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The Northern Union Game.|


The Northern Union Game. ^lERTHYR'S BAD FINISH, The Merthyr Northern Union team completed their programme on Saturday, when they visited Mid-Ithondda, and were defeated by a goal and a try (5 points) to a goal (2 points). The late time of the kick off was chieny tbtFluaUSI!l'óf so small a sprinkling of spectators being present to witness the fixture. Up to within ten minutes or so of hall-time Merthyr seemed to be getting the best of matters, and at times looked as though a score would be the outcome. From a scrum almost a score would be the outcome. From a scrum almost oy on the homesters' line, Ponty Thomas, the Mer- thyr full back. snatched up the leather and dropped a pretty goal. From this juncture until the end of the game Mid-Rhondda had the game practically in their own hands, and kept up a persistent at- tack. Palmer Griffiths, whose splendid and well- judged kicking was a noticeable feature, brought great relief when the tables vvere temporarily turn- ed. The Mid-Rhondda quartette then got off and Ned Rees, the outside half, received and doubled in with a well-deserved try, and also added the goal points, thus winning the match for his side. Merthyr Association Notes. ,FBY "The Keeper."l Merthyr have now reached the end of their first Soccer season, and have every reason to congratu- late themselves on their record. On Saturday they vanquished Milford United by seven goals to two, and had they taken matters a little more seriously the score of the homesters would have probably run into double figures. It is perhaps a little unfair, to criticise too severely at the end of the season, as there is always a certain amount of stateness, and more than that, with Mardy and Manchester Citv to he met, it was perhaps policy oil the piayers' part to take matters easy. Saturday's game was interesting enough at times, while at' other periods there was not much that could be termed inspiring. Both the goals scored by Milford should have been stopped, but although the score against them was so heavy, the visiting, custodian had no chance with the shots that scored, while, on the other hand, he saved very cleverly. lie was easily the pick of the Milford side. For Merthyr, Wootton was brilliant, and gave one of his best exhibitions of shooting, although on one occasion he missed a very simple chance. Talbot also seems far more at home in the centre than he did on the left wing, and has proved to be much more useful in that position. .x Appended is the club's record for the season Matches played. 37; won, 17; lost, 12; drawn, 8. Goals for, 72; goals against, 52. Goals. /T, For. Against Swansea (F.) j 2 Barrv Dock Albion (F.) W 2 1 Aberdare (R.V.L.) L o 4 Llanbradach D o 0 Ton Peiitrc (R.V.L.) L o 2 Treharris (R.V.L.) I) o o Cardiff City (S.W.L.) W. 4 2 Alardy L 2 3 Swansea (S.W.L.) W 2 1 Barry District (cup-tie) W 2 0 Milford United (cup-tie) D 2 2 Milford United (cup-tie) W. 6 2 Cwmparc (S.W.L.) w 3 0 Barry Dock Albs, (cup-tie) \V 2 0 Mardy (S.W.L.) L 1 4 Dowlais (F.) 1) 1 1 Aberdare (R.V.L.) W 2 0 Treharris (F) L 1 2 Leicester Nomads (F.) W. 4 1 Cwmparc (lt.V.L.) L. 1 3 Ton Pentro (S.W.L.) n. 1 1 Swansea (cup-tie) W. 4 0 Cwmparc (R.V.L.) All. 3 2 Ton Pentre (Ii.V.L.) .D. 1 1 Treharris L i. 4 Cwmparc (S.W.L.) L. 1 2 Treharris (F.) W 2 0 Treharris (cup-tie) W. 2 1 Mardy (R.V.L.) W. 2 1 Cardiff City (S.W.L.) L 0 1 Barry District (S.W.L.) W 1 2 Ton Pentre (final cup-tie) L. 0 2 Milford United (S.W.L.) D 3 3 Barry District (S.W.L.) D. 1 1 Swansea (S.W.L.) W 7 0 ,ron Pentre (S.NV.L.) L. 0 1 Milford (S.W.L.) W. 7 2 Tredegar District Notco- fBy "Old Judge."I Never before in its history has Tredegar Club had such an unsatisfactory season, both from a playing and from a financial