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MOUNTAIN ASH. PURCHASE your Groceries and Provisions at II. EYNON'S, Mountain Ash. Quality and price un. surpassed. Iff you are in doubtwbore to Furnish, go to VIQ. TOE FREED, the leading' house furnisher, where you can he supplied at your own terms.—3 and 4. Miskin. ltoad, Mountain Ash. IN AID OF THE HOSPITAL.—On Thursday even- ing Mr. Haggar gave several benefit enter- tainmonts at his bioscope show on Navigation; Ground, in aid of the Cottage Hospital. A good sum was realised, but owing to the wretch- ed weather prevailing the show was not so well patronised as was anticipated. DEATH.—The death of Mrs. Keating, wile of Mr. Con. Keating, of Cardiff-road, took place on Tuesday. The late Mrs. Keating was well known in the town, and was the mother of JVIrs. Keating-Hill, the Cardiff Suffragette, and of Mr. Joseph Keating, the author of "The Son of Judith," and other works. LECTURE.—On Monday evening, at Duffryn j street English Calvinictic Methodist Chapel, an interesting lecture on "The Tour of Glyndwr's Male Vcios Party in America," was delivered by Mr. E. R. McGregor, who acted as secretary to the parly during the tour. The lecture was illustrated with some excellent lantern pictures. TERRITORIALS.—The C and D Companies of the Territorial Force have been invited to hold a church parade, and attend the Nazareth Eng- lish Baptist Church during May. The invitation has been accepted by the Territorials, and the parade will take place shortly. This will be the first parade of Territorials held at a chapel at Mountain Ash. SUCCESS.—The report of the Easter Terminal Examination of the Aberystwyth Theological College shows that Mr. Willie Edwards, "Tra.oed," Aberdare-road, heads the Jist of first year's students in Hebrew, New Testa- ment Greek, Dogmatics, Church History, and Old Testament History and Literature—all the subjects of the examination. LIBERAL LEAGUE.—A meeting of the Young Liberals League was held on Wednesday week, when it was decided not to hold any further mtings during the summer. A committee was appointed to draw up a good programme for next winter, and to engage some of the best speakers in the Liberal Party. The chair was occupied during the evening by Dr. Arthur Jones. PREACHING SERVICES5.—On Sunday and Mon- day. special preaching services were held at Bethlehem Calvinistic Methcdht Church, the Revs. Evan Jones. Carnarvon, and J. H. Howard, Cwmavon, delivered able sermons to large congregations. The Rev Evan Jones is this year's President of the National Free Church Council, and he received a cardial wel- come at Mountain Ash from many cw his old friends. ANNIVERSARY.—On Sunday the anniversary services in connection with Duffryn-strest Eng- ]ish Calvinistic Methodist Church were he!d, and were attended by good congregations dur- ing the day. The preacher was the Rev. Gwilym H. Evans. of Aberystwyth Theological College, who gave three interesting sermons. The singing also was capital, tho conductor being Mr. W. Badham. A feature of the ser- vice was the excellent soios sung by Mr. God- frey Price. Mr. Price has a voice of great compass, and he was never heard to better ad- vantage than on Sunday. The organist was Mr. Theophilus Morgan, but Mr. John Webber accompanied during the singing of the solos. PRESENTATION.—An interesting meeting was held at the Ffrwd Offices on Friday evening, when the Mountain Ash Mala Voice Party (which recently toured Amer-iea-) took the op- portunity of presenting Capt. Gwilym A. Evans with a silver-mounted walking stick.— Mr. T. Glvndwr Richards, in handing the stick to Capt. Evans, asked him not to value it for its worth, but as a token of th9 esteem they held him in. They had received many kind- nesses from his hands, which they would always remember.—Capt. Evans, in replying, said he hardly knew what he had done to merit the presentation. He had, however, aiwq^-s taken a special interest in the party, and had followed their tour with great joy. Their behaviour had been a credit to the nation. Only last week he received a letter from America eulogising their work. He wished them a further period of success. SOCIAL.—A social meeting, under the auspices of the Mountain Ash Constitutional Club was held at the Lesser Hall of the Workmen's In- situte on Monday evening. Mr. F. W. Bell occupied the chaà, and the hall was crowded to excess, not even standing room baijig avail- able. The following programme was first gone through; — Pianoforte solo, Mr. J. Webber; song, Mr. J. C. Powell; comic eons-, Mr. Dai Lloyd; instrumental solo, Mr. Newsome France; song. Mr. J. C. Powell; and sttmlp speech, Mr. Dai Lloyd. Mr. E. Waddington. Conservative agent, Chesterfield, addressed the meeting on "Is the present Government worthy of the confidence of the people." He argued that the acts of the pmsernt Government with regard to the Army, the alien question, South Africa.. Chinese labour, the House of Lords, and on education and temperance questions were such as to render them unworthy of confidence. Questions were than invited, and a fow were put and answered. OPERETTA PERFORMANCE.