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The Teaching of Hygiene,


The Teaching of Hygiene, LECTURE AT HIRWAIN. On Tuesday, under the auspices of the Free Church Council, a temperance demonstration was held at the Tabernacle Congregational Chapel. In the ifternoon previous to a confer- ence, by the courteous invitation of Mr. D. J. Davies, manager of the gas works, a splendid repast was prepared. Afterwards, Mr. W. N. Edwards, London, gave an excellent illustrated address on "Some suggestions as to the teaching of hygiene and temperance in schools." The Bible, he said, did not deal technically with the subject of hygiene. The careful reader of the sacred word would, however, observe many suggestions, and even direct statements, which shed much light on the problem of healthful living. That physical health was a matter of importance in God's estimation was evident from the words of the Apostle John, "Belo.ed. I wish above all things that thou mayest pros- per and be in health, even as thy soul prosper- et.h." God took no pleasure in sickness, suffer- ing, and death. The present enfeebled, degen- erate condition of mankind was not in harmony with God's will; indeed, it distinctly dishon- oured His name. God made man upright, fornt- ed him in His own image and likeness, and endowed him with physical health, strength, and beauty. Mr. Edwards illustrated the cause of diseases. Drunkenness, he said, produced domestic, temporal and eternal misery. Tha intelligent audience greatly enjoyed the ad- dress. Mr. D. J. Davies presided, and was sup- ported by Revs. J. T. Rhys, Aberaman, W. J. Rowlands; W. J. Williams, E. Wern Wil- liams; Lewis Morgan, and D. C. Jones. Rev. E. Wcrn Williams proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Edwards, and Rev. W. J. Wil-i liams seconded. Musical items were contribu- ted by Mrs. Rdwlands and Miss M. G. Williams,], tho accompanist being Mr. Tom Richards. A public meeting followed at the Tabernacle' Chapel, presided over by the Rev W. J Wil- liams (C.M.), when an address was given on "The Church and Temperance," by the Rev. W. Mottram, of London. The meeting was well attended, and the address was thoroughly en- joyed by all.