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-r '1- -X- .L. Powell-Duffryn Men's Grievance. A meeting of the night repairers and other workmen employed at the Lower Duffryn Col- liery, Mountain Ash, owned by the Powell Duffryn Company, was held on Tuesday at tho Bruco Arm;, Mountain Ash. Mr. C. B. Stan- ton (miners' agent) was present. The men's grievance is that the manage- ment have changed the system of working from the ordinary fixed wage to piece work. This has been done without consulting the workmen The workmen contend that this is a breach of the Conciliation Beard agreement, which clear- ly states that all customs and usages prevailing at the colliery shall bo continued until the end of the agreement. The men unanimously pass- ed a resolution decrying the piece work system. They further threatened to stop working, but Mr. C. B. Stanton prevailed upon them to con- tinue working, and said be would communicate with the manager, calling upon him to observe the rules in the agreement. Failing a remedy, the matter will be brought before tbfejCk>npulia- tion Board. The men also decided tbat aiiy loss sustained by them owing to the chang; of system will have to be made up by the manage- ment, or they will be sued in the County Court. --+-

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Mountain Ash County Court.

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