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Mountain Ash County Court.


Mountain Ash County Court. TUESDAY.—Before his Honour Js'dge J. Bryn Roberts. JUDGMENT SUMMONS.—There were pearly 150 judgment summonses heard, and in the ma- jority of the cases tho usual order of commit- tal for 14 days suspended for 14 days, was made. ADMINISTRATION ORDER.—Mr. S. Shipton ap- plied for an administration order on behalf of Frederick George Watts, Gwernifor-street, Mountain Ash, who said he was 28 years of age. He earned £2 11s. a week. and had had much illness in tho family. He offered to pay the debt in full at 14s. a. month.—His Honour said he must pay £1 a. month, and this he agreed to, and the order was made. COMPENSATION CASE.—Mr. D. W. Jones ap- plied, on behalf of Elizabeth Lewis, for the ap- portionment of the sum of £300, paid by Messrs Guest, Keen, and Co., on the death of her hus- band, a night overman working at the Aber- cynon Colliery. The applicant was 40 years of age. and had eight children, only two of whom were working. — lIis Honour ordered a sum of 12s. a week to bo paid to the widow for the maintenance of her children with leave to ap- ply the order running for three years. ) CLAIM FOR POSSESSION AND RENT.—Mr. Ed- wards, who was represented by Mr. C. Ken- shole, applied for an ejectment order against a man named William^ the tenant of No. 2, Greenhill Cottages, Cwmbach.—Sarah Williams, sister of the plaintiff, said defendant was a monthly tenant, and she produced the notice served on the mother, and also proved that there was £4 12s. 6d. due for rent up to the date of the hearing.—Defendant said he had received a second notice which had not ex- pired. The house was let at 30s. a month, but this was denied by Mr. Edwards and Mrs. Williams.—Defendant was ordered to give up possession in 14 days, and judgment was given for rent due. GROCERY BILLS.—1James Pntchard sued John Morgan for £2 13.< 6d. The defence was that his daughter who contracted the debt, had no right to pledge his credit, but judgment was given for the plaintiff with costs.—J. E. Jones sued Richard Hall for groceries suppli- ed, value £2 17e. 2d.—Plaintiff produced his ledger showintr the amount duo. The groceries, be said, were Supplied in May, 1903, to defend- ant's wife who lived then at Strand-street, Mountain 'Ash.-—Defendant swore he had no wife at that time, but admitted that he was living in Strand-street with the woman to whom the goods were supphed.Judgment was given for plaintiff at the rate of 6s. a month. CLAIM Fon MILK.—^Thomas Howells sued Ed- ward Williams, as trustee of the late Mrs. Jones, Penrhiwceibcr, for J33 16s. Id., for milk supplied.—Mr. S. Shipton appeared for the defendant. The question was whether the amount was due. As the plaintiff could not prove the debt, not having his books with him, the case was adjourned for a. month. CHANGED HIS MIND.—Victor Freed, who wM represented by rr. S. Shipton, sued a man named Mitchell for 36s. for goods supplied. Plaintiff said that defendant bought furniture from him in 1903 value £38, and paid JB1 de- posit. The -roods wero entered on the book produced, and also on a bill handed to the defendant. The goods were put by. and even- tually defendant told him he did not want them, and bought a set of fire-irons value 36s. The plaintiff contended that the £1 should be forfeited, and he also claimed 36s. Defendant had paid 7s. 6d. into court. — De- fendant said there wM no sale, and judgment was given, for plaintiff at 6s. a month. STOIRLTY -SCENE.—A defendant's wife appeared, in answer to a judgment summons, and Judge Roberts made an order for payment.—The wo- man said: I do not owe all this money. I have the books here.—His Honour: I cannot go into that. Judgment has gone against, you. The time to that was when the case was heard. —She continued to argue the point, and His Honour, calling a bailiff, told him to conduct her out. As she was being led out of tha court, she shouted, '"There ought to be justice to tli? .PQ9I. PEOPLE *3 WELL AS *■ —

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