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Merthyr Board of Guardians.


Merthyr Board of Guardians. A QUESTION TO BE RAISED IN PARLIAMENT. MR. EVANS AND THE OVERSEERS. The Rev. J. ITathren Davies presided at the fortnightly meeting of this Board on Saturday. Mr. H. Jones moved "That in view of the Registrar General's refusal to consent to the Guardians' proposal to divide the Upper Reg- istration sub-district into two sub-districts, Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P., be asked to move in the House of Commons upon the consideration of the estimates, a reduction of in the salary of the Registrar-General. He said the Board, by a unanimous vote, asked the Registrar-Gen- eral to divide the district, but that official ig- nored their wishes. He did not consider the Registrar-General was in a position to dictate, because some time ago he advised that Pen- deryn parish should be added to Merthyr and Vaynor to Aberdare (laughter).—Mr. Aug-ustus Davies seconded, and Mr. Dd. Davies supported Jhe resolution, which was carried.—It was aJso agreed that the resolution be sent to the leader of the Welsh Parliamentary Party and the 1.1.- bour Party in the House.—Rector of Dow- lais: It will give them something to ùo. Mr. Dd. Evans (Merthyr) moved that a letter bo sent to the Town Clerk of Merthyr pointing ont t.hat the appointment of six overseers by the Corporation was contrary to the statute. He said he was still of the opinion that the Cor- poration had no richt to appoint more than four overseers, and he also moved that the Clerk write to the Local Government Board asking for their opinion. He did not care whether there were four or forty-four over- seers, but he wished to be on the right side. Very often appellants went to Quarter Sessions, and they would all agree that upon a legal quibble the Board might lose the day and be mulcted in great expense. He wished to avoid a legal quibble in regard to the number of overseers.—Mr. Rees Rees seconded, a.nd the resolution was carried. The Rev. J. O'Reilly moved, "That all ap- peals against maintenance orders, or proposed orders, be referred to a committee, which will meet at ten o'clock a.m. on the days on which the Board meets, and bring up a report upon the cases submitted."—Several amend- ments were proposed, and it was ultimately agreed, on the motion of Mrs. M. T. Williams, that the cases to be brought, forward by the warrant officer be in future taken immediately after the minutes of a previous meeting have been signed. The Clerk said he had received from the Local Government Board £219 4s. 9d. paid un- der the Agricultural Rates Act. TpeqClerk said he had received a precept from the Glamorgan County Council for £15,000, of which £7,543 was payable on 1st June. The amounts were made up as follows:—Aber- ^70' Gellygaer, £ 10,266; Rhigos, \r J^ertbyr did notr appear in this precept. •■-Mr. D. Evans said he was of opinion that the last precept included £ 2,000 from Merthyr, 1 was duplicated, as the Corporation also he money.—The Clerk said that would Uter to be considered when the question ..• lustrnent. between the County Council u.tK' tiie Corporation was gone into. The cause of toe duplication if any, was that the County rate, which included the £ 2,000, was made up belore Merthyr became a. county borough. The Clerk said he had received from the County Council the county rate basis, that of Merthyr being £242,967. Other Unions were anc^ Cowbridge, £ 461,295; Cardiff, £ 678,820: Gower £ 62,787; Llanelly, £ 25,200; Neath, £ 394,296; Pontardawe, £ 97,104; Ponty- Swansea, £116,002. So far as Merthyr was concerned it was only for that portion of the Union in the administrative county. .A-. letter was read from Mr. Thos. Powell, Wellington-street, thanking the Board for ap- Polnting him registrar of births and deaths for Merthyr Upper Sub-district. A Iptter from the relieving officers and master of the house applying for extra remuneration for work under the Old Age Pensions Act, was referred to the Finance Committee.—1The Clerk: I see that some Unions have allowed masters, relieving- officers and clerk twopence per case. A letter was received from the Poplar Guar- dians asking the Merthyr Board of Guardians to pass a resolution in favour of the .taxation of n ;i 1 ^ues —It was agreed to reply that the already adopted such a course. ,r"e Rector of Dowlais gave notice to move that the Board subscribe twenty guineas to the funds of Porthcawl Rest.—The Clerk said that tickets were now available. wTl agree^ to print and issue 500 posters, 1?..y elsh. giving the principal provisions of the Chddren's Act.


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