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Merthyr Police Assault-at-Arms.


|A Death Paid Penalty.

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----Dowiais SYian Falls from…

---'----Cefn Child's Fatal…


The Ratepayers' Meeting.

---------..--. Vaynor Easter…


Vaynor Easter Vestry. MINUTE BOOK FOUND. WHERE'S THE BANK PASS-BOOK? AUDITOR'S DILEMMA. I Tha adjourned vestrv meeting was held at Vaynor Church on Thursday night, the Rector (Rev. J. Davies) presiding. The first meet held a fortnight previously had to be ad- journed because the minute book could not be found. The Rector, on Thursday, said he was pleas- ed he had found the minute book, which he had mislaid, and he would be pleased to hand it over to the clerk of the vestry.—For a time no one consented to act as clerk of the vestry. —Mr. T. Williams, who was clerk last year, and to whom the minute book was handed for him to read the minutes of last year's meeting, declined to continue in office.—The name of Mr. S. Harris was proposed, but that gentleman, however declined to act because the Rector had not signed the minutes of the 1907 meeting, and he thought tliat a reflection upon the clerk for that year. — The Rector said he had not the least objection to sign the minutes. They were not signed because a dispute had arisen as to the appointment of sexton. He (the Rector) held that he had the right of appointment, but others that the vestry should appoint. This was a matter which could be looked into. and he, therefore, wusted that things would go on smoothly, and ail differences of t.he past would bo buried. — Mr. Harris agreed to act as clerk, and on the motion of Mr. Greatorex, who said he did not think the Rector had the slightest intention of slighting anyone, it was agreed that the minutes remain unsigned.—The Rector said he hoped Mr. Harris would forget anything that had happened in the pa-st: he had no inten- tion of slighting anybody. He thanked him tOT" accepting the position. Sir. Thcmag Evans read the church balance sheet for the past" -year. The collections amounted to £26 12s. 2d., and the expenditure to £23 6s. 8d. There should, he said, be a balance of £5 12s. 9d. in the bank, but he had not yet seen the bank book. — Mr. Musgrove: got the bank book?—^Mr. GreatOrex said he had audited the accounts, and ho congratu- lated the churchwarden upon the very satisfac- tory manner in which tho books -were kept. "But I have not seen the bank book," ho con- tinued. "I have asked the Rector where it is, and h'3 1 says he doesn't know, unless it is in the bank. I think before I can certify the accounts as being correct., it is necessary that T shoukl have to the pass book. I have hare the cheque book and I find here two blank counterfoils, and I want to know, as auditor, what has become of the cheques. I do not impute that there is anything wrong, but, as auditor, I should ascertain why they are mis- sing without an entry upon th-e counterfoils.—^ M'r. Thomas Evans aid that on one occasion he had to take tho cheque book to Cefn, and he signed three blank cheques for church pin-- poses. Those who filled in the cheques, per- naps, forgot to fill in the counterfoils, but the bank pass book would show the amounts drawn if the cheques had been used.—The Rector said it was impossible for anything to be wrong, because a cheque had to bo signed by the churchwardens and himself. It must have been done in a burry. "But when we find the bank book, it will explain matters," he added. —Mr. Bowen (Lloyd's Bank) s&id he did not agree as a bank official that the matter should be made light of. It wM the duty of those responsible to see and examine the pass book, when cheques were missing, as in this case. He could not say whether the book was in the bank or not,—-Mr. Evans said he had often paid money out of his own pocket, and squared up at the end. The balance sheet was adopted, the Rector purposing a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Grea- for the trouble he had gone to in audit- ID Mr. T. Evans presented a. report of the work rillll0 ia connection with the Church Waifs and Strnys" Society, which showed a very satisfac- tory condition of affairs. Mr. T. Morgan. Cefn, introduced the subject of feoa for digging and opening graves, he alleging- that the rates charged at Vaynor were higher than anywhere else in the parish.—After a somewhat lengthy discussion, it was decided to adhere to tho scale laad. down in last year's vestry. The following appointments were made :— Vaynor: Wardens — People's, Mr. Thorrxvs Evans, Llwyncu (re-appointed); Rector's, Mr. William Williams, Pengellifawr. re-appointed. Sidesmen: Messrs. M. Evans, Pengvlhfach; E. Jones, Pontsticill; David Davies, and Rees Evans.


-------.-Re-opening of Zion…

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.— Whit-Monday at Abergavenny.

Miners and the Eight Hours…

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■<>• The Glamorgan Water Bill.


Political Meeting at Abercynon.

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vSlipped on Banana PeeJ.