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Mountain Ash County Court.

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For the Waifs and Strays.



Abercynon Free Church Council.




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CWMAMAN. MORlAR AMAN.—The pulpit of this church was occupied on Sunday by the Rev. Maa-ll FAdo wards, of Brecon, who preached acceptable serf moos, morning and evening. MUSICAL SUCCESS.—At the recent music ex animation held under tho auspices of the Royas Academy of Music at Aberdare, Miss Annia Mary Phillips, Fforchaman-road, succeeded it passing with honours in pianoforte playing. DEATH or A MIDWIFE.—Mr. R. J. Rhys (cot oner) held an inquest at the Lesser Hall on Wednesday touching the death of Margarel Williams, of 4, Gordon-street, who died OB Monday night. Deceased was a midwife, and was in attendance at. 39, Aberneol-street, when on the night in question she was found dead on the at& -Evidenc,- of identification was given by her son, Evan Williams, who said that hi. mother was a widow.—Mary Ann Davies testa fied to finding Mrs. Williams quite dead on th4 stairs.-DP. Thomas said he examined deceased and found she suffered from a weak heart. Witne- attributed this to be the cause of death.—A verdict, was returned accordingly. • ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.-At the Welsh Bap tist Church at Seion. anniversary preaching sep vioes were held on Sunday and inionday. The officiating minlster5 were the Rev. B. Hum. phreys, Felinfoel (editor of "Seren yr YsgoJ SuI"). and the Rev. W. Ceinfryn Thomas (for. merly of Aborcwmboi). The latter occupied the pulpit at the service on Sunday moming-1 and preached a sermon full of exhortations. It the arte moon there was a. large congregation. The Rev. Miall Edwards (Congregational in in- utor) introduced the meeting with the reading (U?i; i!:e ,Rev' Tllornas Humphrey* (pastor of the church) conducted the mestiae ,A- Te"nysc>n PhilIiPs (pastor oi Trinity English Ba.ptist Church) was also pre. ,The Rev- B. Humphreys, Felinfoe^ preached an excellent sermon from the text f 9r, 1 delivered unto you first of all that wfcicfc I also receivpd, how that Christ died' foa our sins according to the Scriptures; and that I-le was buried, and that He rose again the third day acoording to the Scriptures" (J. Cor. inthians, xv., verses 3 and 4). In the evening there was again a. large congregation, when both the rev. gentlemen occupied the pulpit, W Cemfp'n Thomas preached from the words; And Noah builded an altar unfed the Lord" (Genesis, viii., verse 20) and "I da set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth" (Genesis, ix., verse 13). The meetings on M: day we also well attended, and it is expected T Wllj Prove of financial ant* ^p tiial advantage to the church. Mr. Wl ToA,™ was, Precentor, and Mr. Austin John presided at the organ. l:c SjTnJB Monday evening, at the PuW iu W Performance of the operetta, "Gwen., the White Lady of Myddvai," was given in full character by the Cwmbach Cooperative Society United Ladies' Choir. The choir had CeTZl tuJiv selected from d-istrir-tr, connected with tho Society, and was under the conductorship of u- ,-K- Davies, Cwmbach. After the aftei-3 ht*reaJ» refreshments were provided fort Th- ^b"S the choir in the Lesser IlalL, M^ifr ?f ? tliree °°nceTts whscbl son *nri fk 00011112 fctoe had organized this sea-J son, and the for the evening wer«' S £ ™J °fi.b,,|Mr- ^'aQ J°neS (^-y)W^ D^'ked ^lewell,yn,. (manager). The hall wa* paefced, many failing to gain admission The programme was as follow :-Choruf "ThrW SmMya^-?''<< 7hlch was weJ1 rendered; then' comes a recit., Arrest your steps," by "Gwen" s "Ah am^g'i,"?a'i— tTY,d?e we alJ" recit,! i i.J? what vision," by "Meurig- reoits. and "Meurig," entitled, "Whr1. follow, and Part I. finishes witl^ arecit., sol0) and chorus, "Love is ever selfish Ibe second part opens with the recit., "Son tbou eeemest much distraught" and a sokL ,Ear.ATr,the ,y°ws," bv "Modron." "Meurig^ and Modron give the recits., "Nought can' ^6+kIUe iV? airaK,1;" and tho cil<>rus, "Hark!! e £ T gi°ar SU?,g- Vi,!a«G maid,? tK ,ey deLV' Mt',u:T, £ > the chorus,: Next J ,hTV'r fcel.y rendered. ri?" » TV Tue "Gwen" and "Meu-I • i J ,j £ y. ?,v«, was given in fine,' S 13 introduced for the firs# ixyvers, which was grandly rendered. Next did T and "Gwen," "Twice J 66' choTUS> "What is so gav as a est^fo^t &orrow at the gay- Gwm" and "Meurig"; solos, trio,: an chorug, "Now thy life is o'er"; recit. and solo, 'Twa-s here I stood," "Meu- "GwLn" h W:.xj l0T6' tbo la6t ■Ti u' chorus' Haste, wa call." The prin- C h ?iifra^^6r8 were a* follow:—"Meurig" (ai cowherd), Mr. Anthony Jones; "Gwen" £ Mary PMHps; "Tearid WWm fl Mr.- Gwil.vm Evans:. "Mod-: Meurig"), Miss M. J. Davies:, Miss L.Vvio wi1"58 ^.au<l Evans, Cwmaman, and

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