standpoint. There are vari- ous reason for this. In the first place the weather has been largely responsible for poor gates, scarcely a match having been played on the ground after September which was favoured with good climatic conditions. Again, the club was subjected to more than its fair share of disappointments several good gates being lost in this way. And the last, but not the least, explanation of the slump in public interest was the unattractive character of the fix- ture list.. Outside the League fixtures the only club of note figuring on the card were Merthyr, Ponty- pridd, and Lhvynypia, none of which can boast of any particular status this season, and, therefore, offered very little attraction to the crowd. The club was given guarantee fixtures with Newport. Bristol, and Neath, but although much appreciated, and affording an opportunity of testing the relative merils of the club with first-class organisations, and giving the players a little experience, and an outing, these matches do littla or nothing to-arouse enthu. siasm in tho game in the district. Special efforts should be made to induce these clubs to give home and home fixtures. It is very gratifying to rcoord that both against Newport and Bristol, the team did exceedingly well, Bristol only winning by two points. Tredegar provided games of a much better quality than many of the so-called first-class English teams touring the country. A very indifferent display was given by the team in the Monmouthshire League competition, and a lower position is occupied on the League table this season than ever before in the history of tho club. Thirteen matches were played in the competition, four of which were won, four lost, and five drawn. The pointa scored for, were 52, and 41 were scored against. Thirteen points were secured in tho League, which is very mocii lower than in any other sea- son. Neither of this season's fixtures with Aber- tillery was decided, both having to be abandoned owing to unfavourable weather. The constitution of the team has been very nncer- tain during the season, particularly the back divi- sion, and this is ono of the explanations for the poor show made. Several players sustained serious injuries which kept them out of the team for a long period. Both M. Bevaj and Sid Adams sus- tained broken collar bones rly in the season, and as these two men were really the pivots on which tho combination of the team depended, the effect upon the play will be easily imagined. Several players were tried to fill the vacancies, but they all proved more or less failures. Other players sustain- ed mioor injuries, and when most needed Enoch Hughes, the most experienced of the forwards, suc- cumbed to the allurements of the Northern Union, and joined the Leeds Club, which is captained by Reg Jones, another product of the Trodegax Club. *K" Although the season has been so unsatisfactory there is a redeeming feature, viz. The promise given by several juniors who have been given trials. Wilfred Onions, who has played all through the season, is one of the best finds for several years, and he ought to make a great name for himself in the football arena. Hisfine, play makes good judges of the game confidently anticipate that at no distant date he will win for himself a place in the Welsh team. Next season he should certainly receive coun- ty honours. Bryn Arthur, who has only played a few games with the firsts, is another young player who shapes excellently as a centre. and next season he should get on and develop into a most valuable member of the team. A couple of promising young forwards are also rising up. and of whom more will be heard next vear. Appended are the results of the season's matches: For. Against. G. T. P. G. T.P. Sept. 5.-Talywain (h) 0 0 B 1 0 4 12.