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—— — «— I impollp Igloo, INW-A y Do,tf't;' l Get on to the a RaiHn«s I and Save During I I Trouble. igoge I Don't Tread on Other People's Corns! I But, at the same time, don't have Corns for ether j people to tread on. I Dr. Well's Corn Silk is the I — I Greatest Corn BemOVflr ever known. I Don't N put off, insist on having Dr. WELL'S CORN SILK. 7$d. and \/1\ A PACKET. || SOLE AGENT FOR MERTHYR AND DISTRICT:— r HENRY M. LLOYD, M.P.S., DISPENSING CHEMIST AND PHARMACIST, VICTORIA STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL, j BETTER CYCLES THAN ALLDAY'S Matchless "CjYOLESi CANNOT BE MADE. They have been selected in preference to all other leading makes by the General Post Office, to whom over 5,000 Cycles have been supplied, in addition to large numbers to the War Office, India Office, and other Government Departments. FROM £ 6 6s. od., or 10/- per month. Over 7,000 hands are employed by the Manufacturers of these, THE MOST RELIABLE AND BEST FINISHED CYOLES EXTANT. SOLE AGENTS for this District— -•* S. SCHWARTZ & SONS, THE DOWLAIS FURNISHERS, 32, UNION STREET, DOWLAIS. SEASON 1909. "TROTTING RAILWAY 2nd," A Dark Bay Cob, 14-hands 1-in., 5 years old, WILL SERVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF MARES at the ANTELOPE HOTEL, DOWLAIS. Terms Moderate. TEMPERANCE HALL, MERTHYR. AMATEUli THEATRICALS. TUESDAY, APRIL 27th, 1909. I The Three rOllwin Short Plays will be performed ICI ON PARLE FRANCAIS. a Farce in one act, by I T. G. Williams. TWO MISSES IBBETSON, a Play in one act by Ina Leon C-as.-ilis; aiid THE DEACON, a Comedy in two acts by Heary Arthur Jones. Proceeds will be in aid of the Merthyr District Visiting Society. Prices of Admission Reserved Seats, 3s. Un-reserved, 2s. and Is. Doors open at 7 30. to commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets may be had from any of the pertormers or members of the District Visiting Society. The Plan of Reserved Seats may ba seen at Messrs. Thompson & Shackelip.


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