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THE SEWERAGE OF CEFN VILLAGE. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD INQUIRY. TEN THOUSAND POUNDS TO BE SPENT. On Wednesday morning. Mr. Shelford Bid- weli, C.E., one of the inspectors of the Local Government Board, held an inquiry at the Cefn Police Station into the subject matter of the application of the Vaynor and Penderyn Rural District Council for sanction to borrow £10,300 for carrying out a scheme for the sewerage of Cefn. This was the fourth inquiry. Mr. F. T. James (clerk to the Council) was present, and was supported by Mr. John Rogers (chairman of the Council), Mr. R. C. Jenkins (surveyor), Mr. Joseph Price, Mr. T. Greatorex, and the Rev. J. H- Davies (members of the Council), Mr. W. Harris (clerk), Mr. Tal Griffiths, and Mr. Harry Evans, on behalf of the Parish Council; and Mr. Roger Vaughan, Mr. James Davies, and Mr. D. J. Gould attended, armed with a resolution passed at a public meeting in favour of the scheme. The Inspector: Is there any opposition ?— Mr. James: I am not aware of any. I was not asked to be present at the public meeting, but I am informed that the resolution passed in favour of the scheme will be submitted to you. Rev. J. H. Davies: And the Parish Council have passed a resolution in favour of the schem°. A UNIQUE INQUIRY. Mr. F. T. James, in opening the case, said this was a somewhat unique inquiry, because the question of the drainage of Cefn had baen under consideration since 1905. At the last meeting, he was asked by the Council to con- vey a strong expression of their opinion that tho in carrying out the schema had al- most amounted to a scandal.—-The Inspector: By whom has the delay been caused?—Mr. James: The Council consider the Local Govern- ment Board by their action.—The Inspector JSecause they did not approve of the first scheme? The Clerk said he would go over the ground. In 1903 tne Vaynor Council determined to sewjr the village of Cefn, and instructed their Surveyor (Mr. R. C Jenkins) to prepare plans. The Surveyor thought the best site would be at the southern end of the parish, but the own- ers, Messrs. Crawshay Bros., considered this too close to their works, and the price asked for the land was considered far too expensive, Then the Council opened negotiations with Messrs. Crawshay Bros. for land at Cefn Isaf. They were not able to come to terms. liowerer; Messrs. Crawshay Bros, practically refusing th's. I' ground, and the Council proceeded by way of e. provisional order. An inquiry was held in January, 1803, and trial holes were sunk. The Local Government Board Inspector, Col. ford, reported favourably upon the site, and provisional order was issued. The Council ) served notice to treat; the agreement for thfl purchase of the land was sealed on May 3rd. 1907. The Inspector: You took four years nego tiating/—The Clerk: Yes. — The Inspecioi': That is not the fault of the Local Government Board. The Clerk said that the Surveyor pre- pared plana of tanks to be constructed upon this land at an estimated cost of £ 7,758. It was hardly fair to say that the Council delayed the matter, for having obtained the provisional order, ho advised the Council that they could tako possession at any time. In 1906 plans were submitted to the Local Government Board, an inquiry was held in February, and the result of that was that the site and plans were approved of subject to certain alterations and the provision of a storm water filter. Some correspondence took |)laee, an amended scheme was submitted carrying out tha recommenda- tions of the Inspector. and an application was mado to borrow £9,000. Another inquiry was held by Mr. Fawcett, who strongly recommend- ed the Council to employ a firm of engineers to report upon the scheme. Messrs. Wilkins and Raikes, of Birmingham, were employed, and they reported against the system adopted by Mr. Jenkins, with the result that they were in- structed to prepare plans of new sswage dis. posal works, and those plans, together with those of Mr. Jenkins, were submitted to the Local Government Board, and Mr. Raikes was present that day to explain thom. The esti- mate was £ 7,000, and _Mr. Jenkins's estimate of sewers, etc., was £ 3,300 6s. 10d., so that the total amount asked for was £ 10,300. The total amount asked for was £10.300. The amount was considered by the. District Coun- cil, and by the inhabitants of Cefn, to be a very large sum, so the Council therefore urged the Local Government Board, if they approved of this scheme, to extend the loan over a perk><? • of 50 or 60 years. Mr. James then said tlJAt: the parish comprised 19,362 acres, contained ■ 1,160 houses, and tha estimated population wac 5,235. There