—Blaina (h) U-) 0 0 0 0 0 0 14,-Abertillery (h.) (1.) 2 0 6 0 1 3 19.—Llanhiileth (h.) 2 3 19 0 0 0 26.—Merthyr (h.) -• 0 0 0 0 0 0 Oct. 3—Penylan (h.) 0 6 18 0 0 0 „ 10.—Pill Har. («•) (!•) 0 0 0.. 0 3 0 17.—Llwynvpia • • 1 0 4 0 0 0 „ 24 Cross Keys (h.) (I.) 1 2 11 0 13 Nov. 7.-Blaina (3.) (I,) „ 0 0 0 0 0 0 14.—Cwmbran (h-) (I.) 1 3 14 0 0 0 21.—Lhvynypia (h.) 0 0 0 0 0 0 Dec. 5.-Br;nniawr (a.) (1.) 10 3 0 13 „ 12.-Cwmbran (a.) <L) 0 6 13 1 0 4 Ig.-I-Ioniypridd (a.) 0 1 3 0 1 3 Jan. 2.—Blaenavon (a-) 0-) 0 0 0 o 1 3 „ 9.—Bristol 1 1 8 1 2 10 „ 16.—Cwmcarn H1-) x 1 0 0 0 Feb. 6.—Brvnmawi (h.) (1-) 0 0 0 1 0 4 „ 20.—Cross Keys (»-) (1.) 0 0 0 0 0 0 „ 27.—Blaenavon (h.) (I.) 0 0 0 ..0 0 0 Mch. 13.—Newport 0 0 ° 2 112 27!—B!aina^h.) (U 0 2 6 10 4 April 3.—Pill Har. (h.) (1) 0 0 0 l 2 11 „ 12 —Neath — 1 0 5 • 3 427 17.—Pontypridd 0 4 12 1 0 3 H indicates home, L indicate league A indicates away. Played 27. won 11, drawn 8, lost 8. Points scored For, 153;' against. 106. 4f. "9* More than ordinary interest was taken in the meeting of Brynmawr and Blaina. on the former s ground, on Saturday, at Brynmawr, in a Monmouth- shire League engagement, as it was Brynmawr s last League match. Upon the result depended whether Brynmawr would be this season's silver medallists. A win for Brynmawr would seeurc them the silver medal while a draw, granting (hat Aber- tillery win all their remaining League engagements, would necessitate Brynmawr and Abertillory play- ing off for the second position. Brynmawr and Blaina have mot on four previous occasions this season. Two of the matches (one a League) were drawn. wlliJo Brynmawr won the other two. The records of the teams this season are Brynmawr, played 29, won 18, lost 5, drawn 6. Point for 204, points against 89. Blaina, played 23, won 7. lost 11, drawn 5. Points for 70, against 89 In tho end Brynmawr won by two tries (6 points) to one penalty goal (3 points). Aberdare and District Notes. fBy "Wanderer. Aberdare football enthusiasts who were unable to journey to Jxjndon last Saturday to witness the final for the English Cap were compensated by vis- iting the Athletic Ground to witness the final strug- gle for the handsome set of medals which were off- ered by the Aberdare Association Football Club. The competition, which has been fought by some 20 teams hailifi" from South Wales and Monmouth- shire, proved of an interesting character through-! out, and a creditable feature was that the teams which appeared in the firial had from Aberdare and the immediate neighbourhood. The seni?-final ldfc Aberaman and TrecynWi to fight out the final. The former won by 5 goals to nil. The goal-getters wore JTO Wdl.WM m Snow (5), and Silverthorn. At the clos Mrs. gtttu,Parker. wife of the captain of the Aberdare Town team, pre- sented Silverthorno, tho- captain of the winning team, with the medals. At Michael's Field, on Saturday, an encounter took place between the Aberaman Wanderers and tho Aberaman Windsors. InHie opening stages the Wanderers attacked, and ill Francis cleared by coiiccditig a corner. Nothing camc of' this, as it was nicely cleared iJl Edwin jQa9-6-- Bjfi iu mid-field for some time after this, until the Wan- derers again got on the run. Their attack was mere successful this time, and Dai Davies scored a splen- did goal. The game was a tight one from now until half-time, but neither sido was able to penetrate the other's defence. I11 the second moiety the Wind- sors asserted themselves at first, and placed their opponents on the defensive. Tho latte^s custodian the other's defence. In the second moiety the Wind- sors asserted themselves at first, and placed their opponents on the defensive. Tho latte^s custodian was obliged to concede a corner, and f™m the re- sulting kick Edevane headed in ail equalising goal for