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Mountain Ash District Council.

. Mountain Ash Easter Vestry.


Mountain Ash Easter Vestry. MORE FINANCIAL~SUPP0RT NEEDED. The vestry meeting for the Mountain Ash- parish was held at the Parish-room on Thurs- day evening. The Vicar (Rev. J- Sinnett Jones, M.A.) presided, and there were a good number of parishioners present. Mr. W. G. Thomas was appointed vestry clerk. The Vicar said that in deierence to the wishes of the deputa- tion that waited upon him he had decided to remain at Mountain Ash, and he hoped that he had done right. Referring to the collec- tions at St. Margaret's, the Vicar said he thought it was a shame that the collections were not larger. Judging by the number of coins a large number of the congregation did not put anything on the plate, and he thought that, there were none too poor to give some- thing. He trusted tha.t in the coming year there would be a decided improvement in this re- spect. God had blessed all of them, and it was the least return they could make to Him for His goodness. Another matter of importance was the assistant clergy fund. He did not ask the deputation that waited upon him for any definite promise for greater support, but if greater support was not given It would be a matter of impossibility to carry on the work. It remained with the wardens and sidesmen to see in which way more support could be ob- tained for that fund The collections at St. Margaret's last year amounted to £250 12s., while for the district churches the amounts were as follows: St. David's Welsh Church, jB30 19s. 9d.; St. Dyfrig's Newtown, J346 19s. 4d.: St. Teilo's, Miskin, jB70 2s. 10d. r and St. 111- tyd's, Cefnpennar, £36 16S. 3d. He hoped the new church at Miskin would be ready for the opening ceremony by June 24th, the festival of St. John the Baptist, and that the debt at the opening would be less than £1 000 (cheers). An- other matter that would concern him during the coming year would be the division of the parish, and this would either take place this year, or early next year. The cutting off of Miskin into a separate parish would be a great relief, and would make the work of the Moun- tain Ash parish less laborious, but against this there were many things facing him. There was a great need for another mission church at Darrenlas (cheers). There was also a need for some place where the young men could go of an evening, more especially with regard to St. Margaret's Church, though not excluding any (cneers). Another need was for a chapel at the new cemetery. Those were the immediate future needs of the parish, but nothing could be done until Miskin parish had been formed, and put on a firm basis. The Vicar Again em- phasized the need for greater support for the assistant clergy fund, as it was no small matter to collect the amount necessary to maintain the present staff of clergy at. Mountain Ash. He then thanked the wardens sidesmen, chapel wardens, choirs, Sunday school teachers, and his own colleagues for their work for the church during the past year (cheers). The Vicar then appointed Col. M. Morgan as his warden for the ensuing year. Mr. Alfred Morgan said he was one of those who believed the position of warden should not- be held for too long a period by one person, but still he thought that one year was too short a time. He, therefore, proposed Mr. J. K. Brooks be re-elected as people's warden for another year. This was seconded by Mr. M. Rees, and carried unnnimously. Mr. J. K. Brooks briefly thanked them for the honour they had done him, and said he hoped they would rally round him, and give him all the support they could and then he was sure that the work would go on better than it ever bad before (cheers). Mr. Gwilym A. Evans was re-elected auditor, a n t G blowing were appointed sidesmen :— °t. Margaret's Church, Messrs. A. E. Alder, J- Bluett, A. Brown, James Grant, H. George Jefferies, George Jones, J. Ma- son M. P. Rees, A. Woeks, James Lewis, S. R Aether way, Edward Howells, — Smith, W. H. Thomas, John Lloyd, Frank Powell, John Knowles, Wm. Jenkins, Windsor Evans, Tho- mas, Smith, W. T. Morris, A. R. Bartlett, and G- Stone. St. Teilo's Church: Mr. F. Stevens and Mr. Dunkley (chapel wardens), and the following as sidesmen: Messrs. T. Fisher, Archer, Lewis, Treharne, T. Phillips, H Clarke, Sergt. Boulton, W. H. Bowers, T. Stevens. J. Morse, T. Smith, D. S. Williams, and W. Har- gast. St. David's Welsh Church: Sidesmen- Messrs. T. Pugh Williams (chapel warden), Thomas Thomas, John Morgan Davies, David Davies, Daniel Shepherd, Henry Evans, and Thomas Rosser. St. Dyfrig's Church, Newtown —Sidesmen: Messrs. T. Gwatkin, ReesTaylor, W. Jefferies, C. Archer, W. Actison, L. Go ugh, W. J. Gough, G. D. Barnes, F. Barrell, C. Not- ley, G. Ponting, H. Smith, C. Powell, J. ry- ant, W. R. Davies (chapel warden), J Fidler (chapel warden), and H. Beecham. St. Illtyd's Church-Sidesmn James Jones, T. Muscott (chapel warden) T. Bebb, James Savin, T. Carhart, West, E. Hallibone, and D. J. Evans. Mr. J. K. Brooks then proposed a resolution protesting against the Welsh Disestablishment Bill. This was seconded by Mr. M. P. Rees, and carried. The following lay electors were afterwards appointed: Messrs. Daniel Shepherd and D. L. David for St. David's Church Messrs. W. L Mills and W. R. Davies for St. Dyfrig's Church; Messrs. H. V. Bowers, Robt. Jenkins, and Wm. Wheeler for St. Teilo's Church; Messrs. T. Muscolt and Thomas Bebb for St. Illtyd's Church; and Messrs. A. Morgan, F. Stock, J. K. Brooks, M. P. Rees, James Grant, and E. R. Rees for St. Margaret's Church.



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