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Whit-Monday at Abergavenny.



THE HORROR OF IT. Vigorous, healthy folks simply cannot imagine what a horror, what a death-in-life Indigestion really is. They speak lightly of it and say Poor Mrs. So-and-So has some trouble with her stomach." Some trouble," forsooth. Of all the ills that amict humanity none causes more misery than Indigestion. It destroys annually more lives than consumption, cancer and cholera combined. When digestion fails, life itself ebbs away, just as a steam engine stops when the coal gives out. If you cannot digest your food—as the furpace burns the coal-your heat, power, energy must run down. Continue this condition and your 4 engines will siopl Food that lies in your stomach undigested distils poisons, that first taint the blood and then are carried by that blood all through your system. This poison clogs the brain, inflames the nerves, muscles and joints and stagnates all the natural functions. Constipation, head- aches, sleeplessness, pains and wind in the stomach after eating; dizziness and other! wretched feelings, follow. Mother Seigel's Syrup cures Indigestion by toning up, streng- thening, aiding the digestive organs to do their natural work. Mrs. Ellen Chennel, 30, Merrick Square, Trinity Street, Southwark, London, on October 22nd last, wrote, saying About 15 years ago I was suffering badly from Indigestion, with all the well-known symptoms of that dreadful complaint. For months it went on, from bad to worse." It always does get worse unless you take means to check, to cure it. Mrs. Ohennell goes on to say Then I read something that led me to try Mother Seigel's Syrup, and I felt some relief almost at once after taking it. Very soon afterwards Indigestion left me and it has never since returned." Mother Seigel's Syrup is made of certain roots, barks#and leaves which exert a remarkable curative and tonic effect on the stomach, liver and bowels. That is why it so surely cures indigestion. Prepared aiso in Tabtet form as Mother SeigeS's Syrup Tablets." PJiÇL2$1- 9<f5 j



. Aberdare Licensed Victuallers…

Sunday Evening Concerts.


Aberdare Free Library.

. Aged Man Knocked Down by…

.. Aberdare and District Air…

--,-'...----Aberdare and Merihyr…


Distressing Accident at AbernanU;


Trecynon Quoit Club.



-0 Cwmbach Co-Operative Society.

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A Tribute to "Reynolds."

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