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This Week's Cricket Fixtures.]


This Week's Cricket Fixtures. Hill's Plymouth v Briton Ferry, at licitoti Ferry. Hill's Plymouth Seconds v. Briton Ferry, at Pen- 1 re bach. Dowlais v, Cardiff Camerous. BEDWELLTY V BAllGOED. Played at Ucdwellty on Sat,urday last. Bedwcllty was captained by the vice. Mr. W. G. Williams, and Bargoed was captained by Mr Blayton. It may be mentioned that Uedwelily were without Mr. L. Sanders (captain) and Mr. Nash, and also W. P. Jones, who has been captured by Tredegar, and is going to play lor them. Mr. Nash was also asked to play for them, but up to the present has made no his mind to play for Bedwellty. Bedwellty arc •oing strong this season, and although one or two have left the team, it is thought they will bo able to put out a better eleven this season than ever before. Scores Bedwellty. Sargoed. Kendal 10 Pascoo 0 W. Evans. 5 Jones W. G. Williams 0 Rees 17 G, Parnell 5 Cam bell 3 W. Jenkins 5 Phillip fi Edg. Thomas 3 Blayton 2 E. Walters 13 Paseoe Griffiths 0 Dyer 0 Richards v. 0 Pascoe 2 Jones 0 Paseoe 0 Thomas 0 Thomas 0 es Byes 0 Total 49.. Total Pcnydarren Lilywhites v. Cyfarthfa.—This malcti was played at Cyfarthfa. The bowling of Jos. Lewis and Griff Evans, for Penydarren, was very good, as alBo was the fielding of both teams. Scores l'enydarren W. 1). Jones, b L. Phillips, 0, Tom Hayes, b L. Phillips, 4, Charles Tucker, b S. Grif- fiths, 5; Griff Evans, c Protheroe, b S. Griffiths, 6- D. T. Evans, not out, 3, M. Griffiths, not out, jo! total (for four wickets), 18. Cyfarthfa. S. Griffiths, b J. Lewis, 0: R. Davies (capt.), b Evans, 3; G. Protheroe, c Tucker, b Lewis, 4; Rev. Jones, c G. Griffiths, b Evans, 0; Jack Morgan, c M. Griffiths, b Evans, 1; Tom Thomas, c M. Grif- fiths, b Evans, l; Tom Thomas, c M. Griffiths, b Evans, 0; T. Pritchrrd, b Lewis, 1; Lewis Phil- lips, b Evans. 2; W. Jones, c D. Edmunds, b Evans, 0; R. Lewis, c M. Griffiths, b Evans, 0; L. Harries, not out. 3; extras, l; total, 14. Sirhowy v. Tredegar Primitives.—Played at Sir- how.v on Saturday. Scorcs Tredegar Primitives N. Brown, b T. Jones, 0; D. Bull, b J. Lane, 0; W. Price, b J. Lane, 0; W. Jones, c J. Lane, b J. W. Price, b J. Lane, 0; W. Jones, c J. Lane, b J. Lane, 0; W". Brown, b J. Lqne, 3; B. Williams, b J. Lane, 3; J. Hassell, b T. Jones, 4; J. Wil- liams, b Briggs, b J. Lane, 0; A. Burrows, not out, 1; A. West, b J. Lane, 0; W. Moore, run out, 0: extras, 2; total, 13. Sirhowy E. Jaynes, b D. Williams, 9. T. Jones, c Bull, b W Jones, 2; W. Lewis, b W. Jone.s 1; T. J. English, b D. Wil. liams. 0; E. Thomas. b W. Jones, 2. J Lane, c W. Wi!liams. b D. Williams. 1: D. Thickens, b W. Jones, 3; E. Meyriek, b W. Jones, 0, J. Briggs, b W. Jones, 0; R. Lucas, b D. Williams. 0; W. J. Marks, not out, 4; extras, 3; total, 25. -5f < BLAINA LANCASTER TOWN CLUB. ¡ FIXTURES FOR SEASON, 1909. May 1.—Blaina Salemites Away 8.—Blaina United r —. • •- Home 15.—Waunlwyd and Victoria Away 22.—Abertillsry Home ,,24,-Beaufort 'ó" Home June 5.-Brynmawr Home 12.- Blaenavon .r Away „ 19.—Blackwood Home 26.—Cwmearn •v.v:v.Away July 3.-Blaenaycn Home IO.-Aliertillei-y Away 17.—Cwmearn Home 19.-Beaufort Away ,,24,-BJackwood Away 31, August 7 and 14.—Tour Away Aug. 21.—Waunlwyd and Victoria Home 23.—Blaina United Home Sept. 4—Brynmawr Away

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