—Tho Workman's Institute was well patronised on Tuesday even- ing, on the occasion of the performance of the operetta, the White Lady of Myddva'" (J. Haydn Parry) by the Ladies' Choir of the Cwmbach Co-operative Society. The principal characters -were as follow:—"Meurig," a cow- herd, Mr. Anthony Jones, "Gwen," a water fairy, Miss Maiv Phillips, Cwmaman; "Tegid," the father of "Gwen," Mr. Gwilym Evans, Aber- aman; "Modron," mother of "Meurig," Miss M. J. Davies, Cwmbach; "Maidens," Miss Maud Evans, Cwmbach, and Miss Lizzie Ed- munds, Aborcwmboi. These parts were well performed, and much of tho success of the pieca was due to the splendid manner in which each character performed his or her allotted task. There were a number of choruses, and these were rendered in an almost perfect manner by the choir. The conductor was Mr. D. R. Davies, Cwmbach, while the accompanists were Mr. George H- Moses, Aberaman, and Mr. W. Walters, Aberaman. The stage manager was Mr. T. C. BrJrnunds, Aberaman. QUARTERLY MEETINGS.—On Sunday tho quar- terly meetings of the Sunday School connected with Ffrwd Welsh Baptist Church were beld. There were good congregations throughout th3 dav, and a splendid programme of songs, solos, jecita-tions. and addresses were gone through. The presidents were: Rev. J. Glandwr Watkins (pastor) and Messrs. T. Wheeler and Lewis Watts (the two (superintendents). The singing was under the direction of Mr. T. Emrys Jones, A.L.C.M., the organist was Miss Bronwen Coleman; and the secretary. Mr. Einlyn Evan-% The following took part:—Recitations: Johnny Jones, Florrie Drinkwafcor, Tommy Williams, Williams, Willjo Morgan, Emlyn Mor- gan Arthur W. Griffiths, Alice Williams, H. |j '-Watts, Tcddio .Williams, Maggie Davies, Stanley Prosser, Daniel Jones, Iorwerth Ed- wards, Annie Drinkwater, Maggie Williams, AIpr-T'Cwen Rees, Blodwen Eee-, Gwendoline \.v,rlli,ims. May Wheeler, Tydfil Edwards, Wm. H Atkins. Esther M. John. D. J. Griffiths. J. Percy Thomas, T. Jones, Evan Morgan. Miles Morgan. Morgan Griffiths, and Phqsba Wheeler, a ios: Emrys Watts, Teresa Powell, Edward H Powell, Hilda M. Thomas, Tommy Rich- ards Maggie Parry, John Martin, May Watts. I) Williams, Tom Evans, John Watts, Richard Griffit^s' Lewis Watts, Stephen Jenkins, and Clod wen' Morgan; duett, T. Richards and A. Griffiths; dialogue, Mrs. Christmas Breeze and friends; parties. Miss Bronwen Coleman and friends. Miss Annie Hughes and friends, Miss Jessie Prioa and friends, Mr. Lewis Watts and friends. A quartette was given by Master T. Richards, Messrs. T. Jones, D. Williams, and John Watts. GOOD TEMPLARY.—On Thursday evening ft temperance meeting was held in the Lesser Hall of the Workmen's Institute, under the auspices of the local branches of the I.O.G.T. Mr Charles Archer presided, and there was a fairly good attendance. The Rev. J. A. Rees, Rector of Rhoscolyn, Anglesey, delivered a rousing address on the work done by Good Templary, and pointed out that 12,500 meet- ings were held every wejek by the Order of Good Templars. Among other things, they had helped to bring about Sunday Closing in Wales and Ireland, and had also helped to make it illegal to pay wages in public-lioucea, or to hold meetings in public-houses during ejection time. They hoped also to make it illegal to hold inquests in public-houses, when other buildinsrs were available, as was the case at present- Mr. Roes then made an eloquent appeal for all to help on the temperance move- ment by joining the Order of Good Templary. Samuel Stanton, from the Grand Lodge of Good Templar,?, dealt at some Length with the action of the of Lords in rejecting the Licensing Bill. He said he thought that the work done last year was not a]tog-ether lost, for it had brought the temperanoe question to I the front, and a part of the Licensing Bill bad been taken out asi it stood and inserted into the Children's Act, which was now law. At- tempts were being made in London and other place-; to defeat the objects of the Children's Act by engaging nurses to stand outside of pub- lic-houses to take care of young children, while their parents went in to have their drink. But ilotwithstanding this, the Act was a good one, even if it made it only more difficult for the women to obtain drink.—Dr. Arthur Jones also -j_-



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