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MOUNTAIN ASH COMMENTS. 1 tBY "SPECTATOR. "] In connection with the distribution of long- tervice medals at the Drill Hall, on Thursday evening, it is interesting to note that the Moun- tain Ash Detachment has the best shooting company in the whole battalion, viz., Col.-Sergt. T. Howclls, Sergt. S. H. McGregor, Sergt. J. T. Bluett, Sergt. W. P. Reynish and Sergt. D. E. Levris. It is also interesting to note that since the shooting competition for sergeants was instituted three years ago, the top man each year has been a member of the Mountain Ash Detachment. The first year Sergt. T. Davies beaded the list, the following year Col.-Sergt. T. Howells, and this year Sergt. D. E. Lewis. At the Territorial meeting, on Thursday, there were present several old Army men and Volunteres. Among them were B.S.M. Me Gregor, R.A., who has been in the Army for 36 years, and ex-Sergt. Pardoe, who was in the Volunteers for some 23 years. It came as a surprise to those present to hear Lord Aberdare confess that he had failed to get into his regimentals. If there was one thing more than another that I always believed of the aristocrary, it was that they were always quite up-to-date in the matter of wearing apparel. Evidently certain members of the aristocracy are not so perfect in this respect as *8 generally supposed. I regret to hear that the Rev. E. V. Tidman, the pastor Nazareth English Baptist Church, is laid up with influenza. Last Sunday, Mr. Tidman officiated at Nazareth, but under great difficulty. t The pulpit at Duffryn-street Calvinistic Methodist Church was occupied on Sunday by Mr. Edgar Badham, an old Mountain Ash boy, who is now at Aberystwyth College. I hear that Mr. Badham is making great progress as preacher. f Next Sunday, at the Bethania Welsh Congre- gational Church, the individual communion service will be introduced, at th3 celebration of the Holy Communoin. This will be the first separate communion service used by any Church at Mountain Ash. < The decision of the Rev. J. Sinnett Jones, the Vicar, to remain at Mountain Ash has given general satisfaction. When means are available it is proposed to build a new mission church at Darrenlas, a new social institute for St. Mar- garet's Church, and a new cemetery chapel at the Maes-yr-arian cemetery. I New gas pipes are being laid in various streets in Darrenlas, but one of the residents has informed me that they are not in want of any gas, as the women of Darrenlas have enough gas to satisfy the men generally. This I anl sure is a libel on a hard-working and resect- able body of women.

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