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For the Waifs and Strays.


For the Waifs and Strays. SPLENDID PERFORMANCE OF A COMEDY AT MOUNTAIN ASH. The Workmen's Institute was fairly well filled on Monday evening on tho occasion of the per- formance of th3 comedy, "Betsy," by the Mountain Ash Histrionic Society. The per- formance was given in aid of the Church, of England Waifs and Strays Society, This Society has rescued 14,100 waifs and strays since it started its work, and the work is distinctive in that the children are brought up in 107 small homes under healthy, happy family conditions. As a result of the interest taken in the Society, the patrons of Mondav's performance wero numerous, among them being Lord and Lady Aberdare, Mr. D. A. Thomas, M.P., Colonel M. Morgan, Capt. F. N. Gray, and others. The comedy, "Betsy," by Mr. F. C. Burnand, is a most amusing one, and csntres around the amorous doings or "Mr. Adolphus Birkett" and a certain "Capt. McManus." "Adolphus" is the pet of his mother, who thinks her boy al- most too good for the wind to blow on, and) for whom she engages a private tutor. This person has been separated from his wife, who, under the name of "Madame Polenta," makes tho acquaintance of "Capt. McManus," who is a married man. "Adolphus" is by no means so innocent as he is believed by his fond mother to be, for while looking forward to being married to "Miss Nellie Bassett," his sweetheart, he has become entangled with "Betsy," his mother's maid. All the characters meet at "Adolphus's" home, and the difficulty of hiding the relationship which they hold to each other leads to many amusing and comic scenes. The characters on Monday evening were impersonat- ed as follow;—"Mr. Birkett," Mr. Tom Smith; "Mrs. Birkett," Mrs. Glynne Jones; "Betsy," Miss Ida Rowlands; "Adolphus Birkett," Mr. Ivor Bryant; "Williams," a servant, Mr. Willie Curnow; "Mr. Dawson" (a tutor), Mr. D. R. Richards; "Dick Talbot," 1\1rr. Morley Grif- fiths; "Capt. McManus," Mr. Reginald Dow- deswall; "Mrs. McManus," Miss Annie Eynon; '•Hairdresser," Mr. W. Curnagain; "Madame Polenta," Miss Maimie Mills; "Clara Peyton," Miss Blodwen Beith; ."Nellie Bassett," Miss May Jenkins. As "Adolphus," Mr. Ivor Bry- ant proved a great success, and in this ret-prct was well matched by "Betsy," represented by Miss Ida Rowlands. Two other characters im- personated almost perfectly were: "Capt. Mc- Manus" by Mr. Dowdeswell, and 'Mr. Daw- son" (the tutor) by Mr. D. R. Richards. The other charactsrs were all good, and much above the average amateur performers. The per- formance showed careful preparation, and the only thing that somewhat marred the evening was the rather indistinct articulation during the performance of the first act. During the second and third acts. the audience had nothing to complain of, and were highly pleased. Dur- ing the intervals bstween the acts, the Moun- tain Ash Orchestral Society, conducted by Mr. T. W. Millar, rendered a splendid programme of music, and the- musical selections by this Society were a feiature of the evening. Pro- rrrammes were sold hv Miss Daisy Morgan. Mid Kitty Evans, and Miss Sinnett Jones. It is hoped that a good sum will be realised for the Waifs and Strays Society.



Abercynon Free Church Council.




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Run Over by Trams.