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"iI¡'c:¡. • r: H. SAMUEL'S CZIZ Iyatem of Jlipell End, Tm, wholesale-buying and Newcaitle-on- neareat-to-factory-coet selling Tyne, writes .— prices means a big difference In YOUR HPs^SHjlgp jjpr favour In actual £ 8. D. Ton get the best "YOUR M Jr^V there is to be had in the United Kingdom in /^sjh WATCHES, RINGS, CLOCKS, CUTLERY, PLATE, etc. GOODS *j&. Br I at prices quite Impossible to the ordinary retailer. ARE A J& J CALL TO-DAY ATIO SEE ACTUAL PROOFS OF THIS. CREDIT Ruby Brooch, with lie TO and Leaves on bar. M axt uch 7/6 design. YOU." price READ I 13/8.) LADIES' P.iished Over FULI-LEN('.TH Walnut r- -.e 2w,ooo GOLD 316 ci.,L-, I. in GUARDS 21/ high. Br"s inlay at base. ('.IN,rs VERY HANDSOI.IE idreds of other barg2ins in SOLID GOLD ALBERTS, Vely SOLID been massive. Every Link GOLL) GOM RING. received stamped 18/s 616 these in the by ,,ILVER-PLATED Pgr- SERVE JARS .Pots, (as usually ..Id At 216). worth gocd deal morc t B. SarhucL /3 f C.,vc" and ,it]iStighorii Isaiidics, in eM TO PAY !n \See J) CUTLERY, LEATHEP. Record GOODS, SILVER 7= Value. NOVELTIES, HOUSE- HOLD NECESSARIES. H. SAMUEL'S THOUSANDS OF SEN. LUCKY" WEDD!NG RINGS, OFFERS. no-ted for thoir beauty and flnsh. SEE THE Bola by W,,jtbt with specially ri,e mmfa&F WINDOWS rREE wtC0,Na THXH COMBS INSIDE AND ASK G^J MM SILVIR gj9 TO SHE THE ACTUAL ARTICLES. | LRVER- H SPECIALLY STRIKING OFFERS ALL THIS WEEK jW ,ter l'e",004 In actual .9c. fg —FRESH AND BRIGHT FROM THE FACTORY I I /JYa i 23/ K.yl'.s sam. P7;ce. twi kft An M — Full Mlon 11 Thousand* of W4Qp,,a, Trial or any 1- u SAMUEL™ M« Brill. B B B am BwE BBS BESI purchase. I|. 1119, HIGH STREET, MERTHYR. _r-<é :f\;tj}:tl: 8 WHY HAVE A FACE LIKE THIS? li WHEN MIL N I ■Pftlff Neuratona | I Cures NEURALGIA, TIC-RHEUM, 1 1mi$C W(U TOOTHACHE' and a11 Nerve Pains- I Take no Imitation. Insists oa having NEURATONA. if 1/11 per BoUio, Post free. ■ FROM THE SOLE DEPOT FOR WALES: 1 I HENRY M. LLOYD, Chemist, Merthyr. I SHOPPING BY POST. SHOPPING BV POST. If "1 T 17 x? \Z I V will secure one of our W JTIJCJ HLJU JL Special 10s. 6d. or 21s. HALES containing Blankets. Sheets, Quilts, flannel. Flannelettes, Towels, Curtains. Jackets Skirts, Furs. Boots, Clothing, &c. Write for Bar, gain Lists.—WHOLESALE & EXPORT SUPPLY Co., 79. Kmcljtrider-strect, London, E.C. DAVID ANTHONY Pharmacist, 110, QUEEN ST., CARDIFF, ("tabIi8hed '9 years) fay be consulted at the above address Thursday & Satur- day and for the con- velliellc of tbose who are to travel to Cardiff. Mr. ANTHONY be consulted at 4, Glebeland Place, Merthyr Tydfil, every FIRST MONDAY IN THE MONTH, beginnin r the 1st of Marcli, 1909. Ilr. Anthony is the well-known Speelalintfor DISEASED L aONE, whose New Treatment absolutely cures without the use of the knife. Specialist for BAD LEGS, and all Skin Affections, including ECZEMA, in its worst forru, PSORIASIS, LOSS OF HAIK, PHLEBITIS, VARICOSE VEINS, WEN or GOITRE. CHRONIC RHEUMATISM, LUMBA&0 and SCIATICA. Lu and SCIATICA. Thousands of Hopeless Cases of llUoaseJ Bone and Ulcerated Legs have been saved from Amputation by the Anthony New Treatment. In minor cases of Ulcerated Legs Le Roi's Albanian Salvehas cured many thousands. But in complicated ases the Anthony New Treatment is iuf illiWe. Le Roi's Albanian Salve is the most popular of all Ointments. It cures Eczema, Psoriasis, Piles and all bkin Affections. Le Roi's Albanian Salve is so very iimple and harmless that mothers even use it with the rreatest effect to the babies' eyes. For Cuts, or any- thing the matter with the Skin, Le Roi's Albanian Salve prevents Festering and Blood Poisoning, which is due to tte great Antiseptic properties hence the reason why its healing properties are so marvellous, and that so few mothers are without it. knowing it saves life and many long billc. Sold by all Chemists at is. lid. and 2s. 9d„ 6r direct, post free, from the Sole Proprietors- ANTHONY & Co., Pharmacists, 39, St. Mary St., »nd at lio! Queen Street, CARDIFF. N.B.—CONSULTATIONS FREE. Owinir to want of space, v. e pen only the following Testi- monials .— 29 YEARS ON CRUTCHES. Mrs. Jones 10, North-street, Penydarren, Merthyr, was t9 years on crutches had thirten wounds on both legs; Cured by the Anthony New Treatment in a few weeks pain ceased in three days. A RBMARKABLB CURE (j,, DISEASED BONE.—Mr. Lewis Rill 31 New lioad, Ynysybwl, Glam.,suffered for upwards of six years, was kept in bed practically the whole of the time. Pain at times was unbearable. Amputation re- commended as the only relief. Under the Anthony New treatment pain ceased in three days and immediately re- timed to work, carrying on the treatment in the pit. Absolutely cured in four months. N.B.—Any number of testimonials on application. War Declared! PRESENTATION SHOES. CENTS' HIGH-GRADE BOOTS. fOR ONE MONTH ONLY we will GIVE AWAY ABSOLUTELY FREE irith every order for our Gent's high-grade lace Boots, at 10/9, a pair of Ladies' lace Shoes. As m advertibement only, to show you what class of goods we sell. Remember the Ladies' Shoes cost you nothing Give your lister or sweetheart a Spring present that will please her Solid value la evory parcel dispatched. Carriage paid to any Address. Write to-day enclosing 10/9 and receive Wie two pairs for the price of one. State eize of khe gout's and ladies required. Send now A. WILLIAMS & Co., Boot & Shoe Warehouse. Stourport Rd., Kidderminster So!e Factors of the KOLLIER BRAND. •r ARMITAOK'H DRY FEED § CHICKEN FOOD. The I ■T original and best Chickens rear- I F ed on this Food weigh 20 oss. when five I M weeks old. Pullets commenc; to lay at ■ I five months. In bags 4d., 8d., Is. 4d., I 2a. 6d. and 5a. Manufactured by Armitage t Broe., Ltd., Nottin-liarn. Sold by Rich & ■ Sons, Grocers Hopkins Bros., 82, Tvvyny- I rodyo, Merthyr Tydfil, and D. Jones, Oar. ■ marthen Stores, Tredegar. 11 ^iUGiiTENS THE DARKEST HOUR


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