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THE Prime Minister, on Wednesday, intro- duced and explained the Government's Bill for the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church in Wales. A motion against the intro- duction of the measure wa-s defeated by 262 votes to 90. It is fourteen years since Mr. Asquith brought in his first Bill for the Dises- tablishment of the Church in Wales. The de- mand of Welshmen for this act of justice was great then, but it is greater to-day. Mr. As- quith's arguments on Wednesday were irresist- ible. He had the advantage of being thorough- ly familiar with the question, and it is well known that he has a warm sympathy for the aspirations of Welsh people. What the fate of the Bill will be it is difficult to say. The Government are sincerely anxious to pass it into law; but were it to go to Committee of the whole House, it is difficult to see how it could be carried through all its stages in a session whose time will so largely be taken up by the Budget. The alternative is to send the Bill to a Standing Committee, a course which is warm- ly advocated by some of the Welsh members. The int-roduction of the measure has aroused great enthusiasm in the Principality. Already many public meetings and conferences have sent resolutions approving of the Bill. IF carried this session, the measure will take 1 effect aa from January 1st, 1911, &-n4 from that -o. date it provides that: Ecclesiastical Corpora- tions in Wales will be dissolved, and no Welsh Bishop will sit in the House of Lords. Ecclesi astical law will cease to exist as law, but will be binding on the Disestablished Church by agree- ment (8.15 in the Colonies). The Disestablished Church will be authorised to create a. repre- sentative body with power to hold synods. To this representative body will be hand?d over: (1) The four Welsh Cathedrals, with all their associated buildings. (2) All churches, chapels of ease. and similar buildings, many of them erected out of moneys voted by Parliament; (3) aU ecclesiastical residences, numbering more than 800; (4) closed burial grounds; and (5) ail benefactions since 1662. A temporary Welsh Commission is proposed, to which will be hand- ed over endowments of earlier date than 1662 including tithe rent-charge, glebe, etc. The Commission will give to parishes such endow- ments as are derived from parochial property, subject to full and complete compensation to existing incumbents for life. The parishes may spend the money on cottage hospita/s and dis- pensaries, on trained nurses, on district halis, technical and higher education, or other objects not provided for by the rates. A Council of Wales will be created of representatives from County and Borough Councils. To this Council will be relegated the central endowments, and one-tenth of the local endowments, the funds being charged with the expense of administra, tion. Any surplus will go to higher education. On the expiration of existing incumbents, buriai grounds will be handed over to the local auth- orities.


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