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Aberdare and District Air…

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Peculiar Wage Claim at fountain…

Mountain Ash County Court.

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For the Waifs and Strays.



Abercynon Free Church Council.




N IRWAIN. GIFT TO THE CHUSCH.—Two faithful com- municants, who wish to remain anonymous, have presented St. Lleurwg's Church with a handsome oak Litany desk. G.W.R. TEMPERANCE ASSOCIATION.—The an- nual conference of the Great Western Railway Temperance Association is held at Birmingham, this week. Messrs. William Powell and Ernest Jones are the delegates representing the Hirwain branch of the Pontypo&l division. SUNDAY CON CERTS. —On Sunday evening, at all tho Free Churches, attention was called to the resolu tion of the Council, re Sunday Evening sacred concerts, one of which was held at Victoria Hall, on Sunday night. The hope was expressed that all Church members would withhold their support from such concerts, as they are becoming^* rule aad the exception in the place. ORGAN REciTAT,I*lr. J. D. Jones, Morris ton, gave an organ rooital at Ramoth Baptist Chapel, on Thursday evening. There was a fair atten- dance, and the organist displayed great skill in his jplaying of the various items arranged. The soloists were Madame A. Thomas, Mias M. G. Williams, and Mr. D. H. Meyler, all of whom did justice to their respective solos. The programme was as follows :—" Ofiertpire." Batiste; (a) "Madrigal." Lemaire, (b) "Ave Maria." Lizst; snug, Hen Gadair fawr fy Mam," Mr. Meyler; osgan solo, "FOCC{i.ta," Dghojs Fantasia Rustiquo," Wolstenholme; song, Addlais y Dyddiau Gynt," MBS Williams; organ solo, Hymn tunos with variations," James Scherzo," Hope selection, Sym- phony in D," Haydn Communion," Grison; song, Y, Glomon Wen," Madame Taomas; March," Wesley, Mr. Thomas Jones pre- sided. SOCIAL.—On Thursday evening a social was held at the St. Lleurwg's Church schoolroom, in connection with the choir. About 70 sat down to an excellent repast, prepared by the lay friends connected with the Church. The following ladies assisted at the tables :-Mrs. Eustace Williams, Mrs. George, Mrs. Boynes, Mrs. James, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. White, Mrs. S. Hardwick, Mrs. Incliff, Miss Aubrey, Miss L. A. Howells, Miss L. A. White, Miss DoVy Shannon, and Miss Lily Gowen. At the meeting which followed, under the presidency of Mr. George James, musical items were contributed by the following:—Song, "There is a Land," Miss Marion Lewis, of London duet, Life's Dream is o'er," Miss Marion Lewis and Rev. D. J. Arthur; duet, The Upper Ten and Lower Five," Masters Wil,lie Boynes and Harry James songs, Messrs. Gwyn Davies, Gwilym Edmunds, Revs. Joseph Morgan and D. T. Arthur; pianoforte solo, Miss E. Rogers. Dancing was indulged in for some time, under the direction of Mr. W. Lloyd. The accompanists were Miss A. M. Rhys and Mr. D. John. OBITUARY.—We have to record the death of Mrs. Mary Jones, wife of Mr. J. M. Jones, builder and undertaker, which took place at her residence, 90, Brecon-road, Hirwain, on Thurs- day last. Deceased, who came of an old Hirwain family, was the daughter of the late Mr. David loevan, builder and colliery pro- prietor, Hirwain. Mrs. Jones had been in failing health for some time, but an apoplectic seizure, on Wednesday, hastened the end. The funeral took place on Thursday, at Penderyn churchyard, and was strictly private. The Rev. E- Wern Williams, Nebo, where the deceased had been a life-long member, and the Rev. W. J. Rowlands, Mount Pleasant, con- ducted the service in the house, and the Rector, Rev. Ll. Jenkins, officiated at the church and graveside. The plain oak coffin, with silver furniture, bore the breastplate inscription :— "Mary Jones, died April 15, 1909, aged 60 years." The remains were conveyed in a glass hearse. The coffin was borne to the church on the shoulders of four of Mrs. Jones's oldest tenants, Messrs. W. Drew, J. Davies, D. Davies, and W. II. Evans. It was covered with beautiful and magnificent floral gifts. The chief mourners were :—Mr. J. M. Jones (husband), Mr. D. G. Jones (son), Mr. T. D. Bevan, Porthcawl (brother), Mr. Geo. Jones, Swansea (brother in law), Mrs. F. George, Aberdare (daughter), Mr. F. George (son-in-law), Masters Mostyn and Trevelyan George (grandsons), Miss L. G. Bevan (niece) Mr. D. B. Bevan (nephew) Mrs. Margaret Lewis (sister), Mrs. W. H. James, Cardiff (sister), Mr3. G. Lartgdon, Porthoawl (sister), Mrs. T. D. Bevan (sister-in-law), Mr. Rees D. Bevan (brother), Mr. George Jones, Merthyr (nephew), Mr. T. Langdon, Porthcawl (brother- in-law).


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Run Over by Trams.