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Whit-Monday at Abergavenny.




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Sunday Evening Concerts.



--=- _-=. _-7--=-=- :=.=- Aberdare School of Commerce. ANNUAL DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. In connection with the Aberdare School of Commerce. Civil Service, and Corresponding College, the annual tea was held on Thursday last at the. Memorial Hall. The tables were pres cled over by the following ladies:—Mrs. Watkins, Miss Leek. Mrs. Lewis, Miss' E. Lewis, Mrs. Pugh, Miss S. J. Pugh, Mrs. James, Miss Florence Allen, Mrs. M. A. Tho- nias, nd Mrs. Bailey. iJjJLii entrtainment was held in the evening, over which Mr. J. Pugh presided. Mrs. T. L. Davies. Cwmaman, awarded the certificates and prizes to the sue ces;fu] candidates at the recent examinations in connection with the ,drool. Appended is a list of the recipients-Short- hand (speed): 1. Mr. Evan Walters (160 worch); 2. Mr. Arthur Charles (140 words); prize, Mr. D. Badham (130 words); prize. Air. II. Jenkins (110 words) prize, Mr. Ivor James Thomas, Abaraman (70 words). Theory: Messrs. \V. Morris, Ivor J. Thomas, and Master R. D. George, Aberaman. Elementary Master Myr- ddin Evans. Brry; Master Godfrey Francis, Trecynon; Master Oliver Williams, Aberaman; Messrs. W. Morris, J. Phillips, and C. J. Harris. Aberaman; W. Wigley, Trecynon; T. J. Morgan, Cwmbaeh; and May Morgan, Trecynon.TYP2-wtitin: Intermediate: Mr. T. Davies. Werfa, Abernant; Mr. R. D. George, Aberaman. Elementary: Master Em- lyn Jones, Aberdare; Master Edgar Jones. Abernant; Master Roger Thomas, Cwmaman (prize) Misses Marv Hannah Morgan and Flor- ence Allen, Aberdare; Elizabeth Goronwy, I Aberaman.—Arithmetic: Intermediate: Misses Mary H. Morgan and F. Allen, Aberdare; Mr. D. J. Jones. Llwydcoed Masters 0. William-?, Evan D. Thomas, and R. D. George, Aber- aman: Edgar Jones, Abernant. Elementary: Masters E. Jones, Aberdare; Roger Thomas, Cwmaman Jenkin Lewis, Trecynon; Thoma, Morgan, Trecynon; Miss E. Goronwy, and Master Joseph Priddle, Mountain Ash.—Book- keeping: Advanced: Mr. Roderick Williams, Cwmbach Intermediate: Ii8 E. M. Abra- ham, Aberdare, and Mr. Ivor J. Thomas, Aber- aman. Elementary: Miss E. Edwards, Aber- dare, and Mr. Thomas Davies. Werfa, Aber- nant.—Hand-writing: Masters Roger Thomas, Cwrnaman; hor- Thomas, Aberaman; Miss E. M. Abraham. Aberdare; Master E. Jones, Abernant; Mi-ses E. Goronwy, Aberdare; M. H. Morgan. Aberdare: F. Alien. Abordare; Masters Ernlyn Jones. Aberdare; O. Williams, Aberaman: E. D. Thomaj, Aberaman; Thomas Morgans, Trecynon; Myrddin Evam, Darry; Godfrey Francis, Trccynon; and Miss E. Ed- wards, Ab;rdare.—Composition Messrs. Wm. Davie-, Trocvnon; G. J. Jones, Cwmdare; Master E. D. Thomas, Aberaman Misses Mary H. Morsran and F. Allen, Aberdare; E. Gor- onwy. Aberaman.—Drawing: Masters G. Fran- cis. Trecynon, and Myrddin Evans. Barry. The Principal said tÏ1at during th las twelve months the school had mnde rapid progress, the number of student- attending the echocl being 100 cent. mor3 than last year. Branches had been opened at Merthyr and Mountain Ash with very satisfactory results. From the list of certificates and prizes awarded, it was cear that the instruction was of the lnst, and, as a r?cognised commercial, civil fervice, and scholaMc coach, this rchool headed the list, in South Wales. It was gratvying to note the progress made by mere lads in their study of shorthand. One boy, 15 ysars of age. who wa, daily occupied underground, passed an examination in .horthand at a speed of 160 words per minute. The following programme was "one through: — Pianoforte r-oio, Mr. Owens Aberdare; harp solo, Master Roger Thomas. Cwmaman, comic Mr. Clarke; recitation. Mr. Roderick Wi'iijams; rendering by the Abernant Party: roc ration, 3Tr. D. J. Davies, Ab^rcwniboi comic song, Mr. Turner; gramophone render- in". by Mr. Croaker, Aberaman. The accom- panist was Mr. I.. Owens.

Aberdare Free Library.

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Distressing Accident at AbernanU;


Trecynon Quoit Club.



-0 Cwmbach Co-Operative Society.

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A Tribute to "Reynolds."

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