the Windsors. Soon after the restart the Wan- derers again got dangerously away. A shot from Dai Davies found the mark, and thus they again drew ahead. Matters were now getting warm. Try as they would, however, no score conki be effected, as they would, however no score conki be effected, and the Wanderers wandered home the winners of a good game by two goals to one. -it- Aberdare entertained Treharris, on Monday, before I a fair crowd in inclement weather. The homesters were without Pritchard and Treharris played Downes in goal vice Brownhill, who is on the in- i jured list. The ground was very heavy, but the I game was splendidly contested. Abcrdare excelled from the start. Two goals were scored in the first half by Evan Jones and Groves. The 'Darians scored three more goals after the change of ends by clever combination. Evan Jones gained two goals and Groves one. Towards the end of the game Treharris made several splendid efforts without, however, beating the defence, and a penalty kick taken by Jimmy Thomas was stopped by Carter. Mountain Ash Rugby team visited Bridgend on Saturday, and were defeated by eight points to nil. For 20 minutes or so the game was evenly played, the ball going from end to end of the field rapidly. At last Harry Ham charged down a kick by the visiting full-back, and after a forward rush Griffiths put in a cross-kick to Harry Ham, who scored a try for Bridgend without opposition. The try, however, was not converted. The second half was largely in favour of Bridgend, and following a dribble by Ham a try was scored for the home- sters by Clem Lewis, who snapped up in the nick of time, Leyshon converting. The home backs were much better than the Mountain Ash set and kept up an attack almost to the last. I Rhymney Valley Rugby League Notes. rBy the "Old Wag."l Pontlottyn rang down the curtain rather inglo- riously on Saturday, in the presence of their own supporters, as Caerphilly defeated them to the tune of 11 poiuts to 3. The early exchanges favour- ed Cheeseopolis. and plav had not long been in pro- gress when Gould scored a try. Pontlottyn- im- proved after this reverse, but prior to the interval the visitors notched another try, Raddick con- verting. After resuming matters becamc more''even, the visitors, however, adding another try, while Ponty also crossed on one occasion, the gams-end- ing in the visitors' favour In the Old Boys' League Middle Rhymney,Old Boys ran Rhymney Lilies Old Boys to.' a .pointless draw. v RHYMNEYVALLEY SENIOR LEAGUE TABLE. r. W. t. "D. its Rhymney 12 8 1 3 19 1,1;1 c 1) c- I I. 12 7 3 2 16 Aberbargoed 11 6 2 3 15 Caerphilly 10 5 3 2 13 Pontlottyn 12 6 5 1 13 Fleur-de-lis h 2 7 1 6 Bargocd 11 0 10 1 0 RHYMNEY V AUJIT JUlOn. LEAGUE TABLE. Deri 9 5 1 3 13 Bed was 9 5 0 4 12 Abertridwr 9 4 1 4 12 Rhymney Seconds 9 4 3 2 10 Merthyr Seconds la 2 5 3 9 Rhymney Scarlets 13 0 10 0 0 Rhymney Valley & District Association Notes. [By "the New Boy,") Last week's downpour and terrific gale played sad havoc with several fixlures which, hud it beeu possi- 41 ? have played them, would have settled finally the destination of the new First Division trophy. However. a great effort will be made this cveck by ''agenjeiHsC°nCCrneL' 10 t!lc'r outsl £ Wding en- The Second Division puzzle also remains to be solved, but as Troedyrhiw secured two valtiable points at New Tredegar, a deciding match .with Cwm may not now bo necessary. Troedyrhiw, after their great cup victory over Cwm, met with a good re- ception at New Tredegar. The cup winners attack- eel early the home defence being severely taxed. Eventually some pretty work led up to Thomas defeating Russell. Stun"- by this reverse, New Tre- T11!1'f,lsed more spirit into their play, and v Catkins equalised. After resuming New iredegar fell away considerably, aud