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A Merthyr Compensation.

Theatre Royal, Merthyr.




-.-2-"'-..-DOWLAIS. |


Gallant Rescue from Drowning…




ABERFAN. P.S.A.—On Sunday, Alderman E. Morrell gave an address on "Children's Li." quoting extracts from the Children's Act which has late ly come into force Miss L. Williams cang solo, and a duett was contributed by Misses L Williams and Ray Hopkins. Mr. Oliver Jen- kins presided at the organ, and Mr. T Manuel occupied tho chair. FAGGOT SUPPER.—On Friday night the mem- bers of the Aberfan Cork Club sat down to a faggot supper at Havard's Refreshment Rooms. The tables were tastily laid out by Mr. Havard and a most enjoyable evening was spent. Up- wards of forty partook of the repast. After supper, the members proceeded to London to witness the English Cup final. MONSTRE TEA.—In connection with the sister- hood of the C.M Chapel, a huge tea and cofiee supper were held on Thursday evening week. Arrangements were made for night workmen to partake of the good things laid on the tables prior to froing to work. The tables were excel- lentlv laid, and the preaiders were:—Mrs. and Miss Thomas: Mrs. Jonos, Maldwyn House; Miss M M. Davies; Mrs. T. J. Hughes, Cen- tral Stores; Mrs. P. Parry, Msis Evans; Mrs. B. M. Thomas. Fronhoulog; Mrs. and Mi Jones, Maesyddervven; Miss F. R. Davies, Maesydderwen; Miss L. Thomas. Maesyddcr- wen Mrs. Rd. Jone<«, Briar Wood Mrs. Evan Rees and Mrs. T. Jone3, Maesyronen; Mrs. R. Lewis, Hartwell Villas; Miss R. A. Rees Maesyronen; Mrs. Evan Morgan and Miss A., J. Morgan, Brynmair; Mrs. and Miss Roes, Pantgias; Mrs. Jamm Jones, Mr. E. Jones, and h'8 Lloyd, Perthigleision Mrs. and Miss RAes, Boot Stores; Mrs. H. Davies, Moy-road; Mrs. and Miss Parry. Fronheulog; Mrs. J. Hughes, Walters'-terrace; Mrs. S. Owian, Aberfan-Toad; Miss E. Evans; Mrs. Parry, Barrington; Mrs. H. P. Jones and Miss Parry, Cotterell; Miss Evans: Mrs. and Miss Jones Chapel House; Miss H. Phillips, Boot Shop: Mrs. S. Williams, Boot Stores. The ruperin- tendent* at the several tables wereMessrs. E. E. Roberts, J. 0. Jones J. S. Roberts. D. R Davies. Richard Jones, Ernest Jones, E. F. Morean, Llewelyn Rees, .T. H. Parry, D. J. Hughes, Hiram Hughes, Nathan Hughes, John Roberts, David Evans. T. J. Hughes, T. J. Davies. The carvers were:—Mcrrs. J. Ed- wards. J. Davies. E. S. Owen. D. J. Roberts, Evan Jones, P. Parry, D..Tones; and the bread and butter cutters:—Mrs..Tames Davies, Mrs. H. Griffiths, Mrs. H. W-lliams, Mri. J. Hushes MrlO. D. Jones, Mrs. T. Jar- man. Hughes. Mrs. R, Hughes. Mrl;, R. Davies, Mrs. T. Evans, Mrs. W. Jones, Mrs. .T. Roberts. Mewrs. W. Parry, E. Jones. John Fonllc^, W. Thomas, O. P. Lloyd, D. Lewis, and Tom Jones also rendered assist?nee. De- spite the bad weather. 1.056 sat, tit the tab'-s. Praise ic: due to the ladies for the successful manner in which the proceedings were carried throutrh. totrother with Mr. John Parry, tr'*l.-v"- Mr. John -Tonps, under mawrcr; Mr, John Robert-; and secretaries Messrs. H, Hushes and Stephen Evan- It is expeeted a handsome sum will be realised, which will fo towards reducing the heavy debt in- curred in builcliper tho spacious vestry hall and renovations to the chapel. -4i-

Sir Marchant Williams at TredegarI

Gruesome Discovery at Gilfach.

Trade Union or Friendly Society?

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