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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE CONTINUED .,J, PARK CHURCH.—Next Sunday THE pastor (Rev. J. Lloyd Williams) v. ill delivei1 s monthly sermon to young people, the snL. Kt being First things first." Annie ttees, the rising Dowlais soprano, who i;i,Ia sir-h a favourable impression at the presentation meeting of Col. D. Eecs"at the Drill Rail; Merthyr, recently, will sing at this SOJ:; ice. THE ENCLISH CHURCH UNION.— The Merthyr Valley Branch held a meeting at the Mission Hall, Penydarren. on Tuesday, when Councillor A C. Kirk, of Cardiff, gave a atlrfcUKr address. At the conclusion of the meeting the following resolution was unanimously passed:'—"That this meeting of the Merthyr Valley Branch of the E.C.U is strongly opposed to any alteration in the Book of Common Prayer at the present time." SUNDAY SCHOOL U.NIO-N.-E-vail James Wil- liams, aged twelve years. the son of Mr. George Williams of Windsor-terrace, Merthyr, came out on top in the Scripture examination, held last week under the auspices of the Sunday School Union for the district. This qualifies him to enter for the examination open to England and Wales. lie obtained 98 marks out of 100. His brother, 9 years of age, came fourth with 94 marks. CYFARTHFA DISTREss.-The children of this district, to the number .of 160, were again re- galed, on Tuesday, with a substantial repast of tea, cake and bread and butter. given by Messrs. Price Brothers, Plymouth-street, the generous widow again supplying the milk. Mrs. H. Jones, Norman-terrace, desires to acknowledge the receipt of 36 lbs. of Cuttant cake from Messrs. Price Bros. 9s. from the Cyfarthfa Lodges of Steelworkers, per Mr. Patsy Keefe; and Is. from Mr. D. J. Williams, Trefecca. RE-VISITING OHE OLD CGITNTRY.«—The old friends and acquaintances of Mr. Willie Ban- nister, who left'Merthyi- twenty years ago fpr the Far West, where ho lH founded a prosperous business in California, will .be interested to learn that he visited Merthyr on Thursday. He is the picture of health—the open-air life and sunshine have tanned his skip into the typical bronzed colonial. He intends to spend a couple of months in this country, and hopes to meet some of his old friends during his visit. OBITUARY.—We have to record the death, at the age of 67 years, of Mrs. Matthews, wife of Mr. Edward Matthews, flannel merchant, Brecon- road, which took place on Tuesday. Deceased was a native of Black Mill Vale of Glamorgan, but had resided in Merthyr for a groat number of years. She had been a faithful member of the Church and Sunday School at Panttywyll for a long time, and the poor of the district will miss her greatly. During last year she was also president of the Merelied y De Lodge, at Panttywyll. The funeral takes place to-day (Friday), at 2.30, for Cefn cemetery MR. LCNSDALE'S VISIT.—" HEALTH RES- TORED BY ELECTRICITY."—Owing to the large number of commendatory letters Mr. Lonsdale, medical electrician, has again received his column on paue 12 is now quite full. The wonderful remedial eiiects which have been obtained in the treatment of various ailments and diseases arc almost beyond comprehension. Case"3 which have long defied the orthodox methods of treatment have yielded to the Magnetaire. It will bo seen that Mr. Lons- dale has decided to again visit Merthyr on Monday .and Tuesday" neit. The many cures effected by this gentleman'a treatment aro,r.eafly wonderful, many cases being our own towns- people. Better evidence than is thus afforded cannot be wished for. Those who are suffering, will do well to avail themselves of the last opportunity before 1910. All consultations sue free. FOR DOCTon BARNAKDO'S HomEs.-In con- nection with the lecture, illustrated by animated pictures showing the work done in Dr. Bardardo's Homes, a capital musical programme has been arranged by Mr. E. T. Davies, F.R.C.O., and the following will take part,:—Miss Pickford, Miss Coma Price (Dowlais), Mr. Wilton (a tenor r from A'o=ynealt, Mr. W illie (Dowlais) baritone "Masters Stenner Evans and Haratio Davies will play a duet, and the accom- paniments will be played by Mr. David Williams, of Dowlais. The Mayor has promised to preside. The entertainment takes place in the Drill Hall, on Saturday, May 1st, at 8 p.m. The lecturer will be Mr. F. E. Rainer. There will also be a similar lecture given on Sunday evening, at which the choir of Bethesda Chapel "I conducted by Mr: Webber, will given a couple of choruses out of The Messiah." Miss Jones, of Newport, and Mr. Williams (tenor) will also sing MUSICAL.—Miss Webber, of Mountain Ash a pupil of Mr. D. W. Davies, F.T.S.C., A.R.C.O., organist of Bethania, Dowlais, a young lady, of only fourteen summers, has just secured the appointment of Organist at Noddfa, Mountain Ash. The organ is a three-manual one, con- sisting of 40 stops, including couplers etc. It may not be inopportune to mention also that Mr. Davies was the adjudicator at the annual eisteddfod, held at Cwm, Ebbw Vale, on Eastei Tuesday last. In the course of his adjudica- tions he made some strong remarks with regard to the indolence of our Wesh singers in not submitting themselves to an adequate and systematic course of training under tea,hers who make the subject one of life-long study. Nineteen tenors out of twenty were totally ignorant of the fact that their voices consisted of so many distinct registers or departments, one of which only revealed its presence in pro- portion as the others reeived their due share of proper !'e; tion. This v/as. perhaps, the sole reason why so many you' g tenors sang baritone, or even buss, much to their future detriment." Oomiivr after the remarks of Dr. Marnaught, at Mountain Ash. these are certainly to the point. Adjudi aU-us of Mr. Oavies's stamp arc sadly re-mired in our eisteddfodau, if we are to keep pare with the needs of the present time. AMATEUR THEATRICALS.