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ABERDARE VALLEY NOTES. [Br MTFTR DAB.] The Cymrodorion Aberdar are arranging for a few trips in and around the district during the coming summer. I might, in this connec- tion, suggest that a complete list of all anti- quarian objects, cairns, etc., in the parish and the adjoining ones might be made out and brought to the notice of the Royal Commission now sitting. The Commission will, in that way, be made awara of what there is in the district that should be preserved, and. if neces- sary, further exploded. The mountains on the Merthyr and Rhondda sides are rich in this respect, and should be thoroughly explored at no far distant date. I was sorry to read in the report of the Exe- cutive Committee of the Central Library last week that the call for Welsh books seems to grow less. During the last year the library has been strengthened much in that direction, and it is a great pity that more use is not made of the works, While I have no objection to readers indulging in fiction and other light reading, it is a great pity that the great Welsh classics in the Free Library are unread. I am afraid that the complaint is a very general one in Glamorgan to-day. Tha circular of tho Board of Education in reference to the staffing- of schools will appar- ently press somewhat heavily on the various Education Committees. According to the re- port of the Director of Education at Moun- tain Ash, the cost will be some £ 1,000 a year, or equivalent to a penny-farthing rate. There is no doubt smaller classes are very desirable, but the vexed question of the cost of education should come from the Imperial Exchequer, and what portion from the rates is bound to come up. as the Board of Education insist on better staffing and smaller classes, etc. I am cer- tain that the requirements of the Board of Education aro by no means extravagant, and I also believe tint monev expended on educa- tion i, money well spent, but I am bound to ad. m:t at the same time that local authorities have a perfect right to demand more from th-f> Im- perial Exchequer than they receive at pre- sent. Inclerd, I am becoming more and triors convinced tha.t the cost of education should be a National charge, and not a local one. I wa9 sorry to hear at the last meeting of the Mountain Ash Education Committee the charges made as to excessive punishment. I always strongly deprecate loose charges, such as were made on that occasion. If the chaifir- es made are correct, they should be thorough- lyinvestigated. and stern measures taken to nut a. stop to them. I am sometimes told that it is no wonder a teacher occa^ionall- lose* his temper, but a teacher is not fit for his position if he inflicts corporal olini,bn,-nt in a fcnd tem- per. and this is one of the thinsrs a gcod teach- er never d. He may. like anyone else, lose his temper, but he never inflicts corporal pun- ishment wld in a temper.

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