allowed numerous chances to go aslray. Later from a tree kick lroedyrhiw defeated Russell, who. most ulii C- couritably allowed the ball to pass him. That Iroedyihiw were exceedingly lucky in bagging the lull number of points cannot be gainsaid, as New Iredegar were the superior side throughout. & ft On Monday the teams met again for the return maiden at lroedyrhiw and a very exciting contest was witnessed. Troedyrhiw scored first, and a few minutes later strengthened their lead. The visi- tors, mamly by good forward play, now attacked, and JJando scored. The second half was very evenly fought out. From a breakaway by Ivirkham, who passed back, from the goal-line, Vallis equalised. JJoth teams played desnerately to secure the lead, and eventually the homesters scored a third point. New iredegar, despite this reverse, attacked vig- orotisl. and seven minutes from time Harry Ro- berts handled in the dreaded area. Dando made no mistake with the penalty. The result, a draw Oi Juee goals each, was a true reflection of how matters went. The cup winners were undoubtedly off colour, and New Tredegar took full advantage of their weakness. Barry and Gilfach met once more at the former place, a very plea.sant encounter resulting in a victory for the visitors by four goals to one. Cwm anil Nelson met on Monday at the latter place and a splendid game was witnessed, the Mon- mouthshire team winning by the odd goal in three. In the Third Division Treharris Juniors, this sea- sons champions, over-ran Brithdir to the extent of seven goals to two „ f'} Western League Treharris encountered ±!atli City at home, and gave a trial to Ileath, a nfiV foty<ni hailing from Bristol, The homesters ?,i n .1 hrst, but James and Hargett soon reinov- M ,™ danger. Bath then assumed the aggressive. j fPrced several fruitless corners. Pickett next tried to mako headway but was driven back. Poor shooting robbed Treharris of several promising opportunity. After resuming, Treharris re-arrang- ed their forces, Stevo Jones taking up the posi- tion of custodian. Both soon attacked, but Steve Jones averted the danger for a time. Alden, how- ever, later gave him no chance to save. Gould add- ed a second goal a tick afterwards. Treharris made dospexate efforts to reduce the visitors' lead, but the Citizens strong defence prevailed. On the dy's play Bath thoroughly deserved their splendid victory. Treharris never seemed to blend together, and are not a shadow of the Treharris team of last seasoD. Possibly next season, with the introduc- tion of new blood, the All Whites will once more rise phoenix like on the ashes ot their dead past, and resume their place among the leaders of South Wales Soccer. On Tuesday, Troedyrhiw met Bargoed at the lat- ter place, and as it was necessary for the Junior Cup winners to s6curc the* two points to tie with Cwm for the leading position, much interest was manifested in the result. Troedyrhiw attacked, and 'scored after ten minutes' play. After resuming. Troedyrhiw proved the superior side, and addect two further goals, which result places them on ail equality with Cwm for top position. SOUTH WALES LEAGUE. Division I. Goals Pd. W. L. D. forag'st. Pts. Mardy 14 11 2 1 37 16 .23 Ton Pentre 14 10 2 2 49 12 22 Milford 14 8 5 1 33 31 17 Merthyr Town 14 6 5 3 33 21 13 Cwmparc 13 5 H 0 20 28 10 Cardiff City "13 3 8 2 22 41 8 Barry 12 3 7 2 20 23 8 Swansea 14 1 10 3 14 52 5 RHYMNEY VALLEY AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Division I. Aberdare g 7 1 1 19 3 15 Ton Pentre 8 5 1 2 20 8 12 Treharris 9 4 2 3 12 13 11 Merthyr Town' '9 3 4 2 10 15 8 Mardy 9 2 5 2 10 12 6 Cwmparc 10 1 9 0 13 31 2 # Division II. Troedyrhiw 16 10 1 5 36 13 25 Cwm 15 ll 2 2 46 22 24 GilTach 13 9 3 1 22 14 17 Nelson 14 7 6 1 26 24 15 Dowlais 13 4 5 4 21 22 12 