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" Merthyr Express " Diary.…

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Merthyr Electric Traction…


Merthyr Electric Traction and Lighting Co., Ltd. The report of the directors for the year ended 31st December, 1908, states :—The total, capi- tal expenditure to 31st December 1908, amount- ed to £106,835 13s. 3d. The gross receipts on the light railways for the year amounted to £ 11,190-9s. 9d., and the gross receipts on ac- count of electrical supply to £6466 14s. M." making with JB182 14s. 8d. sundry receipts, a total of £17,839183. lid. After .deducting all expenses chargeable to revenue, including £2,056 Itte. for Debenture interest, and placing £1,00,0 to the renewals, account, there remains a surplus of £4,207 6s. 5d., making with the, JS535 8s. 10d. brought forward from last ac- count, a. total of £4,740 15s. 3d. The payment of the dividend on .the Preference Shares for the twelve. months ended 15th October, 1908, amounted to £1,500,.leaving available for dis- tribution a balance of £3.240 15s. 3d., which tho directors recommend should be applied as fol- lows: To be placfed to depreciation. and re- serve account, £L?50; to pay dividend of 5 per cent, on the Ordinary to be carried forward to next account, JM90 15s. 3d. The results from the year's working continue to show satisfactory progress. The gross re- ceipts amounted to £6,66 14s. 6d., and the expenditure to £2,185 Os. 5d. The receipts for 1908 exceeded the receipts for 1907 by JS594 10s. 4d. while the expenditure only increased £81 9s. Od., making an improvement of £513 Is. 4d. in the gross profits. The installations .(exclusive of the light railways) connected to the mains on 31st December, represented de- mands equivalent to the number of 8 c.p. lamps as follows:—Lighting, 18,405 power, 3,945 total, 22,350. The gross receipts from the light railways show a decrease of £74 18s. 5d., and the expenditure an increase of 2s. 8d., making a decrease of JB497 Is.,ld. in the gross profit. The increase in operating expenses is mainly due to the payment of a higher scale of wages to .employees and increased expenditure on the repairs and maintenance of the perman- ent way and, The directors regret that the continued delay by the local authorities in proceeding with the new bridge across the river has made it necessary for the company to make yet another application to the Board of Trade for an extension of time for the continuation of the line into Cefn. The Company has, how- ever, been informed that the- bridge will be proceeded with this slimmer.


Sudden Death in a Colliery.


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Cyfarthfa Castle Park-keeper.…