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HIRWAIN. DANCE.—A very enjoyable dance was held at the Red Cow Temperance House, on Thursday night. The room was attractively decorated, and there was a. separate room for refreshments, which were served by Mrs. Alice Boynes, Mrs. Lloyd (The LilaCs), and Mrs. Steve Lloyd. Dancing was indulged in until a late hour, the M.C. being Mr. Willie Lloyd. Abo\it 40 mem- bers of the dancing o^as enjoyed a delightful time. VESTRY MEETING.—On Thursday the Easter vestry meeting was held in connection with the St. Lleurwg's Church, at the Parish-room. un- der the presidency of thfc Rev. Joseph Morgan, vicar. Gratifying reports were given of the year's work, and showed that all branches in connection with the parish- church were in a satisfactory condition. The following officers were appointed for the ensuing year: Mr. Wil- liam Edmunds, re-elected Vicar's warden; sidesmen (English): Messrs. A. Bluett, E. J. I-linehriff, T. L. Rhys, J. S. Mygford; Welsh: Messrs. John Alex. Lewis, John John, and Da- vid Jones. PARISH MEETING.—At the English Wesleyan School, on Monday evening, a parish meeting was held under the presidency of Mr. B. A. Williams, and was largely attended, especially by the Penderyn farmers. This annual Coun- cil meeting was held for the election of Parish Councillors for the ensuing year. 'Mr. William Williams, Bryncynon, for the twenty-sixth year, was appointed chairman; Mr. David Jones, Clydfan, vice-chairman; Messrs. John Harris, Trebanog, and Edward Fydmunds, Maesygareg, overseers. A communication was read from the Vaynor and Penderyn Rural Dis- trict Council respecting the roads at John- street and Cefndon-terrace. It was decided to call a. parish meeting on Monday. May 10th, to decide whether the roads should be taken over by the Council. DISKSTABLISHMENT.—UNDER the auspices of the Free Church Council a public meeting was held at the English Weslevan Chapel, Hirwain, on Wednesday night, under the presidency of Rev. W. J. Rowlands (Congregational minis- tetf. The following resolution was proposed by Rev. W. W. J. Rowlands, and seconded by Principal D. Jones :-HTbat this meeting cf a's Hirwain Free Churchmen expresses its pleasure with the promise of the Prime Minister to in- troduce a Bill for the Disestablishment of the Anglican Church in Wales and Monmouth- shire, and urges the Government to pass it through all its stages during the present Par- E4ST OR WEST-BERRY'S IS BEST. ■ — ■ 'I IH.II>. liament, and assures them of its hearty Sups port to that end, and further resolves that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Prime Minister and to the members for the district." The resolution was supported by the Rev. Thomas Richards, Newport, at some length: He said that the rivalry of old among the Free Nonconformist Denominations1 had been to great extent removed through the influence of the Free Church Council in South Wales and Monmouthshire. He spoke of the importance 01 making a strenuous united effort to release the Anglican Church from its distressed position owing to its connection with Parliament. The connection between Church and State was faW to the genuiness of religious life and to the loftiness of religious achievement. It was not a just thing to have in Wales a Church that was a. favourite of Parliament. The disestab- lishment question had been before the country! for the last 64 years. The justice of the demand of the Welsh people for Disestablishment had long been recognised by the whole Liberal Party, and the present Government were pledged to redress this long-standing griev- ance during the life time of the present Parlia- ment. Not a few Conservatives in Wales desir- ed that religious equality should be attained. Col. Prvce Jones, the late Tory member for Montgomery Borough, declared that until the question was definitely settled there never would be peace and contentment in WalesL Let every lover of justice support the Welsh claim. A hearty vote of thanks to the speaker terminated an enthusiastic meeting. 'LINSEKD COMPOUND' for Coughs and Colds. 01 proven efficacy. Of Chemists only. 9Jd. 1/H, 3/9

The Teaching of Hygiene,