had been an increase of 650 in j ten years. The area proposed to be 5ewe»»d } was 144 acres, contamIng- 738 bousss, and a population of 3,365. The rateable value of I parish of Vaynor was £ 9,381, the assessable J value was £8_630 58.. and the rates for twelve months ended 30th March came to 7s. 6d. in I the je. A penny rate produced about £38. There was no outstanding debt on the parish j of Vayncr. In conclusion, Mr. James said that the Medical Officer (Dr. Webster) was away, but at the la;?t inquiry he said that tho works were absolutely necessary for the health of the inhabitants. j A TILT AT THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT 1 BOARD. Mr. John Rogers, chairman of the Council, said it was a notorious fact that tho health'of the people of Cefn had suffered to a. very great extent on account of there being no system of sewage disposal. The Medical Offioar had com- plained for years, and of late epidemics of typhoid fever, scarlet fever, and other diseases had been prevalent to an enormous extent. Of late, 28 cases of typhoid fever had been admit- ted to the Merthyr Isolation Hospital at a charge to the Vaynor Council of :£265 9s. The Council felt very keenly the delay that had taken place from 1903, and they trusted some- thing would be done promptly, as the delay was a great shame. "It is a. perfect ocanda' added Mr. Rogers, with emphasis. "Our desire is to see this loan sanctioned, and the work proceeded with as soon as possible. The Local Government Board, in the first instance, ap- proved of the scheme prepared by the Sur- veyor" (applause). The Inspector said there must be no demon- stration like that. He would hear evidence for and against. Mr. Rogers said the cost of that scheme was estimated "to be £7,758, with the exception of a few minor details. That scheme wa* similar in every respect to the scheme adopted in the ad- joining jmrish of Penderyn, which had answer- ed the purpose remarkably well. and a similar scheme was adopted at Pontardawe, "and we say, whv on earth can the Board not arove of a similar scheme for Cefn?" (applause). If ths first scheme had been carried out, with the minor detaiH sugested, all this woufd have been done years and years ago, but the Local been done years and years ago, but the Local Government Board subsequently raised an ob- jection." The speaker referred to the rohemes which had been prepared. Mr. Raikes described the scheme, as explain- ed bv Mr James, and said he had allowed for a. population of 4,000.—In reply to Mr. Harry Evans, he said no one but a prophet coufd say what the increase of population was likely to be in the future.—Mr. D. W. Slocombe asked the expert whether he considered the ground rotten for this purpose, and Mr. Raikea replIeù. in the negative. POLLUTING THE TAFF. Mr. R C Jenkins also gave evidence. He said that 142 closets were connected with cess pit.; Twenty discharged direct mt.o the river Taff about which complaints had been receiv- ed from the County Council for years, and 91 closets discharged on land for irrigation. The slops of 294 houses were thrown mto the street channels, and went into the xiver Tail; the nlops of 45 houses went into cesspits, and of.;99 houses went on land for irrigation. Mr. Jenkins, after his evidence in chief, said in reply to a questIOn by Mr. James Davies that no additional expend would be mcuired in providing water flushing Purposes afer the sewerage works had ^en completed.-In reply to a question by Mr. M. Owen, Mr. Jenkins said that the sewerage works would be in no tot interfered by the conduc- tion of the Cefn Bridge. A statement made by AfrOwento theeffec that the public meeting held m the^ Drill Hall on Friday night was very divided on the ques- tion of connecting the CVn sewers mth tho.^ o £ Merthvr was hosfcly resented by the Rev..). Hathren Davies, who said °\ public meeting was unanimous in favour ot the KXSme.-Th» ■-v., ^firmed by | Mr Rocer Vauglian and Mi. Jame* Da^iea, two members of the deputation appointed by the meeting to appear at the inquiry. Mr. Henry Evans also appeared on behalf! of l !Rt _1. special meeting of the Council held on Mon- day, it was decided to support the Council's i-chenie. Tho Commissioner, in answer to appeals that the scheme should be subjected to no further delay, said he was going to deal with tho matter at once, and his report should bo in the hands of the President of the Local Government Board not later than Friday night. At the close of the inquiry, Mr. John Rogers, on behalf of the Vaynor and Penderyn District Council, warmly thanked the Commissioner for the careful and patient way in which he had conducted the inquiry.

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