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Fire at Merthyr Vale.

In and Out of the Merthyr…



ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL AT MERTHYR. FIRST LEAGUE TEAM AT PENYDARREN PARK. MERTHYR'S CREDITABLE PERFORM- ANCE AGAINST MANCHESTER CITY. The long-looked forward-to match between Manchester City and Merthyr Town was played on Thursday at Penydarren Park, and despite the weat weather a-tcracted a crowd of over 7,000 spectators. The visitors arrived in Mer- thyr from Bristol shortly before four o'clock, and were met by His Worship the Mayor (Aid. Wilson), several councillors, and the officials of the Merthyr Town Club. Although rain was falling, a large number of the public awaited their arrival, and gave them a hearty cheer. There were fully 6,000 spectators on the ground when, just before th3 advertised time, the Merthyr players put in an appearance, followed ■shortly after by -the Manchester City team, and both were given a hearty reception. The sides lined up as follow:—Manchester City: Davies. goal; Keho and H. Jackson, full backs; Eadie, Holford, Wilkinson, half- backs Brown, Wynn, Thornley, Ross, and Conlin. forwards.—Merthyr: Williams, goal; Carrier and Davies, full backs: Martin, Brom- ley, and Brookes, half backs; Pom barton, Jacobs. Talbot, Wootton, and D. W. Davies, forwards. The referee was Mr. E. J. Poweli, New Tredegar. Manchester won the toss, and Talbot kicked off for Merthyr against a slight breeze. Thof Citizens at once got down, but the ball went outside, and midfield play followed from the j goal-kick. The locals broke away, but off-sido tactics spoiled what locked like a good chance. From the free kick, the Northerners got down, and Pvo s scored the first goal for the visitors with a grand shot. Midfield play followed the lcick-off. The City forwards, by fine passing, gradually worked their way towards the Mer thyr goal. Brown, for the City, was promin- ent with a good run, but the bad state of the- ground was against good play. Maintaining the pressure, the Ciiy forwards were again busy round Williams, and R06S receiving the ball in a favourable position, made no mis- take in netting the ball, making Manchester two goals to nil. Merthyr now had a look in, and Jacobs, getting well away, centred from the corner flag, the ball dropping on the net— a fine bit of play which was loudly applauded. Wootton and Talbot were next conspicuous for some pretty play, and got the ball well down, only to be checked by Kelso. Merthyr were now aggressive, and a foul close in looked pro- mising, but Wootton put the ball <^er the bar. Manchester were soon away again, and Wil- liams had a rasping shot to deal with, which he cleared in fine style. Thornlev made a grand run half the distance of the fiold, and a score seemed certain, when Williams ran out, and saved the situation. The City still pressed, and Ross tried a lightning shot, which Williams only partially cleared, and Coulin, lying handy, netted the ball, and the City were three up. From the restart Thornley got away, and with- in a minute added goal number four. Mid-field exchanges followed, the locals holding their own when the whistle sounded for the interval, the score being:— I Manchester City 4 goals Merthyr Town 0 goals Un resuming, tiie Citizens at once made a raid into the vicinity of Williams, but Davies was on the alert, and cleared at the right mo- ment. Merthyr infused more go into their play and got woll down, a long range shot going well. The passing of the City forwards was a special feature of the game, and was quite be- wildering to the local half-backs. Merthyr were not done with, however, and Jacobs getting the ball had a splendid chance with only the goal- keeper to beat, shot wide of the mark. Still pegging awav the locals began to force the game, and the first, corner kick of the game fell to them. Brooks took the kick, and placed the ball well into goal. Some exciting play took place, several players trying to find the net, when the ball came out to Jacobs, who headed in, and scored the first goal for Merthyr. This put new life into the locals, who were now showing fine form and good passing brought t.hem well within range of Davies's charge, and Brooks scored with a splendid shot, whilst a minute Jater the Manchester goal had a narrow escape, D. W. Davies missing by inches With two goals to their credit, the Merthyr men played with determination, and the ball was again netted, but the whistle had gone for off- side and the point did not count. The Mer- thyr men were now asserting themselves, and the City defence had an anxious time, but were equal to the occasion. Talbot bad a shot at goal at long range, but Davies easily cleared. At this point of the gamo Pemberton and Ja- cobs were particularly busy, and timo after time beat the City halves, and a centre by the latter was nicely saved by the Manchester goal- keeper. Jacobs now made a grand run, and centred, Wootton being unlucky in not adding to the score. The Citizens now bad a look in, but their final efforts lacked sting, and Mer- thyr were soon busy in the Manchester half. Mid-field play followed, the heavy ground tak- 109 effect on the players. Again Merthyr went away, D. W. Daviea just skimming thenar with a header. Give and take play followed, in which Merthyr fully held their own. The clos- ing stages of the game were in favour of Man- chester City, but they failed to add to their score, and a most interesting game ended:— Manchester City 4 coals Merthyr Town •. 2 goals




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