Aberaman 14 4 7 3 18 29 11 New Tredegar 12 2 6 4 24 26 8 Bedlinog 14 1 19 3 12 45 5 Bargoed "13 2 10 1 15 34 5 Division Ill. Treharris Juns. 17 13 1 3 40 23 29 Pontlottyn J. 16 10 1 5 42 21 25 Brithdir 17 7 6 4 23 35 13 Troedrhiwfuwch 18 6 7 5 40 37 17 Dowlais Reserves 15 6 5 4 19 25 16 Abertysswg .14 5 4 5 25 21 IS j Ystrad Mvnach 15 6 6 3 19 29 15 Senghenydd .18 4 10 4 39 43 12 Aberbargoed 16 5 11 0 29 37 10 Bedlinog lies. 15 2 9 4 25 23 8 Monmouthshiro Association Notes. [By "the New Boy."] Although the last Saturday of the season is past. the championship of the First Division yet remains to be settled. Caerleon were given a great oppor- tunity of deciding matters last Saturday, but Ebbw Vale rose to the occasion, and gave Cwm a possible chance of again meeting Caerleon in a final tie. Caerleon started off as if they intended over-run- ning the Valians, as Barry scored in the first min- ute. The Valians, however, soon retaliated, and Yanto tested the visiting custodian with a hot shot. Following some exciting play Austin drew level with a grand shot, mis-kicking by Fryer nearly let Barry in, but up to the interval no further score- was recorded. After restarting Ebbw Vale tried hard to take the lead, but Besley, tho Caerleon goalie, defended splendidly, and kept them out; Caerleon next attacked and only bad shooting pre- vented them securing something tangible. Near the end Davies, the homo winger, dribbled away, and centred for Larry Wright to score. The game proved one of the best witnessed at Cwm for many noons. Undoubtedly the Valians must be considered fortunate to have secured the braco of points, as Caerleon attacked for fully two-thirds of the game. For Caerleon Wriford played a great game at back. For the winners Bainton, in goal, saved well. In defence, Austin and Tagg performed wonders. For- ward, Kavanagh, Davies, and Wright were best. Cwm and Abergavenny met on the same ground, the Castle team arriving with a very weak comple- ment. Good substitutes were, however, forthcoming. The opening stages were very evenly contested, but later Moore scored with a fai;t.stiot. Even play fol- lowed up to the interval. After restarting Aber- gavenny became very aggressive, and Len Frazer nearly got through. A passing bout by the home forwards again changed the venue, and Hopkins added another point. Near the end one of the visiting backs miskiqked ai*d, enabled Cwm to score a third goal. The game w^s not of a very inter- esting character. For^the jQastle team, Len Frazer was best, while for the winners. Moore, Hopkins and Rogers sustained a good reputation. Blaina, at home, met Gilwern in a friendly en- counter, the proceeds being in aid of the Blaina Town Band. Early in the game Collier initiated a fine movement, and one of the visitors offended in the sacred area, Lawrence converting the result- 'l ant penalty. Gilwern afterwards improved, and oc- casigjaajly §a«e er&tty mtiKgesd, se- cond half, the homesters with the wind in their f favour, were soon attacking, but shot very weakly. Gilwern retaliated, and Nickolls nearly scored. Eventually, a hot attack by the Blaina front rank led to Edwards adding another well-earned point, the game ending in their favour by two clear goals. Tredegar Thursdays visited Rhymney to meet Dowlais Thursdays in the final of the Scudamore Cup. The weather was wretched, and the field was quite unfit for such an important contest. Both teams plodded on for nearly half an hour, during which time Tredegar put on one point, although olaying against the wind. Directly afterwards the terrific gale proved too much for the team from II Ironopolis, who abruptly left the field. Whether the game will be played again to a finish remains to be seen.


Fear in City Life.

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