—On Tuesday next the stage of the Temperance Hall, Merthyr, wil' be occupied by some local amateurs, who are producing three, small plays. This will be an entire change from the usual form of one big play, and the audience will, have plentv of variety. The proceeds are to be devoted to a very deserving local charity, which does a great deal of good work in the town and dis- trict, and it is hoped a substantial surplus will be realised. The names of the plays to ba pro- duced are, "Ici on Parle Francais," a well- known old favourite in one act. "The Two Misses Ibbetson," which is said to be very good, and which is by that eminent playwright, Ina Leon Casseles, and "The Dream," which is, perhaps, the main piece of the evening It is a cornea v in two acts by Henry Arthur Jones. Additional interest is attached to the perform- ance from the fact that most of the players are new to Merthyr audiences as amateur actors, and they include some promising talent. This change of players gives a freshness to the per- formance from an amateur point of view, and the public like a change, ..much as they appre- ciate the splendid efforts of the amateurs who have appeared before them in the oast. They like variety. The names of those taking part are: Mrs. J. T. Harrap, Misses C. and N. Biddle, M. Evans D. Griffiths, L. James, E. Rees, N Ward, Q. Webster, and Messre. W B. Harris, M. Pulliblank, E. W. Richards, and C. F Williams. MERTHYR UNION.—LADIES' VISITING COM- MITTEE.—The annual meeting took place at the board-room of the Workhouse, on Monday, presided over by Mrs. Colrnap (Penydarren), If was a most enthii.siasticy meeting. The hon. sen (Mrs. Bowen) read her annual report and spoke of the excellent work that has been started amongst the girls who leave the Aberdare Schools for service.—The balance sheet showed that the receiptsfor the yêar totalled £26176. 1 d. and the payments E22 9s. 4d., leaving a sum of JM 7s. 9d. in hand. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the officers for 1908-9. The officers for the ensuing year were appointed as follows:—President, Mrs. J. Gomer Jones; vice-president, Mrs. Jones (Vulcan House); secretary, re-elected, Mrs. (Rev.) T. Bowen, Dowlais. It was decided, subject, as usual to the approval of the Board of Guardians to give the annual tea to the inmates on Thursday, May 13th, and a sub-committee was appointed to arrange the concert. Mr J. W. King Price (Dowlais) was elected as caterer for the tea. The Visiting Committee number about 80 ladies, who faithfully visit the Aberdare Schools, the Bargoed Cottage Homes, and the Merthyr Workhouse, and who otherwise take a practical interest in the inmates, old and young. To take the places of those who had resigned a number of ladies were newly-elected, and their names will be submitted to the Guardians for approval. PROPERTY SALES.—On Wednesday, at the Cowbridre Arms Hotel, Merthyr, Mr. F. A. Phillips sold by public auction several lota of leasehold property. Broh Eppynt, District- street. Penydarren. let at £18 4s. a year. and held for 99 years from March 1902, subject to a ground rent of tl 3s., went for E172 10s. Cambrian House, District-street, let at C15 12s.. and held for a similar term, subject to a ground rent of il 4s. 5d., realised £140. No. 6, David- street, Morgan town, producing C13 a year, No. 7, David-street (£11 14s. a year), and No. 8, David-street ( £ 11 14s.). held for 99 years from November, 1846, the total ground rent being JE3 8s. Gd., were sold for f220.-The purchaser was Mis3 M J. Thomas, Breco-road.-The solicitors for the vendor were Messrs. Thomas and Davies.-On the same night Messrs. J. M. Berry and Son conducted a property sale at the same hotel. No. 2, Brecon-road, Merthyr, held for 60 years from Mt^y, 1900, subject to a ground of £ 2 12s, Ssl" wax purchased by LAIri D. _Uo. -y- _u_ J, Thomas, Garth-street, for £625. No. 2, Garth-street, Morgantown, held for a similar term, the ground rent being JE1, went to Mr. Tasker, Garth-street, for £150, and Nos. 81 and 82, Brecon-road, let afa total rental of £16 18s., and held for 99 years from May, 1826, were purchased by Mrs. Williams, 82, Brecon-road. for £124. Messrs. Thomas and Davies were solicitors for the vendors. LECTURE ON JOHN BUNYAX.—On Monday night, at the v'illiams Memorial Chapel, Peny- darren, the Ho\rohn Brown, D.D., B.A.. of Bedford, delivered a lecture on John Bunvan." The learned lecturer is a master of his subject, and, by common consent, recognised as the greatest living authority on the writer of Pilgrim's Progress." The friends at Williams' Memorial Chanel are to be congratulated upon being able to bring down so eminent a lecturer. There was a very good attendance, and if the weather had been more favourable the chapel Wijuld, undoubtedly, have been crowded. The Rev. John Brown is ex-president of the Congre- gational Union, and has written several im- portant hooks bearing on religious work. He was ordained in 1835, at Park Church, Man- chester, and left there in 1864 for Bedford— Bunyan's Meeting House—where he stayed until 1903, when he resigned, and has since devoted himself to lecturing and literature. He is a grand old man, over eighty years of age, and speaks fluently and vigorously. At the close of the lecture, the Rev. E. D. Walters, of Market-square Church, proposed a vote of thanks to the lecturer, which was seconded by the Rev. John Thomas, Zoar, both of whom remarked how much they had enjoyed the lecture. They also congratulated the speaker upon his wonderful constitution, which enabled him to carry out numerous lecturing engage- ments and travel to all parts of the country on similar duties. The chair was taken by Mr. Harry Southey. On the previous day the Rev. John Brown preached at the Memorial Chapel, and his sermons were much enjoyed—they were intellectual treats, delivered in an earnest, onvincillg style.

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