenth birthday. Fortu- nately, or otherwise, "Snow ,hitp. becomes a beauty in the land, and the "Queen' hears that she is the most beautiful creature in the world. This statement rather startles her, and to attain her ambition to be the prettiest woman, as well as "Queen," siie decides to send "Snow W hite" into the wood with the huntsman, instructing the latter to kill the princess. She persuades the huntsman to spare her life. and he agrees to do so. She wanders into the forest, and takes charge of the "dwa.fs," but the "Queen," hear- ing that she is still alive, makes several at- ( tempts to kill her. Eventually she is success- ful, and her success gratifies her ambition to be without a rival. The cantata is founded upon Grimm's "Fairy Tale.' It was very prettily performed throughout. Characters sus- tained bv the following:—"Princess Snow White," Miss A. M. Powell, Merthyr (soprano); "Queen," Miss Sarah Jones (contralto) "Prince," Mr. Dan Davies (tenor); "Carl," Mr. William Jones (bass). Speaking parts were taken by the following: "Arburtus," Master Dannie Davies; "Max," Master B. Jones; "Hans," Master E. H. Williams; "Violet, Miss Edith Davies; "Daffodil," Miss Bessie Rawlings. Assistance was rendered the choir, and all did their work in an excellent manner. Mr. David Richards and Mr. W. Pritchard Gou-h were the pianist and organist respectively, and there was also an orchestra. The conductor was Mr. John Lloyd, A.C.. to whom credit is due for such a. successful per- formance.




.— Whit-Monday at Abergavenny.

Miners and the Eight Hours…

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■<>• The Glamorgan Water Bill.


Political Meeting at Abercynon.

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vSlipped on Banana PeeJ.